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Season 1

The "Return" of Blaseball

Internet League Blaseball first became observable on July 20, 2020, with the introduction of 20 teams across the Good League and Evil League. Official sources such as The Blaseball Beat refer to this as the "revival" of Blaseball, marking "the first Internet Series since the returned," confirming that Blaseball has always existed.[1]

Season 2

Opening the Forbidden Book

Season 2 began shortly after the decree called Open the Forbidden Book won the Season 1 election. As a result, the 'Book' tab on Blaseball.com became accessible, displaying the heavily redacted contents of the forbidden rulebook itself.

The decree also described further permanent changes, such as: the introduction of solar eclipses that replaced all weather conditions during Season 2; the "umpires' eyes turn[ing] white," which signaled the introduction of incinerations that could terminate any player during Blaseball games; the immediate incineration of Seattle Garages' star player, Jaylen Hotdogfingers; and a Hellmouth swallowing Moab, Utah, immediately converting the Moab Sunbeams into the Hellmouth Sunbeams.

Finally, amidst this chaos, Blaseball had been designated its first era, The Discipline Era: a constant reminder of the consequences of opening the very thing that was forbidden to open.

Season 3

The Peanut during its first appearance, the Blasphemy incident.

Peanut Plague

See the main article on Peanut Plague.

Peanut Plague is the first subtitle of the Discipline Era, appearing when the Season 2 decree, Peanuts, successfully passed. This period introduced several participation elements revolving around peanuts, such as peanuts as an item type, peanuts as a weather type, and peanuts as an allergic reaction. Due to the Peanut Fraud incident (below) extremely early in Season 3, the Peanut Plague only lasted for less than one day.

Peanut Fraud

See the main article on Peanut Fraud.

On Season 3 Day 2 (August 3), play was interrupted following the discovery of Peanut Fraud, in which at least one participant cheated to give themselves near-infinite peanuts and potentially causing extreme instability to Blaseball.com. Officials announced play would not resume until the peanut cheaters have "repented." Despite the fact that the offenders did not come forward, the umpires resumed play because "Blaseball is inevitable." Umpire Husky was quoted as saying: "THE BLASEBALL GODS WILL REMEMBER THIS."[2]


See the main article on Blasphemy.

On August 3, as Peanut Fraud offenses seemingly continued unbeknownst to most fans, Blaseball.com was replaced with a rotating image of a large peanut—the first appearance of an entity now known as The Peanut. This was accompanied by the word 'BLASPHEMY' in red, as well as an ominous hidden cipher representing recently-incinerated Blaseball players. This was seen as a final stand against the perpetrators of Peanut Fraud.


Uncertainty is the second subtitle of The Discipline Era, appearing on August 3 as a direct response to the Peanut Fraud and Blasphemy incidents. The meaning of Uncertainty is uncertain. However, it seemed to reflect uncertainty from either Blaseball officials or the Blaseball Gods themselves as to the moral future of Blaseball. This period saw drastic changes to the peanut economy, as peanuts became only attainable at a price of 1 million coins.

Uncertainty ended with the Season 3 election results, when it was replaced with the period of Drought to indicate the extended siesta.

The Grand Unslam

See the main article on The Grand Unslam.

During a regular game between the Shoe Thieves and the Tacos on Day 73 (August 6), play was interrupted by a Bad Gateway event, prompting an official pause by umpires. Players were then visited by messages from The Peanut, similar to the Blasphemy event above, seemingly chastising players for their greed with new messages.

When games resumed three hours later, the standings reflected that the two teams had 75 total games played by the end of Day 74—one more game than the rest of the league. Fans began to dub the events surrounding the extra, unseen game as The Grand Unslam.

This event had tremendous consequences on the cosmos that were only apparent at the end of the season, such as Spacetime tearing Los Angeles into a single infinite cit(ies), and all now-Unlimited Tacos players experiencing Wyatt Masoning.

The Wyatt Masoning

See the main article on The Wyatt Masoning.

Though ostensibly part of the same phenomena as The Grand Unslam, The Wyatt Masoning refers to an anomaly at the end of Season 3 in which the entire roster of the Unlimited Tacos came to bear the same name: "Wyatt Mason."

