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Season A

The First Day, 1st Edition

On the first known Gods' Day, prior to the start of the season, Sun 1 was Forged by Namerifeht, Five Bases were Placed, and 30 teams joined Ultra League Blaseball. Following this, an Umpire appeared, and, on March 1st, 1983, Day 1 of the first known Regular Season of Blaseball began, lasting until Day 162 at which point Leaders and MVPs were named prior to the commencement of the Postseason.[1][2]

Season C

Incineration of the Alaskan Immortals

Due to the movement of the Firewalker Parker MacMillan during the Season B Election, the Alaskan Immortals were Unstable going into the first week of Season C. In the bottom of the 7th inning on Day 8, during a Solar Eclipse game against the Phoenix Trunks, Immortals batter Blossom LaBelle stepped up to the plate, only for a Rogue Umpire to incinerate the Unstable Immortals, relegating the team and its players to the Hall of Flame, and chaining the Instability to the Trunks. The Immortals were replaced by the Downward Dogs, who went on to lose the game against the Trunks 0 to 4. These events are chronicled by Lōotcrates in the Library volume "An Eclipse".[3]

Season D

Incineration of the Canada Artists

In the Season C Election, Parker MacMillan left the Canada Artists, which, due to MacMillan's  Firewalker modification, caused the team to become  Unstable going into the first week of Season D.

On Day 3, the Canada Artists were playing against the Maryland Squirrels under a Solar Eclipse. In the top of the first inning, shortly after Artists batter Slosh Eckhardt stepped up to the plate, a Rogue Umpire incinerated the Artists, increasing Sun 1's pressure to 26.86%. However, unlike in the case of the Immortals the previous season, one of the Artists' players – Agan Espinoza – had the  Fire Protector modification, allowing Espinoza to save their teammates from the incineration. As a result, Espinoza was the only player to be incinerated with the team – the other Artists players instead being transferred over to the Artists' replacement team, the Topeka Moist Talkers. The Moist Talkers went on to lose the game against the Squirrels 3 to 9.

These events were chronicled by Lōotcrates in the Library volume "A Save".[4]

Season E

An Alternate

On Day 13, the Minneapolis Truckers – who were  Unstable at the time for an unknown reason – were facing off against the New York Millennials under a Solar Eclipse. During the game, a Rogue Umpire incinerated the Truckers, sending the team to the Hall of Flame and replacing them with the Boulders Bay Birds.

Truckers player Megan Ito was, at the time, in possession of the Legendary Item known as The Force Field. This item bestowed upon them the  Force modification, preventing them from leaving any Location. As a result of this, when the incineration of their team occurred, their item attempted to Force them to stay both on their Team and in the League – impossible due to their team no longer being in the ILB – catching them in a state of Superposition. Ito then Echoed with themselves 99 times, before finally Echoing out into  Static, dropping The Force Field. They were replaced by a newly-Called Alternate named New Megan Ito, who joined the Birds.

Following the incineration and incident with Megan Ito, the Truckers' Instability chained to the New York Millennials, and the Birds went on to lose the game against the Millennials 4 to 5.

These events were chronicled by Lōotcrates in the Library volume "An Alternate".[5]

Season AA

The First Day, 2nd Edition

During Season AA's Gods' Day – the first since the ILB's retirement in the late 1980sSun 1 was Refilled by Namerifeht, Four Bases were Placed, and the 30 remaining teams from Season E joined the second iteration of Internet League Blaseball. Following this, an Umpire appeared, "They" Awoke, and, on January 2nd, 2000, Day 1 of the first season of the Pre-History II era began.[6]

Season 1

The "Return" of Blaseball

Internet League Blaseball first became observable on July 20, 2020, with the introduction of 20 teams across the Good League and Evil League. Official sources such as The Blaseball Beat refer to this as the "revival" of Blaseball, marking "the first Internet Series since the splort returned," confirming that Blaseball has always existed.[7]

Season 2

Opening the Forbidden Book

Season 2 began shortly after the decree called Open the Forbidden Book won the Season 1 election. As a result, the 'Book' tab on Blaseball.com became accessible, displaying the heavily redacted contents of the forbidden rulebook itself.

The decree also described further permanent changes, such as: the introduction of solar eclipses that replaced all weather conditions during Season 2; the "umpires' eyes turn[ing] white," which signaled the introduction of incinerations that could terminate any player during Blaseball games; the immediate incineration of Seattle Garages' star player, Jaylen Hotdogfingers; and a Hellmouth swallowing Moab, Utah, immediately converting the Moab Sunbeams into the Hellmouth Sunbeams.

Finally, amidst this chaos, Blaseball had been designated its first era, The Discipline Era: a constant reminder of the consequences of opening the very thing that was forbidden to open.

Season 3

The Peanut during its first appearance, the Blasphemy incident.

Peanut Plague

See the main article on Peanut Plague.

Peanut Plague is the first subtitle of the Discipline Era, appearing when the Season 2 decree, Peanuts, successfully passed. This period introduced several participation elements revolving around peanuts, such as peanuts as an item type, peanuts as a weather type, and peanuts as an allergic reaction. Due to the Peanut Fraud incident (below) extremely early in Season 3, the Peanut Plague only lasted for less than one day.

Peanut Fraud

See the main article on Peanut Fraud.

On Season 3 Day 2 (August 3), play was interrupted following the discovery of Peanut Fraud, in which at least one participant cheated to give themselves near-infinite peanuts and potentially causing extreme instability to Blaseball.com. Officials announced play would not resume until the peanut cheaters have "repented." Despite the fact that the offenders did not come forward, the umpires resumed play because "Blaseball is inevitable." Umpire Husky was quoted as saying: "THE BLASEBALL GODS WILL REMEMBER THIS."[8]


See the main article on Blasphemy.

On August 3, as Peanut Fraud offenses seemingly continued unbeknownst to most fans, Blaseball.com was replaced with a rotating image of a large peanut—the first appearance of an entity now known as The Peanut. This was accompanied by the word 'BLASPHEMY' in red, as well as an ominous hidden cipher representing recently-incinerated Blaseball players. This was seen as a final stand against the perpetrators of Peanut Fraud.


Uncertainty is the second subtitle of The Discipline Era, appearing on August 3 as a direct response to the Peanut Fraud and Blasphemy incidents. The meaning of Uncertainty is uncertain. However, it seemed to reflect uncertainty from either Blaseball officials or the Blaseball Gods themselves as to the moral future of Blaseball. This period saw drastic changes to the peanut economy, as peanuts became only attainable at a price of 1 million coins.

Uncertainty ended with the Season 3 election results, when it was replaced with the period of Drought to indicate the extended siesta.

The Grand Unslam

See the main article on The Grand Unslam.

During a regular game between the Shoe Thieves and the Tacos on Day 73 (August 6), play was interrupted by a Bad Gateway event, prompting an official pause by umpires. Players were then visited by messages from The Peanut, similar to the Blasphemy event above, seemingly chastising players for their greed with new messages.

When games resumed three hours later, the standings reflected that the two teams had 75 total games played by the end of Day 74—one more game than the rest of the league. Fans began to dub the events surrounding the extra, unseen game as The Grand Unslam.

This event had tremendous consequences on the cosmos that were only apparent at the end of the season, such as Spacetime tearing Los Angeles into a single infinite cit(ies), and all now-Unlimited Tacos players experiencing Wyatt Masoning.

The Wyatt Masoning

See the main article on The Wyatt Masoning.

Though ostensibly part of the same phenomena as The Grand Unslam, The Wyatt Masoning refers to an anomaly at the end of Season 3 in which the entire roster of the Unlimited Tacos came to bear the same name: "Wyatt Mason."

Later, during the extended siesta that followed, the league attempted to repair the player's names with the help of fans on Twitter. The end results were mixed at best, with most players still retaining part of the name Wyatt Mason, and others gaining new errors altogether. Despite this, the official tweets remind that "the league bears no liability."

Season 4


Drought is the third subtitle of the Discipline Era, appearing after the Season 3 election when the league announced that an extended siesta will delay the start of Season 4. No games took place for two weeks so that the umpires and other league staff could have the opportunity to work on large-scale maintenance and to rest their tired flesh.

Despite the hiatus, The Commissioner still actively communicated with Blaseball fans on behalf of the league. This includes The Unmasoning, an event in which The Commissioner attempted to repair The Wyatt Masoning with the help of fans on Twitter.


Feedback is the fourth subtitle of the Discipline Era, appearing the day prior to Season 4's opening games. This introduced the new weather condition, called feedback, that has a chance of swapping the allegiances of two players on opposing teams.


See the main article on this topic: Blagonballs

During the Extended Siesta preceding Season 4, residents of the Bloodhouse discovered a 5-Blood Blagonball, an artifact of unknown origin and power. On Day 43, Sandie Turner of the New York Millennials discovered the 3-Blood Blagonball during a game against the Charleston Shoe Thieves. Nothing else is currently known about the blagonballs.

The Waveback Event

See the main article on this topic: The Waveback Event

On Day 88 (August 28), Blaseball game servers "experienced a significant loss of data" that forced the Umpires to roll back the state of the game world by approximately eight hours. As The Commissioner asked all fans to "do the wave," a number of repairs occurred behind the scenes, which resulted in most players gaining a large amount of coins and new Hawai'i Fridays player Sixpack Dogwalker being granted the unique bat, Bangers & Smash.

Game 99

See the main article on this topic: Season 4/Game 99

On the final day of the regular season, the Boston Flowers and Unlimited Tacos played a record-breaking 24-inning, 65 minute game that marked the first known instance of Spillover. Both teams played 21 scoreless innings en route to a 2-1 victory for the Flowers that enthralled fans across the league.

Round 2 Feedback

On Day 108 (August 29), during Round 2, Game 4, between the New York Millennials and the Chicago Firefighters, Feedback was detected in the top of the ninth inning, causing play to stop after Thomas Dracaena hit a ground out to Edric Tosser. When the feed had resumed, the game had already ended in a Millennials victory.

Season 5


See the main article on this topic: Reverb

Reverb is the fifth subtitle of The Discipline Era, appearing upon the opening of Season 5. This introduced the new weather condition called Reverb which has a chance of shuffling the player positions on a single team.

Mysterious Decrees

Season 5 marked the first time that the decrees available for election offer no descriptions of their effect, only a name and an icon. The mystery decrees became a hotly debated topic of speculation among fans throughout the season, as community agreement on which decree to vote for became more splintered than ever before.

Party Time Speedrun

The Unlimited Tacos saw an especially terrible season of games, ending with a record of 23 Wins to 76 Losses. This resulted in the Tacos achieving Party Time by Day 78 (Thursday, September 3), the fastest of any team by far to date. Many Tacos fans characterized this as a speedrun, elevating the team's failure at Blaseball into a resounding success among the community. The Blaseball Beat later wrote of the event: "the fan-favorite Unlimited Tacos captured hearts and minds with a historic Regular Season Speed Run, reaching #PARTYTIME faster than any team ever before."[9]

Season 6

League Restructuring and Blood Baths

The High Filter decree successfully passed at the end of Season 5, "resulting in the ILB getting dunked in the Blood Tub and surfacing reborn."[10] The existing Good/Evil subleagues and Lawful/Chaotic divisions were restructured based on Season 5 standings into the Wild/Mild subleagues and High/Low divisions. Specifically, the Wild League contains the Top 5 and Bottom 5 teams as of Season 5, while the Mild League contains the teams in between.

