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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Move to Hellmouth

Prior to the opening of The Forbidden Book, the Sunbeams were located in the Moab Desert. However, once The Book was opened, the desert, stadium, and team were all swallowed by Hellmouth. Multiple members of the team experienced rapid Adaptation, physical and physiological changes wrought by the Hellmouth itself.

Regarding the move, star rookie Alaynabella Hollywood said: "Well, honestly it really isn't any hotter than the ol' Moab was. I mean, sure, a lot more things are on fire, but that's a nice bonus."

In Season 3, Day 25, facing the Philly Pies, Alexander Horne marched from the unearthly maw of the Hellmouth and stepped up to bat for the first time, as replacement following Velasquez Meadows's incineration. At four minutes into the game, Horne hit a grand slam Horne Run that put the Sunbeams up 4-2. Meadows's ghost could not be reached for comment, but the ash wisps blowing about the Solarium were said to take on a pleasant, flowery odor. Sandoval Crossing also pitched an Immaculate Inning this game.

Relationship to Incineration

No Sunbeams players were incinerated during the first season of The Discipline Era. This led some fans to begin requesting that protection be lifted from "maybe a few of our pitchers" in hopes of a more skillful replacement. Perhaps out of spite, four-star batter Rhys Trombone was incinerated by a rogue umpire early in Season 3. Sun Loyalists claimed this to not to be an incineration, but an act of "divine alchemy" working on the very innards of the team. A popular belief is that the incineration of Trombone was part of a Coach Sol-led tanking strategy to secure better draft picks. This was cast into doubt following the incineration of Velasquez Meadows, whose death was followed by nothing along the lines of a draft. This led to many questions raised as to the legitimacy of these claims. Loyalists respond, "I mean, maybe the sun isn't protecting us. Who really knows at this point?"

The Precognition Trio

In the Season 4 Elections, three Sunbeams players received the Precognition blessing, increasing their batting ability: Randall Marijuana, Emmett Internet, and Nagomi Nava. That two of these players were incinerated not long after their gaining of Precognition, or their appearance in the Hall Stars team which defeated the Shelled One, has been difficult to dismiss as coincidence. In particular, Marijuana's rapid series of events involving their Season 6, Day 44 Feedback to the Breckenridge Jazz Hands and their incineration on Day 84, has led to speculation that the trio were given forewarning of the events leading to Day X.

Nava, the lone surviving member of the "Precog Trio", has remained tight-lipped on the matter.

The Alternates

After the Alternate Realities decree passed during the Season 4 Election, Igneus Delacruz and Eugenia Bickle were replaced by alternates. This lead to strain in the marriage of Delacruz (now known as "Iggy") and Malik Romayne. On Day 60, Season 7, Romayne transferred to the Houston Spies in order to investigate Alternate Realities, to better understand what happened to xyr partner.

Move to Wild Low

The High Filter decree in the Season 5 Election moved the Sunbeams into the Wild Low Division. The discovery of the Wild Low Clubhouse helped the teams forge a pact of division-wide solidarity, to try counter the forecast Bloodbath and work towards division-wide blessings, such as Sharing Signs and Move the Mounds Closer in the Season 6 Election. As a side-effect of these blessings, Lars Taylor gained their first pitching star.

Several lineup changes occurred during Season 6 and 7, including the feedback swap of Alexander Horne and Sigmund Castillo, Wild Low Darling Hahn Fox being traded for Alaynabella Hollywood after the Vulture blessing of the Season 6 Election, and the feedback swap of Malik Romayne and Joe Voorhees. By the end of Season 7 the Sunbeams lineup had stabilised.

Hendricks Richardson hit a ground out to Joshua Butt

During the Season 9 playoffs, Hendricks Richardson hit a ground out to Joshua Butt, distorting time itself.

Legal Proceedings

For more information, please see Bonecourse and New York Millennials v. Parker MacMillan III.

Season 10 Party Time

In Season 10 the Hellmouth Sunbeams and the Hawai'i Fridays were the first teams to reach Party Time. Together, they hosted a party on the Moon, helped by Moon Roomba. The Sunbeams were the Wild League Wild Card draw for that season, and were whisked off the Moon to compete in the playoffs. This forged a bond between them and the Mild League Wild Card, the New York Millennials, forming the basis of their future relationship. They swept the Unlimited Tacos 2-0, crushing their dreams of playoff success, then were promptly swept 0-3 by the Baltimore Crabs, sending them back to their Moon party.

During the finals between the Baltimore Crabs and the Charleston Shoe Thieves, Sol collapsed into a Black Hole, swallowing the Moon. The party was evacuated, along with Moon Roomba, while chunks of Moon rock rained down upon the Immaterial Plane. This change in the Sun caused many of the Sunbeams players to struggle, having lost their connection to Sol and to their coach. Additionally, it caused much consternation among followers of HELIOLATRY.

Season 11

After the chaos of the previous season, and under the light of the new Sun 2, the Sunbeams enjoyed a very successful Season 11. On Day 26, Sandoval Crossing pitched her first perfect game, the third one in recorded Blaseball history. After a Season 10 spent siphoning blood, Dudley Mueller broke multiple league-wide records and became the best hitter in the team. The Sunbeams set the single-season runs record, with 834, beating the previous record by 225, and finished the season with the highest win-loss in the League.

During the postseason the Sunbeams beat the Houston Spies 3--1 in the first round, then went on to a six game series against the Hades Tigers. After a winning game pitched by Lars Taylor, the Sunbeams saved their anti-rivals from the threat of ascension, they proceeded to the finals against the Seattle Garages. After a five game series, Lars Taylor once again pitched the winning game, making the Hellmouth Sunbeams the Champions of Season 11.