Later, during the extended siesta that followed, the league attempted to repair the player's names with the help of fans on Twitter. The end results were mixed at best, with most players still retaining part of the name Wyatt Mason, and others gaining new errors altogether. Despite this, the official tweets remind that "the league bears no liability."

Season 4


Drought is the third subtitle of the Discipline Era, appearing after the Season 3 election when the league announced that an extended siesta will delay the start of Season 4. No games took place for two weeks so that the umpires and other league staff could have the opportunity to work on large-scale maintenance and to rest their tired flesh.

Despite the hiatus, The Commissioner still actively communicated with Blaseball fans on behalf of the league. This includes The Unmasoning, an event in which The Commissioner attempted to repair The Wyatt Masoning with the help of fans on Twitter.


Feedback is the fourth subtitle of the Discipline Era, appearing the day prior to Season 4's opening games. This introduced the new weather condition, called feedback, that has a chance of swapping the allegiances of two players on opposing teams.


See the main article on this topic: Blagonballs

During the Extended Siesta preceding Season 4, residents of the Bloodhouse discovered a 5-Blood Blagonball, an artifact of unknown origin and power. On Day 23, Sandie Turner of the New York Millennials discovered the 3-Blood Blagonball during a game against the Charleston Shoe Thieves. Nothing else is currently known about the blagonballs.

The Waveback Event

See the main article on this topic: The Waveback Event

On Day 88 (August 28), Blaseball game servers "experienced a significant loss of data" that forced the Umpires to roll back the state of the game world by approximately eight hours. As The Commissioner asked all fans to "do the wave," a number of repairs occurred behind the scenes, which resulted in most players gaining a large amount of coins and new Hawai'i Fridays player Sixpack Dogwalker being granted the unique bat, Bangers & Smash.

Game 99

See the main article on this topic: Season 4/Game 99

On the final day of the regular season, the Boston Flowers and Unlimited Tacos played a record-breaking 24-inning, 65 minute game that marked the first known instance of Spillover. Both teams played 21 scoreless innings en route to a 2-1 victory for the Flowers that enthralled fans across the league.

Round 2 Feedback

On Day 108 (August 29), during Round 2, Game 4, between the New York Millennials and the Chicago Firefighters, Feedback was detected in the top of the ninth inning, causing play to stop after Thomas Dracaena hit a ground out to Edric Tosser. When the feed had resumed, the game had already ended in a Millennials victory.

Season 5


See the main article on this topic: Reverb

Reverb is the fifth subtitle of The Discipline Era, appearing upon the opening of Season 5. This introduced the new weather condition called Reverb which has a chance of shuffling the player positions on a single team.

Mysterious Decrees

Season 5 marked the first time that the decrees available for election offer no descriptions of their effect, only a name and an icon. The mystery decrees became a hotly debated topic of speculation among fans throughout the season, as community agreement on which decree to vote for became more splintered than ever before.

Party Time Speedrun

The Unlimited Tacos saw an especially terrible season of games, ending with a record of 23 Wins to 76 Losses. This resulted in the Tacos achieving Party Time by Day 78 (Thursday, September 3), the fastest of any team by far to date. Many Tacos fans characterized this as a speedrun, elevating the team's failure at Blaseball into a resounding success among the community. The Blaseball Beat later wrote of the event: "the fan-favorite Unlimited Tacos captured hearts and minds with a historic Regular Season Speed Run, reaching #PARTYTIME faster than any team ever before."[3]

Season 6

League Restructuring and Blood Baths

The High Filter decree successfully passed at the end of Season 5, "resulting in the ILB getting dunked in the Blood Tub and surfacing reborn."[4] The existing Good/Evil subleagues and Lawful/Chaotic divisions were restructured based on Season 5 standings into the Wild/Mild subleagues and High/Low divisions. Specifically, the Wild League contains the Top 5 and Bottom 5 teams as of Season 5, while the Mild League contains the teams in between.

