Solar Eclipse (Red)

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Solar Eclipse (Red) is a weather condition introduced in Season 2.

During games played in Solar Eclipse (Red) weather, there is a chance for Mage Umpires to either rule in the favour of players, boosting their attributes, or call the Alternates of players. The former effect was first seen on Season 2, Day 3, when a Mage Umpire ruled in Vaquita Magno's favor; the latter was first seen on Season 2, Day 4, when a Mage Umpire called Haruta Byrd's Alternate.

The Attribute boost appears to only apply to Players on Teams with the Entangled Modification, who likewhise appear to not be able to be chosen to have an Alternate called.

Game Log Text

  • A Mage Umpire rules in [Player]'s favor!
  • A Mage Umpire calls [Player]'s Alternate!