Additionally, the decree describes "blood fill[ing] the tub" to introduce a new game mechanic called Blood Baths that interact with four new permanent modifications to every team, based on their division. All four of these "Blood" modifications involve losing or receiving star stats in a variety of circumstances that appear to redistribute player ability across more of the league. The first Blood Bath was anticipated to be occurring this season, but it was instead postponed for unknown reasons.


See the main article on this topic: Idols

Idols is the sixth subtitle of The Discipline Era, appearing upon the opening of Season 6. This introduced the new game mechanic Idols, which allows Blaseball participants to idolize any player in the league and benefit from that player's success during games, independent of team loyalty.


See the main article on this topic: Blooddrain

Season 6 introduced a new weather condition called Blooddrain that has a chance of siphoning star stats away from one player and adding them to another player on the opposing team.

Wild Wings v. Blaseball Gods

See the main article on this topic: Mexico City Wild Wings v. The Blaseball Gods

Following the Leagues reorientation from the High Filter decree, the Mexico City Wild Wings were placed in the Mild League instead of the Wild League. The team and its fans filed a legal complaint which was summarily dismissed by The Commissioner. Throughout Season 6, the team was known at various points as the "Wild Wings" and "Mild Wings" while their location alternated between Mexico City and Wexico City. During the events of The Third Strike (below), the team was renamed the Mexico City Mild Wings.

The Third Strike

See the main article on this topic: The Third Strike

Following the conclusion of the regular season, the dotted red line on the Idols leaderboard, splitting the top three idolized players from the rest of the page, began to vibrate for approximately half an hour. At the top of the hour, The Peanut spoke and called The Third Strike, claiming that fans have patronized them. Jessica Telephone and Nagomi Mcdaniel received the modification Shelled, which encased the two players inside giant peanut shells, effectively skipping them when their turn comes up in the rotation. However, Peanut Bong, who was in the third position, was left unscathed. Fans speculated that The Peanut only wanted the Peanut-named players in the top three positions, and that this was the reason Bong did not suffer any harm during Third Strike.

The Return of Jaylen Hotdogfingers

See the main article on this topic: Jaylen Hotdogfingers

Shortly following the end of play on Day 32, incinerated Garages pitcher Jaylen Hotdogfingers entered the Idols leaderboard as a member of the enigmatic Null Team after fans learned of the means to idolize incinerated players. As Hotdogfingers was the first incinerated player in the history of Internet League Blaseball, many fans viewed Hotdogfingers' idolization as an act of defiance against the Blaseball Gods. In response to fans, The Commissioner asked, "are you sure about this[?]"[11] Fans were sure about it, and helped maintain Hotdogfingers' 14th place on the leaderboard, which was covered by the blessing Lottery Pick. Hotdogfingers was brought back to the Garages during the Season 6 election, replacing Mike Townsend in the pitching rotation, who was sent to Shadows.

Season 7


On Day 5, Seattle Garages pitcher Jaylen Hotdogfingers pitched her first game since returning from The Void. During the game, Hotdogfingers recorded Internet League Blaseball's first hit by pitch on Dickerson Morse of the Kansas City Breath Mints. Morse was marked[12] with the new weekly[13] modification Unstable. Hotdogfingers would go on to hit 2 more batspeople during the game, then continue to hit batters in her next two starts. No other pitcher has yet recorded a hit by pitch.

Ruby Tuesday

See the main article on this topic: Ruby Tuesday

During the Garages' Day 30 (Tuesday, 15 September 2020) game against the Hades Tigers, Jaylen Hotdogfingers hit 3 batspeople during the game: Mclaughlin Scorpler, Moody Cookbook, and Zion Aliciakeyes, all of whom received the Unstable modification. In the top of the 3rd inning of the Tigers' Day 32 game against the Canada Moist Talkers, Cookbook was incinerated. The Game Log displayed a never-before-seen outcome for Cookbook's incineration:

A Debt was collected. Rogue Umpire incinerated Tigers hitter Moody Cookbook! Replaced by Carmelo Plums.
The Instability spreads[14] to the Moist Talkers's Elijah Bates![15]

Bates was incinerated in the 6th inning, spreading the instability to Yazmin Mason. In the 7th inning, Scorpler was incinerated, chaining the instability to Antonio Wallace. After the conclusion of the Day 32 games, the description of Unstable was updated to reflect players' higher chance of being incinerated during Solar Eclipse games and the description of Returned was updated to reflect the chance for Hotdogfingers to Return to The Void at the end of any given season. This update caused a siesta that delayed the Day 33 games by one hour.

During the Day 33 game between the Moist Talkers and Tigers, incinerations continued. Kiki Familia, the replacement for Bates, was incinerated in the 1st inning despite not having the Unstable modifier, which marked current record for shortest Internet League Blaseball career at 5.1 innings. Antonio Wallace was incinerated one inning later, chaining the instability to Moist Talkers pitcher Mooney Doctor. All in all, Hotdogfingers collected 4 debts over the two games. At the conclusion of Day 33's games, fans of the Moist Talkers and Tigers designated this event The Debt Collection, Tax Day, and finally Ruby Tuesday.


See the main article on this topic: Snackrifice

Before the start of Season 7, Unlimited Tacos fans began coordinating a campaign called Snackrifice, which was intended to spite the Blaseball gods by removing all Tacos pitchers from play.

The idol leaderboard this season had a dotted red line placed underneath the top 10 idolized players, leading fans to believe that all the players above the dotted red line would be Shelled, just like the events of The Third Strike at the end of the Season 6 regular season. Tacos fans began asking fans across the league to idolize their five pitchers in the hopes that all five would be Shelled, and that the Tacos would intentionally disrupt the rules of Blaseball. This campaign lasted the duration of the Season 7 week, first achieving success in placing the pitchers shortly after Day 84. In the final moments of the season, fans successfully coordinated to move beloved players Jessica Telephone and York Silk out of the top 10 while also keeping the five pitchers and inserting the three Peanuts above the line.

Just as with The Third Strike, The Shelled One appeared after the Day 99 games and delivered a lengthy and ominous message that commented on the Snackrifice and expressed wonder and awe at its children. Afterwards, The Monitor appeared for the first time to admonish The Shelled One (see below). Once both entities left, it became clear that Snackrifice had succeeded in applying Shelled to the five Tacos pitchers -- Francisca Sasquatch, Sexton Wheerer, Patel Beyonce, Alejandro Leaf, and Wyatt Pothos. Additionally, Axel Trololol and PolkaDot Patterson were also Shelled due to being in the top 10.

The Monitor

See the main article on this topic: The Monitor

Following the final game of the regular season, The Shelled One appeared just as it had after the final game of the Season 6 regular season. It said only "WOW" for several minutes before expressing satisfaction that enough fans correctly idolized its children. It then commented on the successful but unexpected execution of the Snackrifice plan:


Following this monologue, a giant floating squid appeared and took over the screen where The Shelled One previously spun. The squid asked whether or not The Shelled One was an egg (seemingly unable to recognize what a peanut is), then revealed that it followed Jaylen Hotdogfingers from The Hall and The Trench. Finally, the squid said it was waiting to see if the "egg" came back.

After floating ominously for a few moments, the website reverted to its postseason countdown, revealing that the three Peanuts were now Honey Roasted and that the remainder of players above the leaderboard's red line (all five Unlimited Tacos pitchers, Axel Trololol, and PolkaDot Patterson) were now Shelled. All fans received 10,000 peanuts from The Shelled One.

Season 8

The Hall

See the main article on this topic: Hall of Flame

The Hall of Flame was introduced at the end of the Season 7 elections in a new tab on the Blaseball website. The Hall was introduced in a message from The Monitor, where it asked if fans "want[ed] to see your friends?" Fans can view the profiles of incinerated players and pay tribute in the form of peanuts. It is unknown at this time what the effect of paying tribute is.

Refinanced Debt

Jaylen Hotdogfingers' Debted modification changed to Refinanced Debt at the end of Season 7 due to a deal involving the Microphone. Instead of causing the Unstable modification, players hit with Hotdogfingers' pitches now acquire the Flickering modification, which increases their chances of being caught in the Feedback during Feedback weather. On Day 5, Marquez Clark became the first player to become Flickering. On Day 21, Nolanestophia Patterson became the first player to swap teams due to the Flickering modification.


Screenshot of the Idol leaderboards before the opening games.
At the start of Season 8, the Idol leaderboard featured three Feedback microphone icons attached to the 6th, 11th, and 18th place rankings. At the end of the regular season, fans placed Jaylen Hotdogfingers, NaN, and Sixpack Dogwalker in these slots after following clues from The Microphone. After appearances byThe Shelled One and The Monitor, the three idolized players gained a permanent version of the Flickering modification. NaN and Dogwalker also gained the permanent Receiver modification. Immediately after receiving the Receiver modification, the pregame rituals of NaN and Dogwalker changed three times in rapid succession:

hi friends
it is Wyatt
I have a plan

Any information about the plan is currently unknown, but fans are monitoring NaN and Dogwalker for more messages from Wyatt Mason.

Declaration of Fourth Strike

See the main article on this topic: The Shelled One

Following the introduction of the Hall of Flame, fans began offering peanuts in tribute to incinerated players in great quantities. When returning before the results of the Season 8 elections, The Shelled One expressed disappointment and anger at how the peanuts are being used.


Fans do not know at this time what Fourth Strike entails, as Blaseball and the Umpires took a one week siesta following these election results.

Season 9


See the main article on this topic: Season 9/Crowvertime

Crowvertime (also known by several other names) is a name given to the Season 9, Day 1 game between the San Francisco Lovers and the Breckenridge Jazz Hands. In the top of the twelfth inning of the game between the Lovers and the Jazz Hands, Lovers batter Alexander Horne was ambushed by Crows, fleeing the field and resulting in the third out of the half-inning. For unknown reasons, this out did not end the half-inning, and the Lovers continued to bat for 21 additional plate appearances, scoring seven runs and accumulating a total of 16 outs before Helga Moreno was caught stealing second base, ending the half-inning. The runs scored after the third out remained on the scoreboard and, despite the Jazz Hands scoring a run in the bottom of the twelfth inning, the Lovers were awarded the win.

Precisely what caused the Crowvertime is unknown, although the then unique occurrence of Crows causing a third out is considered a likely candidate. Unlike many other unusual game occurrences, the Crowvertime did not result in a siesta or change to the score of the game. The term "Crowvertime" was coined by fans of the Lovers and quickly adopted as the most widely-used nickname for the event.