Additionally, the decree describes "blood fill[ing] the tub" to introduce a new game mechanic called Blood Baths that interact with four new permanent modifications to every team, based on their division. All four of these "Blood" modifications involve losing or receiving star stats in a variety of circumstances that appear to redistribute player ability across more of the league. The first Blood Bath was anticipated to be occurring this season, but it was instead postponed for unknown reasons.


See the main article on this topic: Idols

Idols is the sixth subtitle of The Discipline Era, appearing upon the opening of Season 6. This introduced the new game mechanic Idols, which allows Blaseball participants to idolize any player in the league and benefit from that player's success during games, independent of team loyalty.


See the main article on this topic: Blooddrain

Season 6 introduced a new weather condition called Blooddrain that has a chance of siphoning star stats away from one player and adding them to another player on the opposing team.

Wild Wings v. Blaseball Gods

See the main article on this topic: Mexico City Wild Wings v. The Blaseball Gods

Following the Leagues reorientation from the High Filter decree, the Mexico City Wild Wings were placed in the Mild League instead of the Wild League. The team and its fans filed a legal complaint which was summarily dismissed by The Commissioner. Throughout Season 6, the team was known at various points as the "Wild Wings" and "Mild Wings" while their location alternated between Mexico City and Wexico City. During the events of The Third Strike (below), the team was renamed the Mexico City Mild Wings.

The Third Strike

See the main article on this topic: The Third Strike

Following the conclusion of the regular season, the dotted red line on the Idols leaderboard, splitting the top three idolized players from the rest of the page, began to vibrate for approximately half an hour. At the top of the hour, The Peanut spoke and called The Third Strike, claiming that fans have patronized them. Jessica Telephone and Nagomi Mcdaniel received the modification Shelled, which encased the two players inside giant peanut shells, effectively skipping them when their turn comes up in the rotation. However, Peanut Bong, who was in the third position, was left unscathed. Fans speculated that The Peanut only wanted the Peanut-named players in the top three positions, and that this was the reason Bong did not suffer any harm during Third Strike.

The Return of Jaylen Hotdogfingers

See the main article on this topic: Jaylen Hotdogfingers

Shortly following the end of play on Day 32, incinerated Garages pitcher Jaylen Hotdogfingers entered the Idols leaderboard as a member of the enigmatic Null Team after fans learned of the means to idolize incinerated players. As Hotdogfingers was the first incinerated player in the history of Internet League Blaseball, many fans viewed Hotdogfingers' idolization as an act of defiance against the Blaseball Gods. In response to fans, The Commissioner asked, "are you sure about this[?]"[5] Fans were sure about it, and helped maintain Hotdogfingers' 14th place on the leaderboard, which was covered by the blessing Lottery Pick. Hotdogfingers was brought back to the Garages during the Season 6 election, replacing Mike Townsend in the pitching rotation, who was sent to Shadows.

Season 7


On Day 5, Seattle Garages pitcher Jaylen Hotdogfingers pitched her first game since returning from The Void. During the game, Hotdogfingers recorded Internet League Blaseball's first hit by pitch on Dickerson Morse of the Kansas City Breath Mints. Morse was marked[6] with the new weekly[7] modification Unstable. Hotdogfingers would go on to hit 2 more batspeople during the game, then continue to hit batters in her next two starts. No other pitcher has yet recorded a hit by pitch.

Ruby Tuesday

See the main article on this topic: Ruby Tuesday

During the Garages' Day 30 (Tuesday, 15 September 2020) game against the Hades Tigers, Jaylen Hotdogfingers hit 3 batspeople during the game: Mclaughlin Scorpler, Moody Cookbook, and Zion Aliciakeyes, all of whom received the Unstable modification. In the top of the 3rd inning of the Tigers' Day 32 game against the Canada Moist Talkers, Cookbook was incinerated. The Game Log displayed a never-before-seen outcome for Cookbook's incineration:

A Debt was collected. Rogue Umpire incinerated Tigers hitter Moody Cookbook! Replaced by Carmelo Plums.
The Instability spreads[8] to the Moist Talkers's Elijah Bates![9]

Bates was incinerated in the 6th inning, spreading the instability to Yazmin Mason. In the 7th inning, Scorpler was incinerated, chaining the instability to Antonio Wallace. After the conclusion of the Day 32 games, the description of Unstable was updated to reflect players' higher chance of being incinerated during Solar Eclipse games and the description of Returned was updated to reflect the chance for Hotdogfingers to Return to The Void at the end of any given season. This update caused a siesta that delayed the Day 33 games by one hour.

During the Day 33 game between the Moist Talkers and Tigers, incinerations continued. Kiki Familia, the replacement for Bates, was incinerated in the 1st inning despite not having the Unstable modifier, which marked current record for shortest Internet League Blaseball career at 5.1 innings. Antonio Wallace was incinerated one inning later, chaining the instability to Moist Talkers pitcher Mooney Doctor. All in all, Hotdogfingers collected 4 debts over the two games. At the conclusion of Day 33's games, fans of the Moist Talkers and Tigers designated this event The Debt Collection, Tax Day, and finally Ruby Tuesday.


See the main article on this topic: Snackrifice

Before the start of Season 7, Unlimited Tacos fans began coordinating a campaign called Snackrifice, which was intended to spite the Blaseball gods by removing all Tacos pitchers from play.

The idol leaderboard this season had a dotted red line placed underneath the top 10 idolized players, leading fans to believe that all the players above the dotted red line would be Shelled, just like the events of The Third Strike at the end of the Season 6 regular season. Tacos fans began asking fans across the league to idolize their five pitchers in the hopes that all five would be Shelled, and that the Tacos would intentionally disrupt the rules of Blaseball. This campaign lasted the duration of the Season 7 week, first achieving success in placing the pitchers shortly after Day 84. In the final moments of the season, fans successfully coordinated to move beloved players Jessica Telephone and York Silk out of the top 10 while also keeping the five pitchers and inserting the three Peanuts above the line.

Just as with The Third Strike, The Shelled One appeared after the Day 99 games and delivered a lengthy and ominous message that commented on the Snackrifice and expressed wonder and awe at its children. Afterwards, The Monitor appeared for the first time to admonish The Shelled One (see below). Once both entities left, it became clear that Snackrifice had succeeded in applying Shelled to the five Tacos pitchers -- Francisca Sasquatch, Sexton Wheerer, Patel Beyonce, Alejandro Leaf, and Wyatt Pothos. Additionally, Axel Trololol and PolkaDot Patterson were also Shelled due to being in the top 10.

The Monitor

See the main article on this topic: The Monitor

Following the final game of the regular season, The Shelled One appeared just as it had after the final game of the Season 6 regular season. It said only "WOW" for several minutes before expressing satisfaction that enough fans correctly idolized its children. It then commented on the successful but unexpected execution of the Snackrifice plan:


Following this monologue, a giant floating squid appeared and took over the screen where The Shelled One previously spun. The squid asked whether or not The Shelled One was an egg (seemingly unable to recognize what a peanut is), then revealed that it followed Jaylen Hotdogfingers from The Hall and The Trench. Finally, the squid said it was waiting to see if the "egg" came back.

After floating ominously for a few moments, the website reverted to its postseason countdown, revealing that the three Peanuts were now Honey Roasted and that the remainder of players above the leaderboard's red line (all five Unlimited Tacos pitchers, Axel Trololol, and PolkaDot Patterson) were now Shelled. All fans received 10,000 peanuts from The Shelled One.

Season 8

The Hall

See the main article on this topic: Hall of Flame

The Hall of Flame was introduced at the end of the Season 7 elections in a new tab on the Blaseball website. The Hall was introduced in a message from The Monitor, where it asked if fans "want[ed] to see your friends?" Fans can view the profiles of incinerated players and pay tribute in the form of peanuts. It is unknown at this time what the effect of paying tribute is.

Refinanced Debt

Jaylen Hotdogfingers' Debted modification changed to Refinanced Debt at the end of Season 7 due to a deal involving the Microphone. Instead of causing the Unstable modification, players hit with Hotdogfingers' pitches now acquire the Flickering modification, which increases their chances of being caught in the Feedback during Feedback weather. On Day 5, Marquez Clark became the first player to become Flickering. On Day 21, Nolanestophia Patterson became the first player to swap teams due to the Flickering modification.