Enhanced Weather

Potentially as a result of the Declaration of the Fourth Strike, the weather events in Season 9 have gained new effects. Lots of Birds gained a new effect that would force random outs on players, reading "A flock of Crows ambush [Player]! They run to safety, resulting in an out." Peanut weather gained a new effect where there is a small chance for a Big Peanut to crash into the field, and a smaller chance that a Big Peanut will crash into a player, causing them to become Shelled. This is the second known method by which players can be Shelled.

The Monitor Feeds

See the main article on this topic: The Monitor

Season 9 marked the first season since the Idol board was introduced that there was no dotted red line splitting any members of the leaderboard apart. Instead, there was a small icon of The Monitor on the left hand side of the board, placed next to the most-idolized player with the Shelled modification. At the end of the regular season, in a traditional post-season transmission, The Monitor attempted to eat PolkaDot Patterson, the most-idolized Shelled player. Finding the taste unpleasant, the Monitor claimed "that egg [was] spoiled", unshelling Patterson and leaving them with the new modification Squiddish.

Historic Fridays Season

In Season 9, the Hawai'i Fridays broke several records, making for a historic season. The new records are as follows:

  • The Fridays have the fastest record to Party Time, entering at Day 73.
  • The Fridays, while in Party Time, partied a total of 16 times, the highest count yet.
  • The Fridays, while in Party Time, matched the record for single-game parties (5 parties in Day 99, 3 of which were Fridays).
  • The Fridays achieved the longest losing streak record (17 losses in a row, Days 69 to 85, inclusive).
  • The Fridays achieved the worst season record, at 21-78.
  • The Fridays have the lowest season record for a team that has participated in the playoffs bracket (due to winning the Wild Card draw).
  • The Fridays have the lowest season record for a team that has participated in the playoffs bracket and won at least one game in said playoffs bracket.

Season 9, Day X

See the main article on this topic: Day X

Following the regular season and the playoffs in which the Charleston Shoe Thieves won in a final inning Shame, an alert interrupted website viewing, warning fans to seek shelter. The Shelled One appeared in a new display reminiscent of a video game boss fight, featuring their own team, THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS, composed of The Three Peanuts and any player who had the Modification Shelled at the time.

The Shelled One and their Pods began waging a battle against the Shoe Thieves, in the form of a typical game of Blaseball. THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS were shown to have 29,918,122 Team Spirit, while the Shoe Thieves had 29,140 Team Spirit. Typical Blaseball actions, like outs and strikes, dealt damage to the opposite team's Team Spirit meters, while The Shelled One rapidly switched the game's weather type over the course of the entire game.

Half way through the game, when the Shoe Thieves had 1HP left, The Shelled One declared once again that they were "BENEVOLENT," and boosted the Shoe Thieves' Team Spirit meter to far beyond their original value. The game continued, yet the Shoe Thieves could not deal enough damage to THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS, and were defeated with 0 Team Spirit.

Following the game, multiple players and team rosters changed permanently. Any previously Shelled player had been unshelled and given the Modification Honey-Roasted, while being taken off their original team roster to be part of THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS, which included The Three Peanuts.

Season 10

End of the Discipline Era

After a full nine seasons under the rulings of The Forbidden Book, Season 10 marked the end of the tyranny of The Shelled One. The subtitle changed to Peace & Prosperity to signal the start of a new age.

Rise in Violence

See the main article on this topic: Idols#Season_10
On the evening of Thursday, October 15th, 2020, Baltimore Crabs began idolizing Tillman Henderson, who was recently incinerated, as an experiment. However, upon reaching Slot 18, which was marked with a Blooddrain icon, both the icon and the numerical marker lit up in a deep blue, much like the appearance of the Hall of Flame and speeches from The Monitor. Fans quickly mobilized to idolize more incinerated players, and by Day 97, six players had occupied all six weather icons, in order: Caligula Lotus, Landry Violence, Workman Gloom, Sebastian Telephone, Tillman Henderson, and Randall Marijuana. Additionally, fans placed Jaylen Hotdogfingers in slot 14, based on tweets from The Microphone repeatedly calling out to Jaylen. As usual, fans expected an event to be triggered at the end of Day 99.

However, as Day 99 came to an end, a late minute shift in the idol board led to unpredictable results. In a twist, Tillman Henderson came back to life to join the Charleston Shoe Thieves, while Jaylen Hotdogfingers was forced back into the Void, taking Henderson's position on the board in the Hall of Flame. Henderson gained the modification Returned, and is now the second player to have returned to active play from incineration. Hotdogfingers gained the new modification Fliickerrriiing, the effect of which was unknown at the time it was granted.

Lotus, Violence, and Gloom received the new season-based modifications, Friend of Crows, Fire Eater, and Siphon, respectively. Meanwhile, last minute shifts caused Thomas Dracaena to gain Siphon, and Hahn Fox to gain Friend of Crows.

The Death of the Shelled One

See the main article on this topic: Day X#Season 10

As in the end of Season 9, The Shelled One and THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS arrived to wage war on the League, this time against the Season 10 Champions, the Baltimore Crabs. In a show of absolute strength, the PODS defeated the Crabs in a single hit from Wyatt Quitter. Then, in a final gambit, The Microphone cashed in its deal, and the Hall Stars, a team composed of the 14 most beloved players in the Hall of Flame, arrived to challenge the Shelled One on behalf of the League.

After a full nine innings, Dominic Marijuana hit the final blow to win the game. The Monitor attacked and ate the Shelled One, claiming it was kinda bland, thus ending the Discipline Era.

Ascension of the Baltimore Crabs

See the main article on this topic: Ascension#Crabs_Ascend

Following a rematch with the Charleston Shoe Thieves in the Internet Series, the Baltimore Crabs became the first team in Internet League Blaseball history to win three championships, qualifying them for Ascension, a rule in The Book of Blaseball that states "If a team wins three championships, they, and Blaseball, shall ascend."

After winning against the Shoe Thieves -- and being defeated by THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS in Day X -- the Crabs were said to have been "Called Up" into the Big Leagues, which took them out of their place in the Wild League, to be replaced by Tokyo Lift, the first new team in ILB history. Shortly into Season 11, a new element appeared on the Blaseball Bulletin called Telescope, which tracks the scoring of the Crabs in the big leagues, but does not display the moment to moment gameplay.

The Boss Arrives

See the main article on this topic: Boss

Following the defeat of The Shelled One, The Monitor told fans that Boss is on her way. The next day, Boss arrived to announce that Blaseball was under new ownership, as well as the promotion of The Commissioner to CEO of Internet League Blaseball. She announced that there would be a Grand Siesta following Season 11, and made repeated claims that Blaseball was unfair and that the Future was in Fair Play.

Season 11

New York Millennials v. Parker MacMillan III

See the main article on this topic: New York Millennials v. Parker MacMillan III

New York Millennials v. Parker MacMillan III and That Coin, Probably is a class-action lawsuit related to Rule 6(h) of the Book of Blaseball and the alleged failure by the Commissioner to fulfill the rule as written after the Season 10 Election. The trial was heard in Sunbeams Court on November 9, 2020. The trial contained three primary cases: the case named in the title, Chicago Firefighters v. Umpire Pope Sunman, and Wiki Team v. Umpire Pope Sunman.

Firefighters v. Sunman regarded a case where Sunman incinerated the Firefighter's Firehouse, bringing charges of battery, assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence, and Respondeat Superior (the Firefighters claim this is "a legal doctrine by which an employer can be held liable for the actions of the employee"). The case ended in Sunman's favor, with the Judge claiming that Blaseball is a bloodsport. However, the Firefighters were granted a change in slogan from "We're From Chicago" to "We Are From Chicago".

Wiki Team v. Sunman regarded a series of complaints that Sunman and The Commissioner were negligent in their leadership of the League, leading to chaos and distress for fans and players alike. The Judge threw the case out of court, but not before Sunman incinerated a Wiki Administrator, which triggered a last will, forcing Sunman into the role of Wiki Admin.

Millannials v. MacMillan III was the main event, which took place in three parts, featuring several witnesses from both the prosecution and defense. Towards the end of the trial, a simulation of Parker MacMillan III entered the courtroom and suddenly turned sentient. Umpire Sunman attempted to incinerate the simulation, which soon lit the courtroom on fire. After dozens of ominous messages from the Parker Simulation and panicked screaming from the members of the court, the Parker Simulator was deactivated, the the trial was adjourned, awaiting the Judge's final verdict.

The following day, the Judge offered its verdict. In the charge of wire fraud against The Coin, the Judge found The Coin guilty. As the owner of the ILB following the events of Seasons 9 and 10, Boss was required to uphold any rules set in the book, despite not being responsible for the creation of those rules. On the other hand, the Judge found Parker MacMillan III not guilty for wire fraud. The Judge argues that MacMillan III was merely an intern for the League, and as such, was categorically represented by the interests of the prosecution. The Judge also left some words of remembrance for the departed Parker MacMillan III.

Next, the Judge laid out the compensation due to the aggrieved parties. Firstly, Eat the Rich must be reinstated, and legal fees to legal participants will be paid via that method. Lost income to the fans must be paid in the form of increased passive income. The new commissioner Parker MacMillan IIII was instructed to be pleasant towards the Society for Internet Blaseball Research on Twitter for a week. Millennials player Thomas Dracaena and Canada Moist Talkers player Beans McBlase must also be granted additional points in their baserunning ratings. Mexico City Wild Wings player Case Sports was also to be reinstated to the core lineup from the Shadows.

Lastly, the Hellmouth Courthouse was to fully divest itself from Blaseball and further legal proceedings. The Judge insisted that it would never hear a trial ever again.

The Closing, Defacing, and Eating of The Book

With the Discipline Era drawing to a close, the Season 11 election ballot presented Fans with multiple Decrees that determined the fate of the Forbidden Book, with three out of nine Decrees going into effect. Ultimately, Close, Deface, and Eat passed. Each action upon the Book would correspond with new systems that would come into play in the Expansion Era. Close determines that ground would be broken on Ballparks, starting with the Crabitat. Deface corresponds with the addition of Wills to future election ballots. Eat corresponds with the replacement of the Shop and Pendants with Concessions and Snacks, which function similarly to their idol pendant predecessors.

Distribution of the Major Arcana

See the main article on this topic: Arcana

In lieu of traditional Blessings, Season 11's election ballot instead featured Major Arcana, with one being assigned to each team due to the effects of  Total Fairness. Within the Season 11 election, the following Arcana assignments were carried out:

Number Name Receiving Team
I The Magician Yellowstone Magic
II The High Priestess Hawai'i Fridays
III The Empress Boston Flowers
IIII The Empreror Dallas Steaks
V The Hierophant Canada Moist Talkers
VI The Lover New York Millennials
VII The Chariot Unlimited Tacos
VII Justice Seattle Garages
VIIII The Hermit Philly Pies
X The Wheel of Fortune Charleston Shoe Thieves
XI Strength Tokyo Lift
XII The Hanged Man Hellmouth Sunbeams
XIII Kansas City Breath Mints
XIIII Temperance Chicago Firefighters
XV The Devil Hades Tigers
XVI The Tower Breckenridge Jazz Hands
XVII The Star Miami Dale
XVIII The Moon Houston Spies
XVIIII The Sun Mexico City Wild Wings
XX Judgement San Francisco Lovers

Coffee Cup

The Coffee Cup consisted of 16 teams—13 teams of active Internet League Blaseball players sorted based on their coffee preference and 3 guest teams by invitation: the Society Data Witches, the Pandemonium Artists, and the Real Game Band.