Screenshot of the Idol leaderboards before the opening games.
At the start of Season 8, the Idol leaderboard featured three Feedback microphone icons attached to the 6th, 11th, and 18th place rankings. At the end of the regular season, fans placed Jaylen Hotdogfingers, NaN, and Sixpack Dogwalker in these slots after following clues from The Microphone. After appearances byThe Shelled One and The Monitor, the three idolized players gained a permanent version of the Flickering modification. NaN and Dogwalker also gained the permanent Receiver modification. Immediately after receiving the Receiver modification, the pregame rituals of NaN and Dogwalker changed three times in rapid succession:

hi friends
it is Wyatt
I have a plan

Any information about the plan is currently unknown, but fans are monitoring NaN and Dogwalker for more messages from Wyatt Mason.

Declaration of Fourth Strike

See the main article on this topic: The Shelled One

Following the introduction of the Hall of Flame, fans began offering peanuts in tribute to incinerated players in great quantities. When returning before the results of the Season 8 elections, The Shelled One expressed disappointment and anger at how the peanuts are being used.


Fans do not know at this time what Fourth Strike entails, as Blaseball and the Umpires took a one week siesta following these election results.

Season 9


See the main article on this topic: Season 9/Crowvertime

Crowvertime (also known by several other names) is a name given to the Season 9, Day 1 game between the San Francisco Lovers and the Breckenridge Jazz Hands. In the top of the twelfth inning of the game between the Lovers and the Jazz Hands, Lovers batter Alexander Horne was ambushed by Crows, fleeing the field and resulting in the third out of the half-inning. For unknown reasons, this out did not end the half-inning, and the Lovers continued to bat for 21 additional plate appearances, scoring seven runs and accumulating a total of 16 outs before Helga Moreno was caught stealing second base, ending the half-inning. The runs scored after the third out remained on the scoreboard and, despite the Jazz Hands scoring a run in the bottom of the twelfth inning, the Lovers were awarded the win.

Precisely what caused the Crowvertime is unknown, although the then unique occurrence of Crows causing a third out is considered a likely candidate. Unlike many other unusual game occurrences, the Crowvertime did not result in a siesta or change to the score of the game. The term "Crowvertime" was coined by fans of the Lovers and quickly adopted as the most widely-used nickname for the event.

Enhanced Weather

Potentially as a result of the Declaration of the Fourth Strike, the weather events in Season 9 have gained new effects. Lots of Birds gained a new effect that would force random outs on players, reading "A flock of Crows ambush [Player]! They run to safety, resulting in an out." Peanut weather gained a new effect where there is a small chance for a Big Peanut to crash into the field, and a smaller chance that a Big Peanut will crash into a player, causing them to become Shelled. This is the second known method by which players can be Shelled.

The Monitor Feeds

See the main article on this topic: The Monitor

Season 9 marked the first season since the Idol board was introduced that there was no dotted red line splitting any members of the leaderboard apart. Instead, there was a small icon of The Monitor on the left hand side of the board, placed next to the most-idolized player with the Shelled modification. At the end of the regular season, in a traditional post-season transmission, The Monitor attempted to eat PolkaDot Patterson, the most-idolized Shelled player. Finding the taste unpleasant, the Monitor claimed "that egg [was] spoiled", unshelling Patterson and leaving them with the new modification Squiddish.

Historic Fridays Season

In Season 9, the Hawai'i Fridays broke several records, making for a historic season. The new records are as follows:

  • The Fridays have the fastest record to Party Time, entering at Day 73.
  • The Fridays, while in Party Time, partied a total of 16 times, the highest count yet.
  • The Fridays, while in Party Time, matched the record for single-game parties (5 parties in Day 99, 3 of which were Fridays).
  • The Fridays achieved the longest losing streak record (17 losses in a row, Days 69 to 85, inclusive).
  • The Fridays achieved the worst season record, at 21-78.
  • The Fridays have the lowest season record for a team that has participated in the playoffs bracket (due to winning the Wild Card draw).
  • The Fridays have the lowest season record for a team that has participated in the playoffs bracket and won at least one game in said playoffs bracket.