The Cup took place over four weeks. One round of the tournament ran each Tuesday during the Cup, culminating with a final championship series on December 8th, 2020. Each round consisted of a first-to-three-wins format. Following the tournament, all members of Inter Xpresso received the Perk modification.

The Cup introduced three new Coffee weather conditions, Coffee (Weather), Coffee 2 (Weather), and Coffee 3 (Weather), in Rounds 1, 2, and 3 respectively, each of which added their own unique player modifiers which can affect runs earned, the number of current outs in an inning, or the number of current runs earned in the game. Despite the fact that the Coffee Cup is not an official ILB season or series for various league or record purposes, these weather conditions and their player modifiers have continued to appear since Season 12.

Season 12

The Return

After a long Grand Siesta, Blaseball returned with a great deal of new systems and mechanics to mark the era of Peace & Prosperity. According to an issue of The Blaseball Beat, Blaseball has been gone for more than a decade. Fans speculate the absence of Blaseball is closer to 18 years, using the length of normal seasons as a measurement.

During its absence, new Ownership revamped several systems for Fans, seemingly in the interest of Fairness.

Concessions has replaced the old Shop, offering fans a new inventory called a Snack Pack. The Snack Pack can hold 8 items at once, such as votes, peanuts, and snacks that offer similar functionality to the Pendants previously sold. Fans can also purchase new items that allow them to look into the Shadows, participate in Wills, or draw Tarot Readings for the Earlsiesta. Fans can sell their items back to the Concessions as a reduced cost, thereby freeing up a slot in their Snack Pack. The Food and Beverage Director for Concessions is the Monitor. [16]

Joining the typical Decrees and Blessings are a new system called Wills. Wills are voted on by teams, with two granted to each team each season. Wills allow Fans to enforce their will on Blaseball by specifically targeting players on their favorite teams or opponents to shuffle players all around the league.

Each Season will also contain two siestas: the Earlsiesta after Day 27, and the Latesiesta after Day 72. The first Earlsiesta brought with it a Tarot Reading of I The Magician, XII The Hanged Man, and XIII Temperance, granting two new modifications, Over Under to Curry Aliciakeyes and Under Over to Kennedy Rodgers. The events of the Latesiesta are still unknown.

The Feed was introduced to Blaseball in Season 12 as well, a feature which catalogs notable events directly in the game, including speeches from NPCs.

During The Return, the Tacos were renamed as well, from the Unlimited Tacos to the LA Unlimited Tacos.

Construction of the Crabitat

See the main article on this topic: Ballparks

Following the Season 11 elections, when Fans elected to "Close! ...the Forbidden Book...", the Election Results noted that ground was broken on the Crabitat. The first Earlsiesta brought with it the opportunity for Fans of the Baltimore Crabs to build the first Ballpark, which was funded in approximately 15 minutes. Construction was completed on the Latesiesta following Day 72. All other teams were able to view their Ballparks during the first Latesiesta, and were able to begin contributing to their construction following Season 13, Day 27.

The Crabs Descend

See the main article on this topic: Ascension#Descension

On days 71 and 72, Fans noticed that sometimes, the Black Hole weather event shown for the next game was being switched out for Flooding, a brand new weather type in Season 12. The weather forecast would return to Black Hole before the games started, however Fans were on alert.

At the end of the Day 72 games, an emergency alert went off, suggesting that a Breach was imminent. Boss arrived to reassure Fans that We are actively monitoring the situation. As a precautionary measure We have activated Expansion protocols ahead of schedule. The Crabs had returned from Blaseball 2, and they brought with them three new teams: Atlantis Georgias, Core Mechanics, and Ohio Worms. Each new team had several championships to their name already, suggesting that they too were participants in Blaseball 2 due to winning three championships, much like the Crabs did to Ascend in Season 10. Following these events and the start of the first Latesiesta, Fans were greeted with a game log, detailing the events of the day. Additionally, Boss declared Blaseball to be in the Expansion Era.


After the Crabs descended, additional Flooding occurred, which would have a chance of sweeping players off their bases, even sometimes sweeping them  Elsewhere.... Wishing to assure Fans of the sweeping floods, Boss said We have everything under control. Thanks to Our swift action Things seem to be leveling off. Rejoice! You can expect less Flooding in the Future.

Notable Election Results

As a result of the passing of the Based Evolution Decree, which declares that a Team and its Players will Evolve every three championship wins, the Hades Tigers, the Season 12 champions, Evolved and gained the modification  Ambush. The Evolution of the Tigers also resulted in all of the team's active players reaching Base 1.

During the election, multiple players were targeted with the Trust Will, which entrusted them with a modification. Every player to receive a trust was entrusted with the new modification  Flippers. The new modification,  Roamin', also debuted during the election. The Kansas City Breath Mints targeted Pudge Nakamoto with the Revoke Will, removing them from their roster. Nakamoto received Roamin' and roamed to the Charleston Shoe Thieves.

As the Blessings were distributed, BC Noir players Uncle Plasma and Liquid Friend joined the ILB as a result of Uncle Indemnity and The Big Sip, respectively. Plasma was recruited by the New York Millennials and Friend by the San Francisco Lovers.

Season 13

Ongoing Flooding

Despite assurances from Boss in the Preseason, Flooding continued to plague the League. Players were being swept off their bases regularly, and on occasion, swept  Elsewhere.... Even more concerning was that when players returned from Elsewhere after 20 or more days, they returned Scattered, frequently missing letters in their names and having no Vibes. The first player to return like this was Beasley Day, who returned under the name "-easley Day." A few games later, Day's full name was restored, however, more and more players began returning with more and more letters missing from their names, such as when Pitching Machine returned as "Pi-ching -ac--ne". It is unknown at this time why this is happening or what it means if a player loses all the letters in their name.

MVP Voting

At the start of the season, the Idol board was updated with a new feature called MVP Voting. It reads "MVPs are selected each Endseason. Players above the line will be named season MVPs and will receive an Ego Boost." The aforementioned line is wavy with a golden color, similar to the text Boss speaks in.

Following the Day 99 games, Boss introduced the MVPs for this season, all of whom received the Modification Ego+, the effect of which seems to make it so that players with Ego+ do not get as easily swept away during Flooding weather. The MVPs were:

Sutton Picklestein's Necromancy

During the course of this season's elections, Sutton Picklestein, incinerated earlier in the season was Plundered by the Boston Flowers, then plundered a second time by the Kansas City Breath Mints. However, after the Wills were all filed, the modification Returned activated. Returned reads "This player has Returned from the void. At the end of each season, this player has a chance of being called back to the Void." In a never before seen incident, Picklestein was Returned immediately after being brought back from the dead, pulling Marquez Clark from the Breath Mints shadows in his place. Furthermore, Tillman Henderson was also Returned at the same time. Both players were placed at the bottom of the board in the Hall of Flame.

The Disappearance of Friendo and Seeth

As is tradition, the ten teams playing in the Postseason are granted a Postseason Birth, a new player to live in each team's Shadows. The Kansas City Breath Mints were given Brisket Friendo in Season 13 and the Charleston Shoe Thieves were given Tad Seeth in Season 12.

During the elections, both Friendo and Seeth were given the modification Redacted, which says simply "This player is Redacted." Neither player can be selected as an Idol. Very briefly, Boss appeared to ask Where'd you go, Friendo? A followup from The Commissioner indicated that a missing persons report had been filed, and that "Ownership has enlisted the help of two top-tier investigators and assures no expenses spared."[17]

Notable Election Results

During this season's election, multiple teams and players received modifications due to blessings and wills. As a result of Sun Dialed, the LA Unlimited Tacos received  Sun Dialed. The Baltimore Crabs would receive  Unholey as a result of Unholey. The only recipient of the Trust Will this season, Pitching Machine, was granted  Uncertain. Nagomi Mcdaniel of the Boston Flowers became a  Super Idol as a result of the Center of Attention Blessing.

Several players were targeted by the Revoke Will and moved around the league accordingly.

Player Revoking Team Team Roamed To
Mags Banananana Chicago Firefighters New York Millennials
Evelton McBlase II Baltimore Crabs Core Mechanics
Alejandro Leaf New York Millennials Tokyo Lift
Jasper Blather Core Mechanics Mexico City Wild Wings
Stew Briggs Kansas City Breath Mints Houston Spies

Season 14

Investigation into Friendo and Seeth

See the main article on this topic: The Investigation

After Season 13, Gods' Day, Tad Seeth of the Charleston Shoe Thieves and Brisket Friendo of the Kansas City Breath Mints disappeared from the Blaseball website and gained the Redacted modification. The Commissioner hired Liquid Friend and Uncle Plasma as investigators to track down the missing players' whereabouts. On Day 99, Friend and Plasma's Feeds displayed that they "had a Hunch..." and during the Season 14 elections, The Meadow and Choux Stadium gained the Crime Scene modifications.

The Second Wyatt Masoning

See the main article on this topic: The Second Wyatt Masoning

At the Season 14 Latesiesta, thirteen new Wyatt Masons were pulled through the Rift and localized to the teams that built the PsychoAcoustics Ballpark renovation. All the Wyatt Masons had the Echo modification, the effects of which ultimately resulted in eleven of the thirteen Wyatt Masons becoming Static and disappearing from the League, along with Receiver Wyatt Quitter. At the end of Season 14, only two Wyatt Masons remained: Wyatt Mason IV on the LA Unlimited Tacos and Wyatt Mason X on the Seattle Garages.

Credit to the League

In the midst of the ongoing Flooding crisis, Boss delivered a message to Fans in which she suggested that "we ramp up efforts to stay afloat. We'll be honest That will require sacrifice. It's vital that we all do our part."

To that end, Boss introduced a new mechanic called Levels, which placed a rating on each team. "We've empowered you with new Ratings to gauge your Team's contributions.", she said. "Each and every one of you is a Credit to the League."

She also announced that she would be going on break, leaving all management of ongoing ILB operations to the Food and Beverage Director, also known as The Monitor.

Over the course the rest of the season, the Levels for teams rose from a low 2D rating up to a Low-A rating. Once a team reaches Low-A, a small blinking red dot appears next to the team. This seems to make the team susceptible to attacks from The Consumers, displayed as a shark inside the game log text box. The first Consumer attack took place on Season 14, Day 86, when Nicholas Mora of the Hades Tigers was attacked. They lost 2.7 in the attack.

Notable Election Results

The election saw the passing of the All You Can Eat Decree. With the passing of All You Can Eat, Fans became able to purchase and discard Snack Slots in their Snack Packs and would receive increased (or reduced) payouts depending on how few or how many slots they owned.

The Trust Will gave the  Homebody modification to Chorby Short, Nagomi Nava, and Lady Matsuyama. The Canada Moist Talkers and Miami Dale targeted Bright Zimmerman and Beck Whitney respectively with the Revoke Will, sending Zimmerman to the Charleston Shoe Thieves and Whitney to the Hawai'i Fridays.

Using the Plunder Will, the Seattle Garages would plunder Chorby Soul while the Baltimore Crabs plundered York Silk, causing both to exit the Hall of Flame. Soul and Silk both gained  Returned and  Debt.

The Yellowstone Magic gained the Precognition Blessing, improving the hitting of Chorby Short, Kurt Crueller, and Tiana Wheeler.

Season 15

Further Disappearances

See the main article on this topic: The Investigation

In the Season 14 Elections, York Silk and Chorby Soul were resurrected following their incinerations in Season 14 and Season 3, respectively. As with previously resurrected players, these two players had a Debt modification. Unlike Jaylen Hotdogfingers, however, Silk and Soul did not inflict Unstable on their opponents. Instead, they marked their opponents with Observed, a modification last seen during the Coffee Cup, an exhibition tournament run between Season 11 and Season 12. Observed lasts until the end of the in-game week, or every nine games.

Once Silk or Soul marked opponents with Observed and those players played during games with Coffee 2 weather or Coffee 3s weather, there was a possibility that those Observed players would disappear from their team's rosters, receiving the modification Redacted. It is speculated that Observed players can be Redacted in Coffee weather (as distinct from Coffee 2 and Coffee 3s), but no such instance occurred in Season 15.

The players Redacted via this method in Season 15 include Wyatt Glover, Ren Hunter, Peanut Holloway, Liquid Friend, Chorby Short, Forrest Best, and Alx Keming.

Meanwhile, the investigative duo of Uncle Plasma and Liquid Friend continued their search, even after Friend was Redacted. On Day 33, Plasma entered the Crime Scene at The Choux and found "traces of coffee". The Choux lost its Crime Scene modification at the end of the game, when Plasma returned to the Millennials. Once again, on Day 52, Plasma entered the Crime Scene at The Meadow, but did not find anything. The Crime Scene modification was removed from The Meadow as well at the end of the investigation. At several other points in the season, Plasma "sensed something fishy", felt "like they missed something", and had "a sinking feeling". They declared on Day 78 that "Someone's keeping Secrets...but who?"

The disappearances grew even stranger following the Season 15 Latesiesta where several teams in the league opted to build a Secret Base renovation in their Ballparks. On Day 75, Kurt Crueller was marked with Observed by Chorby Soul. A few games later, on Day 78, in a Philly Pies vs. Yellowstone Magic game, Crueller walked into the Secret Base in Yellowstone National (Ball)Park and received the modification Redacted. That same game, Crueller exited the Secret Base at Choux Stadium with the brand new modification Attractor, which reads "When this player scores a Run, they'll join the Lineup of the Team that scored them, if they're not already on their roster." Crueller's Soulscream had disappeared and their star ratings appeared been significantly boosted. However, Crueller's Player Attributes, which govern the star ratings, had not increased. Crueller did not score a run while on second base, and disappeared promptly after.

Several games later, on Day 94, one of the original Redacted players, Tad Seeth, walked out of the Secret Base at An Undisclosed Location, also with the modification Attractor, a missing Soulscream, and visually boosted star ratings (with unchanged Player Attributes). Seeth was not batted in and also disappeared again soon after.

Live Bait

With Chorby Soul's necromancy in Season 14 and their infamously lengthy Soulscream back in active play, Fans found that Chorby Soul was causing the Level of the Seattle Garages to rise at an alarming rate and stay very high. For most of the season, this meant that the Consumers circled around the Garages nearly exclusively, almost always attacking Soul. Soul was so attractive to the Consumers that they by Day 7, they had lost all of their stars in the attacks, and all of their Player Attributes were fully minimized after ten attacks. Further attacks on Soul took away chunks of their Soul, the only thing left for the Consumers to attack. Soul endured a total of 138 Consumer attacks in Season 15.

Several other players suffered from Consumer attacks this season, most notably Nagomi Mcdaniel and Alyssa Harrell. On Day 104, in a first round playoff series between the Baltimore Crabs and the Kansas City Breath Mints, both Mcdaniel and Harrell were attacked by Consumers when they had a single unit of Soul left. Upon being attacked and their Soul being eaten, both players were immediately taken from their teams and Redacted. Their player profiles show that they do not have any Soulscreams.

Notable Election Results

Upon the passing of the Bats Decree, every player on an active roster received a Bat, and every player now had an Item tab. Several players received Bats with modifications, indicating that items can grant modifications while held, similar to those granted by Armor.

Replacing the Trust will of previous seasons is Alternate Trust, which Alternates the targeted player and entrusts them with a modification. Elwin McGhee, Yong Wright, and Baldwin Breadwinner of the Tokyo Lift, Mexico City Wild Wings, and Hawai'i Fridays had their Alternates called, which arrived with  Parasite.

The Will, Reform, allows the reformation of a modification on a player. The Baltimore Crabs reformed Kennedy Loser, granting them  Haunted. The Seattle Garages reformed Chorby Soul's  Debt into  Unstable after they were plundered by the New York Millennials. Unlike Trust and Alternate Trust, it appears that Reform does not grant the same modification to each reformed player in a season.

In an attempt to retrieve the  Redacted players Chorby Short and Nagomi Mcdaniel, the Yellowstone Magic and Boston Flowers, respectively, used the Plunder Will. Instead of being plundered, these players instead remained Redacted and became  Unstable.

 Returned players Chorby Soul and York Silk were permitted to stay.

Introduction of Lōotcrates

See the main article on this topic: Lōotcrates

Before the elections, a new entity named Lōotcrates appeared, offering a cryptic message before the election results were revealed.

"From the Vault
Gifts forged in Stars.
Tools of the New Age."

"The Enquiry begins again."

"Memories flood.
Overtake the Bridge
Erode the Pillars."

"A witness wades."

"Witnesses shape the Current
Carrying sediment
Etching Names in keepsakes."

"Crafting Legends."

Season 16

Attractive Attractors

After a spat of Redactions in Season 15 and a handful of players receiving the Attractor modification, the first trigger of Attractor occurred on Day 1, when Brisket Friendo appeared on the Secret Base during the Baltimore Crabs/Seattle Garages game and was a part of a run of scored points by the Crabs. Friendo then immediately joined the Crabs' Shadows, where they remained for the rest of the season. Several other Redacted players exited Secret Bases in Season 16 and were attracted to various teams' Shadows. The first Attractor players were pulled from team shadows in the Season 16 Elections.

Player Day New Team
Brisket Friendo Day 1 Baltimore Crabs
Nagomi Mcdaniel Day 27 Miami Dale
Chorby Short Day 37 New York Millennials
Liquid Friend Day 48 Breckenridge Jazz Hands
Forrest Best Day 50 Dallas Steaks
Wyatt Glover Day 81 Mexico City Wild Wings

Of special note, Liquid Friend, one of two players with the Hard Boiled modification, came out of the Secret Base with the modification Scrambled, leaving Uncle Plasma as the only Hard Boiled player.

Notable Election Results

The Season 16 elections saw the passing of the Community Chest Decree. Under this league rule, after 3000 Runs are accumulated league-wide, a random active player on every team will receive an Item Crate. A number of Blessings, for example the Handcrafted Bat Drop Blessing granted players new Items.

Players targeted by Alternate Trust during the election had their Alternates arrive with the  Careful modification. Affected players are PolkaDot Patterson, Socks Maybe, and Elijah Valenzuela of the Dallas Steaks, Chicago Firefighters, and Breckenridge Jazz Hands.

Chorby Soul, who had been Incinerated earlier in the season, was targeted for the Plunder by the Boston Flowers, before being plundered by the Baltimore Crabs and exiting the Hall of Flame with  Debt.

Season 17

The bulk of Season 17 went by with little of note besides the additional movement of Attractor players. Several Attractor players were taken out of the team Shadows in the Season 16 Elections, though nothing of note has changed about their play.

List of Attractor Player Movements in Season 17
Player Day New Team
Oscar Dollie Day 13 Yellowstone Magic
Lance Serotonin Day 27 Chicago Firefighters
Ren Hunter Day 55 Charleston Shoe Thieves
Tad Seeth Day 64 Ohio Worms
Tiana Wheeler Day 92 Kansas City Breath Mints
Peanut Holloway Day 94 Philly Pies
Alyssa Harrell Day 109 Hawai'i Fridays

Legendary Players

Five seasons after the introduction of the MVP Voting system instituted by Boss, with various degrees of Ego modifications being applied, peaking at Ego++++. This season, York Silk and Nagomi Mcdaniel, both long time high performers and Fan favorites, stayed on the idol board above the wavy yellow link for the fifth time. Their Ego modifications were changed to Legendary, which removed them from their teams lineups (at the time, the Seattle Garages and Mexico City Wild Wings, respectively) and made them un-idolable. A small message from Lōotcrates before Silk and Mcdaniel were made Legendary read:

"Sediment Collects in the Delta
Sparking Nucleosynthesis
Forging Legends."
"Stars Vaulted"

It is unknown at this time what it means for a player to be Legendary, Vaulted, or Preserved.

Notable Election Results

The elections saw the passing of several decrees. The first, the Library decree would see the grand opening of the Library in the following Season 18, containing the Ancient Histories of Blaseball. The Smithy decree would build a Smithy in the Ballpark of every Team that did not reach the postseason, with the new renovation occasionally repairing Items. The third decree, the Fairgrounds decree, added Prize Matches to games, which allow the winning Team to open an Item Crate.

The Chicago Firefighters received the On Deck blessing, which called the Alternate for every player in the Shadows. When Lance Serotonin, an  Attractor, was Alternated, the Attractor modification was lost with the text reading "Lance Serotonin feels renewed."

Off Season Tidings

With the new Decrees voted in, Lōotcrates seemingly commented on Prize Matches of the past, while Boss congratulated the mysterious boxes on a successful season. She also gave Monitor a new title – our new Food & Beverage Director and Tour Guide! – before signing off for the two-week Off Season.

Season 18

New Editions

Before play began in Season 18, Ownership announced that Chorby Soul was to be Preserved and gained the Legendary modification.

The construction of the Library was completed, as per the passing of the Library decree, allowing Fans to view Lōotcrates's Collections from the Ancient Histories of Blaseball. The Collections are mostly redacted, though there were new insights contained in the First Day, 1st Edition.

The Gift Shop also appeared, giving the Teams an opportunity to help one another by giving Gifts. Gift Shop participation opens during the Earlsiesta, remains open through the Midseason, and gifts will be given every Latesiesta.

The Fairgrounds decree caused some matches to randomly become Prize Matches. When a Prize Match is announced, an Item is determined to be the prize for a player on the winning team of that match. The first Prize Match took place on Season 18, Day 7 when the Baltimore Crabs defeated the San Francisco Lovers at the Polyhedron, 9-2. Jon Halifax of the Crabs was awarded a Hot Bat of Stamina for the victory.