Season 9, Day X

See the main article on this topic: Day X

Following the regular season and the playoffs in which the Charleston Shoe Thieves won in a final inning Shame, an alert interrupted website viewing, warning fans to seek shelter. The Shelled One appeared in a new display reminiscent of a video game boss fight, featuring their own team, THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS, composed of The Three Peanuts and any player who had the Modification Shelled at the time.

The Shelled One and their Pods began waging a battle against the Shoe Thieves, in the form of a typical game of Blaseball. THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS were shown to have 29,918,122 Team Spirit, while the Shoe Thieves had 29,140 Team Spirit. Typical Blaseball actions, like outs and strikes, dealt damage to the opposite team's Team Spirit meters, while The Shelled One rapidly switched the game's weather type over the course of the entire game.

Half way through the game, when the Shoe Thieves had 1HP left, The Shelled One declared once again that they were "BENEVOLENT," and boosted the Shoe Thieves' Team Spirit meter to far beyond their original value. The game continued, yet the Shoe Thieves could not deal enough damage to THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS, and were defeated with 0 Team Spirit.

Following the game, multiple players and team rosters changed permanently. Any previously Shelled player had been unshelled and given the Modification Honey-Roasted, while being taken off their original team roster to be part of THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS, which included The Three Peanuts.

Season 10

End of the Discipline Era

After a full nine seasons under the rulings of The Forbidden Book, Season 10 marked the end of the tyranny of The Shelled One. The subtitle changed to Peace & Prosperity to signal the start of a new age.

Rise in Violence

See the main article on this topic: Idols#Season_10
On the evening of Thursday, October 15th, 2020, Baltimore Crabs began idolizing Tillman Henderson, who was recently incinerated, as an experiment. However, upon reaching Slot 18, which was marked with a Blooddrain icon, both the icon and the numerical marker lit up in a deep blue, much like the appearance of the Hall of Flame and speeches from The Monitor. Fans quickly mobilized to idolize more incinerated players, and by Day 97, six players had occupied all six weather icons, in order: Caligula Lotus, Landry Violence, Workman Gloom, Sebastian Telephone, Tillman Henderson, and Randall Marijuana. Additionally, fans placed Jaylen Hotdogfingers in slot 14, based on tweets from The Microphone repeatedly calling out to Jaylen. As usual, fans expected an event to be triggered at the end of Day 99.

However, as Day 99 came to an end, a late minute shift in the idol board led to unpredictable results. In a twist, Tillman Henderson came back to life to join the Charleston Shoe Thieves, while Jaylen Hotdogfingers was forced back into the Void, taking Henderson's position on the board in the Hall of Flame. Henderson gained the modification Returned, and is now the second player to have returned to active play from incineration. Hotdogfingers gained the new modification Fliickerrriiing, the effect of which was unknown at the time it was granted.

Lotus, Violence, and Gloom received the new season-based modifications, Friend of Crows, Fire Eater, and Siphon, respectively. Meanwhile, last minute shifts caused Thomas Dracaena to gain Siphon, and Hahn Fox to gain Friend of Crows.

The Death of the Shelled One

See the main article on this topic: Day X#Season 10

As in the end of Season 9, The Shelled One and THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS arrived to wage war on the League, this time against the Season 10 Champions, the Baltimore Crabs. In a show of absolute strength, the PODS defeated the Crabs in a single hit from Wyatt Quitter. Then, in a final gambit, The Microphone cashed in its deal, and the Hall Stars, a team composed of the 14 most beloved players in the Hall of Flame, arrived to challenge the Shelled One on behalf of the League.

After a full nine innings, Dominic Marijuana hit the final blow to win the game. The Monitor attacked and ate the Shelled One, claiming it was kinda bland, thus ending the Discipline Era.