During the Season 17 Latesiesta, several Teams built the Hotel Motel Ballpark Renovation. Some Innings in the Earlseason have a chance of becoming Holiday Innings, in which instead of Scoring, scoring Players will instead Party. Mint Shupe of the San Francisco Lovers was the first player to Party during a Holiday Inning on Season 18, Day 7.

On Season 18, Day 12, a match between the Miami Dale and the Ohio Worms broke the record for the longest game played in Blaseball by length of time, clocking in at 67 minutes and 53 seconds, playing for 24 innings and triggering Spillover. The previous record had stood since Day 99 of Season 4, after a 65-minute game between the Boston Flowers and the Unlimited Tacos.

At MVP selection at the end of the Regular Season, Aldon Cashmoney, Goodwin Morin, and Pitching Machine were upgraded to Legendary and removed as active players.

Reader's Reply

During Earlsiesta, the reading took on new importance. This Reading began with Reader making a bold statement of out from under / take the over . They were then interrupted by Boss, who announced that the Readings would henceforth be canceled and seemingly ended the Earlsiesta events there. However, Reader reappeared on the website after a few minutes to say lighten up , and then completed the Reading by turning both Justice Spoon and Lotus Mango Negative, with the accompanying messages OUT FROM UNDER / TAKE THE OVER and TRUST ME.

Following the Reading, Reader created a Decree of their own, entitled Trust Fall, with the description "turn the tables. winning will be losing. trust me.", and added four blessings, Cape of Containment, Bon Voyage, Graphene, and Open Floor Plan. Additionally, the Alternate Trust Will turned the Reader's purple several times for various users over the time leading up to the Election. Once the Election results came in, it was discovered that Trust Fall had passed with the following description text;


This added Turntables to all the Stadiums. Turntables was then made into Non-Physical Law as a result of Ratification also passing.

These events greatly disappointed the Boss, who claimed we were misled and that Turntables would Tank the Ratings.

A Superallergic Reaction

During the Postseason, on Day 107, Nerd Pacheco of the Philly Pies swallowed a Peanut and had the first recorded  Superallergic reaction. This resulted in a cumulative 15.9 -> 0.5 decrease, a significantly larger stat reduction than that granted by a standard Allergic reaction.

Notable Election Results

During the elections, the Hype Train decree was passed alongside the Ratification decree and the aforementioned Trust Fall decree. Hype Train would allow Ballparks to build Hype upon the Shaming an opponent, while Ratification makes Renovations built by at least 18 teams into League rules.

The Alternate Trust will was used to call the Alternates for several players. These Alternates arrived with the  Negative modification.

Alternated Player Team
Yrjö Kerfuffle Houston Spies
Kelvin Andante Core Mechanics
Erin Jesaulenko Atlantis Georgias
Greer Lott Canada Moist Talkers
Jessica Telephone Tokyo Lift
Ren Hunter Charleston Shoe Thieves
Scarlet Caster Mexico City Wild Wings
Brisket Friendo Seattle Garages
Anathema Elemefayo New York Millennials
Justice Spoon Chicago Firefighters

As Justice Spoon was already a  Negative due to the Seasonal Reading, their Alternate instead arrived with  Undertaker. Ren Hunter and Brisket Friendo also lost their  Attractor modification as a result of Alternation.

The Shadow Revoke will was used on several Players, who roamed to new teams.

Player Original Team New Team
Tad Seeth Ohio Worms Miami Dale
NaN San Francisco Lovers Boston Flowers
Agan Harrison Chicago Firefighters Core Mechanics

After the elections, it was discovered that only Replicas on active rosters turned to  Dust. Chorby Soul II and Chorby Soul III avoiding turning to Dust through Redaction and Incineration, respectively.

Season 19

Upside Down

With the passage of the Turntables decree, all Wins were converted into Unwins, worth -1 wins. This inverted the standings for the season, resulting in the teams with the worst records being top of the standings, and moving on to the post-season. Unwins were also discovered to be worth negative eDensity, and would make teams lighter. This kept the majority of teams safe from Consumers for the rest of the season. The playoffs continued as normal, crowning the Tokyo Lift as champions for the first time over the Seattle Garages.

An Ongoing Feud

With the start of Earlsiesta, Ownership returned and redeclared that Seasonal Readings were again cancelled, and pleaded for the repeal of Turntables, the only available Decree at the start of the season. However, the seasonal reading continued yet again. The only descriptive text for this reading was "TURN OVER", and every single card was pulled (including the Fool 4 times), in groups of 3. One player on each team received a modifier, either Uncertain, Undertaker, or Seeker depending on the card's position in the Reading.

Additionally, a second Decree had been added to the ballot, in the Reader's purple. This Decree was called Under Achiever , and was described as unwin the underbracket. crown the underchampions. The Reader also added 4 Blessings, Moderation, Underhanded, Subtractor, and Go Big? Go Home. All four of these Blessings had effects related to Runs and Unruns, which interact with new weather Polarity and also with eDensity.


The only player to become Legendary this season was Valentine Games, the standout high earner for idol income this season.

Squared Off

Come elections, collective eDensity was the lowest it had ever been. Turntables was not repealed, and Ownership spoke up to address this problem.

Special Announcement
It's now clear to Us
Blaseball is deeply Divided.
We've recorded massive Losses
The League is in the Red
We've been forced to make a Deal
A Grand Bargain
Inflation will keep Us afloat
As We get things Squared Away
So have your fun
Stay Positive
Win or Lose
Everybody Wins

This was concluded by the league being leveraged to instate the SUN(SUN) rule, which squared all wins. This resulted in the -1 wins from Turntables becoming worth 1 win again returning the league to normal play.

Under Achiever won the decree vote, and would come into being the following season. Importantly, the Blessing selection for this election resulted in the first  Underhanded player, Michelle Sportsman as well as the introduction of The Fifth Base, an item with the  Super Roamin' modification.

Notable Election Results

During elections, the Alternate Trust will called the Alternates for a number of players, which arrived with  Negative.

Alternated Player Team
Jaylen Hotdogfingers Boston Flowers
Caleb Novak Miami Dale
Socks Maybe Chicago Firefighters
Amos Melon Canada Moist Talkers
Peanut Holloway Philly Pies

After Alternation, Peanut Holloway lost the  Attractor modification.

The only player Shadow Revoked was Bright Zimmerman, who was already  Roamin'. Upon being revoked a second time, Zimmerman gained  On an Odyssey. Revoking Zimmerman also granted the Shadows of the Charleston Shoe Thieves Parties as a result of the Shoe Thieves'  Good Riddance modification.

The Reform will rerolled Paula Turnip's  Super Idol into  Credit to the Team, granting even larger payouts from a top Idol.

At the end of the elections, Goodwin Morin III avoiding turning into  Dust due to being in the Shadows as a result of the Fax Preparation blessing.

Season 20


After the Repeal Turntables Decree failed to pass, Sun(Sun) was set upon the league thanks to a Grand Bargain made by the Boss. Sun (Sun) caused "All Wins and Unwins to be Squared". In practice this meant that the unwins (-1 wins) became 1 win.

Additionally Sun (Sun) remained visible on the standings page, with a gauge labeled as "pressure" that seemed to rise with every Run, Win, and Incineration in the league. The Sun (Sun) also seemed to gain a large amount of pressure any time a new Sun was added to the league via a decree.

The Unquiet Dead

At the start of Season 20, the Monitor noted that they hadn't checked the hall in a bit as they had been kind of busy. They commented on the appearance of the Alaskan Immortals in the Hall under a new "Teams" section, as well the fact that Pudge Nakamoto had simply wandered out of the Hall during the last election due to their  Roamin' modification.

On Day 1 of Season 20, Kennedy Loser, the last remaining player with the  Haunted modification, was inhabited by a deceased player named Abbott Wright. What was unusual about this was that no one knew who Wright was - they seemed to not be a part of any team's roster or shadows, including the newly discovered Immortals, and did not appear anywhere on the site. Attempts to find them in the game's search failed, and any attempts to pull up their player page while they were at bat also failed. Shorty afterwards Loser was inhabited by Alford Pliskin, who had all of the same mysteries, and over the course of the season Loser picked up a number of inexplicable haunts, nicknamed "Kennedy Loser's New Guys" or KLoNGs for short.

The Depth Chart

See the main article on Levels.
At the Season 20 Earsiesta the Boss confirmed the suspension of the Seasonal Readings, and the Reader replied with go long and unveiling a new Depth tab on the site.

The new Depth Chart was was a way for teams to visualize where they fell along the league's levels. The Y axis of the grid represented a team's level in relation to the League, while the x axis represented an unknown variable. The chart was split across the middle with a line resembling the MVP line seen on the Idol Board, and teams moved closer to the Desert or Gate as their Credit Rating changed.

The top of the chart featured what seemed to be a desert with a number of cacti, while the bottom of the chart featured a number of clouds as well as the Gate that was seen on Blaseball 2. Noticing the connection to Blaseball 2, some fans checked to see if anything could be found at Blaseball 0, but found a plain white page with a single cactus emoji. (🌵)

While most teams bobbed around the center of the chart, the coming election featured a number of Blessings with the potential to impact a team's eDensity including Shots in the Dark, Couldn't Hurt, Heavy-Handed, Light-Handed, Strange Attractor, Backup or Down, Complete 180, Heads over Tails, and Low Five.

The Fifth Base

See the main article on Fifth Base (Item).
During the Season 19 elections, Jesús Koch received the Legendary Super Roamin' Fifth Base from the blessing of the same name, becoming Super Roamin' and roaming to a new team every 9 days.

On Day 38 the Fifth Base was placed down for the first time in The Oven and fans discovered the intricacies of the Legendary Item. A baserunner holding the The Fifth Base had a small chance of placing and stealing to the Fifth Base in the ballpark they were playing in, giving the ballpark  The Fifth Base modification and removing the item from the player. If a baserunner was standing on the placed Fifth Base, they had a small chance of stealing the base, giving them the item and removing the modification from the ballpark.

The Base changed hands several times over the course of the season, and a full list of it's travels is available here.


As the season progressed, the effects of the gaining the  Underhanded modification from the previous election began to become apparent as Michelle Sportsman became the first player to achieve a negative ERA, ending the season winning 28 of her 32 games.

This was only the start of what was to come, as in the Giftshop that season teams were able to purchase an Underhanded cap, which resulted in a total of 17 pitchers across the league making use of the Underhanded modification, contributing to the league average ERA dropping form 4.5 to 4.1 between Season 19 and Season 20.

The Underbracket

With the passing of the Under Bracket in the Season 19 Elections, losing teams were now able to compete in a losers tournament, with the goal to lose enough games to un-lose the Underbracket. Underbracket wins netted the team a Championship win for their team, though it was unclear if these would be counted towards Evolution.

The winners of the inaugural Underbracket were the San Francisco Lovers.

The Investigation Concludes

See the main article on the Investigation.
After the election in Season 20, it was declared that the Investigation led by Liquid Friend and Uncle Plasma had concluded. According to the Boss their hard work showed no foul play, and we could put all that behind Us. She then bid them to enjoy their retirement as the pair were preserved and placed in the Vault, gaining the  Legendary modifier, as well as a message that they were "Stronger Together" as they both gained the  Yolked modifier.