Ascension of the Baltimore Crabs

See the main article on this topic: Ascension#Crabs_Ascend

Following a rematch with the Charleston Shoe Thieves in the Internet Series, the Baltimore Crabs became the first team in Internet League Blaseball history to win three championships, qualifying them for Ascension, a rule in The Book of Blaseball that states "If a team wins three championships, they, and Blaseball, shall ascend."

After winning against the Shoe Thieves -- and being defeated by THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS in Day X -- the Crabs were said to have been "Called Up" into the Big Leagues, which took them out of their place in the Wild League, to be replaced by Tokyo Lift, the first new team in ILB history. Shortly into Season 11, a new element appeared on the Blaseball Bulletin called Telescope, which tracks the scoring of the Crabs in the big leagues, but does not display the moment to moment gameplay.

The Boss Arrives

See the main article on this topic: Boss

Following the defeat of The Shelled One, The Monitor told fans that Boss is on her way. The next day, Boss arrived to announce that Blaseball was under new ownership, as well as the promotion of The Commissioner to CEO of Internet League Blaseball. She announced that there would be a Grand Siesta following Season 11, and made repeated claims that Blaseball was unfair and that the Future was in Fair Play.

Season 11

New York Millennials v. Parker MacMillan III

See the main article on this topic: New York Millennials v. Parker MacMillan III

New York Millennials v. Parker MacMillan III and That Coin, Probably is a class-action lawsuit related to Rule 6(h) of the Book of Blaseball and the alleged failure by the Commissioner to fulfill the rule as written after the Season 10 Election. The trial was heard in Sunbeams Court on November 9, 2020. The trial contained three primary cases: the case named in the title, Chicago Firefighters v. Umpire Pope Sunman, and Wiki Team v. Umpire Pope Sunman.

Firefighters v. Sunman regarded a case where Sunman incinerated the Firefighter's Firehouse, bringing charges of battery, assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence, and Respondeat Superior (the Firefighters claim this is "a legal doctrine by which an employer can be held liable for the actions of the employee"). The case ended in Sunman's favor, with the Judge claiming that Blaseball is a bloodsport. However, the Firefighters were granted a change in slogan from "We're From Chicago" to "We Are From Chicago".

Wiki Team v. Sunman regarded a series of complaints that Sunman and The Commissioner were negligent in their leadership of the League, leading to chaos and distress for fans and players alike. The Judge threw the case out of court, but not before Sunman incinerated a Wiki Administrator, which triggered a last will, forcing Sunman into the role of Wiki Admin.

Millannials v. MacMillan III was the main event, which took place in three parts, featuring several witnesses from both the prosecution and defense. Towards the end of the trial, a simulation of Parker MacMillan III entered the courtroom and suddenly turned sentient. Umpire Sunman attempted to incinerate the simulation, which soon lit the courtroom on fire. After dozens of ominous messages from the Parker Simulation and panicked screaming from the members of the court, the Parker Simulator was deactivated, the the trial was adjourned, awaiting the Judge's final verdict.

The following day, the Judge offered its verdict. In the charge of wire fraud against The Coin, the Judge found The Coin guilty. As the owner of the ILB following the events of Seasons 9 and 10, Boss was required to uphold any rules set in the book, despite not being responsible for the creation of those rules. On the other hand, the Judge found Parker MacMillan III not guilty for wire fraud. The Judge argues that MacMillan III was merely an intern for the League, and as such, was categorically represented by the interests of the prosecution. The Judge also left some words of remembrance for the departed Parker MacMillan III.

Next, the Judge laid out the compensation due to the aggrieved parties. Firstly, Eat the Rich must be reinstated, and legal fees to legal participants will be paid via that method. Lost income to the fans must be paid in the form of increased passive income. The new commissioner Parker MacMillan IIII was instructed to be pleasant towards the Society for Internet Blaseball Research on Twitter for a week. Millennials player Thomas Dracaena and Canada Moist Talkers player Beans McBlase must also be granted additional points in their baserunning ratings. Mexico City Wild Wings player Case Sports was also to be reinstated to the core lineup from the Shadows.

Lastly, the Hellmouth Courthouse was to fully divest itself from Blaseball and further legal proceedings. The Judge insisted that it would never hear a trial ever again.

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