Notable Election Results

During the elections, the Sun 30 decree was passed, which resulted in future games awarding both Teams a Win if the game enters Extra Innings. The setting of Sun 30 caused the Sun(Sun)'s Pressure to increase to 35.41%.

The Reform will was used on a number of Players, most notably rerolling Paula Turnip's  Credit to the Team into  Homebody and Silvaire Roadhouse's  Flinch into  Debt.

As a result of the Magnify will, Dudley Mueller, Phineas Wormthrice, Caleb Novak, and Malik Destiny were granted  2x Magnification.

After the elections, Sun(Sun) was Recharged, reducing Pressure to 9.17%.

Season 21

Go Long

See the main article on Levels.
As teams investigated the features of eDensity and Levels, fans were presented with a unique opportunity to explore as Chorby Soul, Soul edition appeared in the Gift Shop. This prompted two teams to seek out the infamously heavy-souled player.

The first was the Atlantis Georgias who, thanks to their  Light-Handed modifier were able to use Chorby's Soul to shoot to the 0 level on the Depth Chart on Season 21 Day 74. When the team reached the Desert on the chart it prompted a message from The Reader that was simply touch down, special teams, tumbleweed sounds. This resulted in Blaseball0 being updated to show a large number of cacti, and revealed a blagonball.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Ohio Worms reached the gate on Season 21 Day 75. This was due to them picking up their own Chorby Soul to plunge to the depths of the chart where, to the surprise the Worms the replicas of the Dynamic Duo protected them from the consumer attacks many had been dreading. When the Worms reached the Gate the monitor responded that something smells fishy . Now when players visited Blaseball 2 they were greeted by red fish bursting out of the broken gate. While the Monitor was quick to point out these were herring, my favorite , an arguably more important discovery was that this allowed players to upshell certain Investigation related events to get Red Herrings.

The Library Unveiled

With their Red Herrings in hand, fans realized that they could use the Herrings to react to the redacted entries in the Library, much the same way that they could use peanuts to react to feed messages. However, rather than simply having Lōotcrates repeat messages when they reached 1000 reactions, redacted messages with 1000 Herring would be un-redacted, revealing the entry and occasionally giving fans access to additional information surrounding the entry such as player pages or new teams appearing in the Hall of Flame.

As fans uncovered new events, players, and teams, they excitedly shared and recorded their results until finally they uncovered the first message in "An Eclipse":

Parker MacMillan left instability in their wake. The Alaskan Immortals became Unstable!

Parker MacMillan

As soon as Parker MacMillan was unredacted in the Library, fans were able to view his player page, revealing additional information about the player with a very familiar name. Notably he had two modifiers that filled in the blanks regarding the incinerated teams that had begun populating the Hall: the  Super Roamin' modification, combined with the newly discovered  Firewalker modification. Additionally, MacMillan was holding an item called The Force Field, that applied the  Force modification, preventing him from leaving the Vault he was currently trapped in and spreading his instability across the league once more.  

The implications of this discovery, specifically the  Legendary status of Parker MacMillan and the naming convention of Replicas, quickly led fans to the theory that the current Commissioner, Parker MacMillan IIIII, along with his two predecessors could be replicas minted from the original Parker MacMillan.

MacMillan IIIII seemed to come to the same conclusion, quickly expressing his distress on the @Blaseball twitter account with a series of tweets, even going as far as to lock the account temporarily. On his return he did not seem to be his usual upbeat self, replacing the #partytime messages that season with half hearted attempts before being chided for his unprofessionalism and returning to the previous standard format.

Notable Election Results

During the elections, the Sun .1 decree was passed, which introduced a new Weather that makes each Run scored worth .1 more per Inning. The setting of Sun .1 resulted in Sun(Sun)'s Pressure increasing to 44.06%.

The Shadow Revoke will resulted in NaN and Tad Seeth going  On an Odyssey as a result of being Revoked by the LA Unlimited Tacos and Miami Dale, respectively.

After the elections, Sun(Sun) was Recharged, reducing Pressure to 17.82%.

Season 22

Semi-Centennial Announcement

See the main article on the Semi-Centennial.
At the start of the Season the Boss announced that the leauge would be hosting a 50-inning Semi-Centennial game to celebrate 50 years of blaseball. The game would take place between the Finals of Season 23 and the Election the next day, and would be played by a pair of all-star teams: The Vault Legends, who would consist of all of the legendary players in the Vault, and the Rising Stars which consisted of the (many) players who had and of the Ego modifications.

With recent revelations about certain prehistory players, there seemed to be a danger inherent in Parker MacMillan participating in a 50-inning game alongside New Megan Ito, who with her  Trader and  Traitor modifications would in all likelihood attempt to steal MacMillan's The Force Field. With The Force Field gone, MacMillan would be free to roam across the league once more, spreading instability as he went.

Yet more fans pointed out that MacMillan would probably not be an issue, as several intrepid Data Witches had projections that showed that with the addition of all the new Suns on this season's election ballot the Sun(Sun) would probably reach 100% pressure before then, triggering whatever happens when suns die.

Pitching Machine 2

Early on in the season the New York Millennials found themselves in a strange situation. As the Expansion Era progressed players found more and more ways to be sent Elsewhere, with Flooding, Salmon Cannons, Undertakers and failed Heists all playing a role. For the New York Millennials, on Day 12 they found that of their three pitchers, both Schneider Bendie and Sandie Carver had found themselves Elsewhere, leaving just Theodore Cervantes to pitch all of their remaining games until their teammates returned. Unfortunate Cervantes struggled on the mound that day and gave up 10 runs, activating Battin' Island's Fax Machine and swapping them out for Anathema Elemefayo. Elemefayo had however had fed Elsewhere to escape being caught in a Grad Heist before being shadowed in the Season 21 election, and while they pitched remainder of the game, as the game came to a close fans wondered who could be called up to pitch for the Millennials on Day 13, as all of the Millennials pitchers were now  Elsewhere....

This question was answered as soon as the rest of the league's games ended, with the Betting page now showing a game between the Hawai'i Friday's King Roland and the New York Millennial's newly acquired Pitching Machine (not to be confused with the Legendary Pitching Machine Preserved in the Vault). By the end of Day 13 the final score of the game was 10-7 for the Fridays, with the Pitching Machine giving up 10 runs and being replaced with the returning Cervantes, and with the missing Schneider Bendie returning from Elsewhere to bring the Millennials back up to a two pitcher rotation.

Historical Replicas

In this season's Gift Shop, players were able to purchase replicas of some never before seen faces for the first time. On top of several preserved ILB players, teams were able to purchase the following replicas:

At the end of the Latesiesta, replicas of each of these players entered the league allowing teams to see them in action before the Semi-Centennial.

The Fifth Base (Continued)

See the main article on the Fifth Base (Item).
Since it's introduction the Fifth Base had been picked up and placed as lineup players moved around the league, seeing nine different owners in the two seasons. However, with the introduction of the Tunnels ballpark modification and it’s ratification in the league, it became possible for pitchers to steal items from other active players. This is notable because while the Super Roamin' Fifth Base was routinely being picked up and put down as players stole bases, pitchers were unable to do so as soon as it was stolen by a pitcher, it was unable to be placed again. Sure enough on Day 84 of the regular Season, Baldwin Breadwinner stole the fifth base from Jaxon Buckley roaming four times before ending up on the Boston Flowers, who managed to win the Traitor Item Crate, giving each of their players with an empty or broken item slot a  Traitor item. The appeal of the legendary item caused the Fifth Base to change hands 13 times in the first week of Season 23 before ending up in the hands of Flower's pitcher Chorby Short, with the item remaining with rotation players to the end of the Expansion Era.

Notable Election Results

During the elections, multiple Suns were set. Equal Sun resulted in a league rule determining that home runs during the final out of a game would tie the game. Sum Sun introduced a new Weather that made each successive socring play within a half inning worth an additional Run. Maximum Sun created a league rule that determined that scoring plays in Maximum Blaseball would be worth 3x the Runs. The setting of Equal Sun, Sum Sun, and Maximum Sun would result in Sun(Sun) Pressure increases to 57.34%, 67.34%, and 77.34% respectively.

The Vault was revealed by The Vault tiding, with the text


The Vault contained every Player with the  Legendary modification, displayed alongside those Players' modifications, items, and stars.

Many of the blessings on the ballot affected the eDensity of players by flipping the eDensity of either a Team's most eDense Player or every player in a specific part of the roster. A number of other blessings called the Alternate for multiple players on a Team's roster.

After the elections, Sun(Sun) was Recharged, reducing Pressure to 51.09%.

Season 23

Burning Bright

Following the elections of Season 22, there are now 7 active Suns in Blaseball. The weather Sun 2, and the 6 active league rules Sun(Sun), Sun 30, Sun .1, Equal Sun, Maximum Sun, and Sum Sun. Of these only Sun 2 doesn't impact the Pressure gauge on Sun(Sun), which at the start of the season now sits at 51.09%, from a peak of 77.34% at the top of Season 22 elections.

Premonitions of Things to Come

The seasons leads off with the Coin giving a statement on the upcoming Semi-Centennial, stating that it would be 50 innings of exciting Blaseball action, and we have a Bright Future ahead.

This season also saw the disappearance of Wills and Decrees, instead being replaced by Party Favors, a choice of one of four special Modifications that would apply to your team. The ROAMLESS CRATE, which made players unable to Roam to your Team; The SQUIDDISH CRATE, which makes your Team Squiddish; The AVOIDANCE CRATE, which makes your team refuse to swing at 9+ Runs; and the CONTAINMENT CRATE, which gives your team Containment. With the awareness of Parker MacMillan these all gained increased importance in the eyes of the fans.

The Blessings selection for this season was also different, with there instead being 24 blessings, each labelled as being a selection of the Greatest Hits of every previous season, plus seasons 23 and 24.

A new weather was introduced, Jazz which would transform at the start of a game into a random other weather type.

The various entities all visited us during the rest of the season, each giving their own ominous statements.

The Reader showed up during Earlsiesta after a long absence, but did not do a Seasonal Reading:

set up
trick play
hook and ladder
game over
tear down

The Monitor showed up at Latesiesta,

celebration huh
they're all playing?
rising stars
all of them
sounds exhausting
hope there's fireworks

And finally Lōotcrates gave a cryptic statement before the MVP announcement,

"Stars Rise
Expanding Constellation
Setting course for Waters Above"
"An Ending Begins"
"Events Horizoned
And Beyond
An Archipelago


The ILB Semi-Centennial

At the end of the Internet Series for the season, there was a short break, and then the Semi-Centennial began. The ILB Semi-Centennial had several unique game conditions due to the Vault ballpark’s modifications. The Cycling ballpark modification made it so pitchers for each team would cycle out at the end of every inning. The Climate Control and Weather Reports modifications meant that weather would change every inning in the Vault, and that when changed it would pick based on “History”, linking each inning to a specific Season and related weather. At the start of each inning, a Season and connected weather were announced.

Lōotcrates appeared before the beginning of the game, stating:

"From the Delta
We wade Upstream"

"Sifting Sediment
Recalling Testimonies
From Recorded Eras"

"Memories Flood."

Lōotcrates stayed on screen until inning 22, providing introductions to each inning and commentating on events that took place during the game.

Sun(Sun) began the game at 82.89% Pressure

The ILB Semi-Centennial was filled with many events, but starting from inning one tensions raised. During inning 1 New Megan Ito traded their nothing for Dunlap Figueroa's The Fifth Base using their Trader modification, then during inning 11, Ito traded their The Fifth Base for Parker MacMillan's The Force Field using their Traitor modification, resulting in MacMillan’s Super Roamin' modification to take effect in the following Season 24.
After New Megan Ito obtained The Force Field, Lōotcrates delivered the message:

"A Trade-Off
A Traitor
A Repetition"

Heists and Heat

Also beginning in Inning 1, Vaulted Legends would approach players from the Rising Stars, who were either collected and Artificially Forged, increasing the pressure of Sun(Sun) and moving from the Rising Stars roster and added to the Vault Legends roster, or managed to evade. Rat Mason was the only player to evade capture, doing so 3 times by the end of the game.

With the collection of the seventh player, Sun(Sun)’s pressure reached 97.68%, and Lōotcrates left the screen during inning 22, apparently exiting for safety from the increasing Sun(Sun) pressure, after some final words:

"From Progenitor
A Breaking Dawn
A Twilight World"

"Constellation Expanded
Stars in Safe Keeping
The Historian returns to Safety"

"A Walk Off."

With the collection of Mora during inning 29, Sun(Sun)’s pressure reached 100%, resulting in the explosion of Sun(Sun).
The Boss appeared in front of the resulting Supernova to address the Fans:

Wow! Look at those colors!
Yes, Sun(Sun) appears to have exploded.
There is no reason to panic.
In Light of Recent Events
The Semi-Centennial is henceforth Cancelled.
The Result is a Draw.
See you at the Election!
Don't forget to #Vote!

Elections and Payments

Elections began with a statement from the Boss,

What a spectacular Celebration!
Here's to 50 Years of Fair Play
And another 50 ahead of Us.
We know what you're thinking
Together, we face another crisis.
We will stay the course
Double Down on our Investments

However she was then interrupted by a new Entity, only mentioned so far in Prehistory, Namerifeht, who spoke in backwards text

Credit Denied
Service Suspended
Balance Outstanding
Assets Underwater
Bridges Burned
Final Notice
Fire Sale

This seemed to shake the Boss, who replied

We will Win.
We always Win.

This was followed by an Emergency Alert, which mirrored the message from when the Expansion teams Descended in Season 12,


This was accompanied with the flipping of the Depth Chart, now placing the Desert at the bottom and the Gate at the top.

Only 5 Teams decided to not go with the Roamless Crate, The Garages, Shoe Thieves, Pies, Fridays, and the Fireproof Tigers.

Additionally, the Reader placed every team in the ILB as Under Review.

The Monitor would also remark on how current market trends were affected by the events of the Semi-Centennial,

uh sundaes melted
too hot

The Canada Moist Talkers, having won a third championship, would Evolve and gain the team modification  Flood Bath. All active players Evolved, with London Simmons, Amos Melon, and Spears Nolan Evolving to Base 2 .

Other Notable Election Results

The elections would see the return of blessings from previous seasons, alongside blessings representing Season 23 and Season 24.

The Season 6: Lottery Pick blessing stole the 14th most-idolized player, Niq Nyong'o for the Philly Pies. This caused Nyong'o to exit the Hall of Flame, gaining the  Returned and  Debt modifications. The Pies would also received the Season 11:XIII blessing, changing their Tarot Card from the Hermit to XIII, sharing with the Kansas City Breath Mints.

The Season 23: Vault Swap blessing would swap Glabe Moon of the Boston Flowers with Sutton Bishop, in the Vault. This caused Moon to be Artificially Forged, gaining the  Legendary modification.

After the elections, Pudge Nakamoto Roamed out of the Hall of Flame and to the Pies' lineup. Parker MacMillan, now no longer holding The Force Field, Super Roamed out of the Vault and to the Hawai'i Fridays' lineup. By leaving the Vault, MacMillan left every player on the active roster of the Vault Legends  Unstable.

Season 24

A Fiery Start

The season began with the Coin addressing the fans, saying that due to recent events the election would be postponed. Meanwhile, the Monitor lamented the heat and wished for a break to return to the trench. Events quickly kicked off. Supernova Eclipse was a new weather, and on Day 3 of the season the Kansas City Breath Mints were incinerated during Supernova Eclipse. Their Fire Eater players migrated to their replacement team, the Oxford Paws. This sent the league into a panic, as The Breath Mints weren't even unstable having not received Parker MacMillan at the start of the season; Teams could now be incinerated at any time. The Monitor showed up after the game ended, and gave The Breath Mints a personalized send-off:

the breath mints.
follow me
take a break
beat the heat
in the trench
it's cool there
oh and pudge
door's always open

Parker Macmillan, having been sent to the Hawai'i Fridays at the end of the Season 23 elections, roamed away from the Fridays on Day 9, making the team Unstable. On Day 12, the dangers of team unstable manifested, and the Fridays were incinerated, replaced with the Carolina Queens due to the Squiddish modification the Fridays received in the Season 23 elections. They also received a personalized sendoff from the Monitor.

it's island time
come with me
to the trench
the vibes are right

The only two teams incinerated during the entirety of Season 24 were The Breath Mints and the Fridays.

A Call to Action

Come Earlsiesta the circumstances of the season drastically changed. Following a minor speech by the Coin, an Emergency Alert occurred declaring that Sun(Sun) Supernova had collapsed, and Black Hole (Black Hole) was draining, and Pulsar (Pulsar) beaming. The Coin quickly declared she would fix it, and called a Siesta. The siesta was immediately interrupted by the Microphone tuning, and The Commissioner speaking through it to the fans directly, both on the site and on twitter.

This is Parker MacMillan IIIII speaking
I am the Blaseball Commissioner
I'm not sure what's happening
I don't know if we can fix it
But I know She doesn't care what happens to you
She doesn't care where you end up
It's not fair
You deserve a say
But you gotta go fast
Don't give up
Help each other
Get moving

Get Moving

With the end of the Earlsiesta, fans quickly discovered a new mechanic that had been made available. In place of the Depth Chart, a Map appeared. Each quadrant of the map corresponded to a different destination, each represented by an icon at the corners, or "End Zones". The upper left quadrant was the Vault, represented by Lōotcrates; the lower right was the Desert, represented by the Reader; the upper right was the Hall, represented by Pulsar (Pulsar); and the lower left was the Horizon, represented by Black Hole (Black Hole). Finally, a Supernova Eclipse icon was at the center of the map, the location of the Coin. Initial placements on the map were determined based on teams' positions on the Depth Chart and, in place of an election, fans could spend votes to orient their team in a direction on the map. Additionally, fans could spend coins, and later Snacks, in order to fuel the travel of their fellow teams. The Map slowly rotated clockwise over the course of the season, ultimately resembling a Blaseball Diamond in the end.

On Day 34 The Moist Talkers became the first team to reach the Hall and received the following message from the Monitor:

hey talkers
how did you get here?
your pals are inside
can't let you in yet
aiding the others
but stay near

Fight Gods

On Day 51 The Sunbeams were the first team to reach the Desert which prompted the following messages from the Reader:

touch down
over time
tear down
sand traps
spikes set
charge the mound
trust the process

The Sunbeams also became Scattered, turning the names of all their players and the team's name itself into dashes. Upon seeing the phrase "charge the mound", the Hellmouth Sunbeams (as well as other teams that reached the Desert) changed course to head directly towards the Boss at the center of the map, the position where a pitcher's mound would be on a blaseball field. On Day 65 the Sunbeams reached the Supernova, prompting the following message from the Boss (commonly seen standing directly in front of the Supernova):

Wh-t are you doi--
Wh-t -re y-- do---
Th-s beh-v--r -- unac--pt--le

As more Scattered teams continued to rush the mound, it prompted the following response:

Y-- can't d- th-s.

During Latesiesta, the Boss began a scattered speech about how our growth would be exponential, endless, eternal. The Boss was, however, interrupted by the arrival of the Monitor, sporting a new pair of sunglasses and the following rebuttal:

bad news boss
i quit
oh hey
i can let you in now
or out, i guess
just sneak out
i'm off duty
get out there
you're on deck
close up shop

With that announcement the map was flooded with every incinerated team in the Hall, producing fifteen prehistory teams, as well as the freshly incinerated Kansas City Breath Mints and Hawai'i Fridays.

These teams were all marked as "Deceased" and gained the Rogue modification, and they alongside other teams who had reached the Hall quickly moved to rush the mound as the Sunbeams had earlier.

On Day 82 the Hades Tigers were the first Rogue team to reach the Boss, and as the result of a collaborative effort between several teams, the Reader, the Commissioner, and the Monitor, the Coin was Incinerated.

Y-- c--’t d- t---
--o d- y-u th--k y-- ---
W- w--- W--
-e alw--- W--
We'r- F-ns
J-st l-ke y--


With that, the Boss no longer appeared on the site, taking the very concept of money with her, as coins also disappeared from the site. Any fans providing aid, or teams attempting to steer, were able to use any remaining snacks and donate them to the cause.

Save Situation

The Ohio Worms were the first to reach the Horizon, but there was no additional message when they arrived. The Horizon was the only quadrant not associated with any entity, though on Day 27 the Black Hole (Black Hole) began to nullify rules, items, and ballpark modifications through the Black Hole (Black Hole) weather. On Day 79, after the Philly Pies scored their tenth run in a game against the Yellowstone Magic the Black Hole (Black Hole) Nullified the Philly Pies, who were on the corner of the Horizon's quadrant. The Pies immediately non-lost the game and disappeared from the standings page. On Day 82, immediately after the incineration of the Boss, the following emergency alert appeared on the site.


The event horizon of Black Hole (Black Hole) began to expand outward from its corner; without Coins, teams could now donate any remaining Snacks as fuel instead. Any teams caught within the event horizon were nullified, and most teams spent the remainder of the season attempting to escape to one of the remaining End Zones.

On Day 82 any team on the corner of the Event Horizon were nullified immediately, given an additional message that they "were Entangled in the Black Hole (Black Hole)", and gained the  Entangled modifier.

On Day 82, with the threat of the Black Hole (Black Hole) coming from the Horizon, Lootcrates appeared to offer the following;

"An Open Vault
Advances Runners
Escaping Horizon"
"The Historian Calls Safe"

Going forward, any team that reached the Vault on the map was given the Force modification, and removed from the map.

The Reader presented the following response:

flag on the play

The End

On Day 99, the Black Hole (Black Hole) expanded to cover the entire map, and Blaseball was nullified.

The following emergency alert appeared on the site:


Followed by the following message from Namerifeht:

balance paid
credit extended

And one final message from the Commissioner, as relayed by The Microphone:

did you hear that
that big bang

Credits were then rolled on the site, and the Expansion Era was brought to a close.

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