Hellmouth Sunbeams/Season 9

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In Season β9 the Hellmouth Sunbeams finished fourth in the Wild League, and sixth in the ILB, winning one blessing and being affected by an additional two in the Season β9 Elections.

For the second time the Sunbeams made it to the postseason, and for the second time the Sunbeams were swept in the Division Series. Though the team didn't let that get to their heads, as Wild Low came out of the Election Shame-free and mutually arising. Additionally, lineup players Dudley Mueller and Nagomi Nava along with pitcher Sandoval Crossing were each blessed with a new modification, further preparing the team for the seasons to come

Starting Roster

Season β9 Starting Roster
Lineup Rotation

Season Events

Roster Changes

In Season β9 the Sunbeams drained blood once, and were subject to one allergic reaction.

Notable Games

In Season β9 some notable games for the Sunbeams include:

Election Outcomes

In the Election the Sunbeams won one blessing, and were affected by an additional two.


  • Forecast: Birds passed with 304,585 Votes, 52% of all Decree Votes
  • Forecast: Blooddrain passed with 71,178 Votes, 12% of all Decree Votes
  • Forecast: Eclipse passed with 63,314 Votes, 11% of all Decree Votes


Season Overview

No Good Nuts

The following summary mixes canon events with community lore.
The Sunbeams' high spirits from Season β8 remained for the majority of Season β9. However, on Day 75, much to their dismay, during a series against the Boston Flowers former teammate Alaynabella Hollywood suffered an allergic reaction. The Sunbeams themselves experienced their first allergic reaction soon thereafter on Day 81 with Iggy Delacruz.

Despite the upsets, the Sunbeams continued on to have a fairly successful season, dropping to third place in Wild Low, but still qualifying for the Postseason. In the League's first ever Wild Card Games the Sunbeams faced off against the Chicago Firefighters, who threatened to extinguish their beloved Sol. Filled with righteous fury, the Sunbeams proceeded to sweep the following two games, defeating the Firefighters and igniting a rivalry that would burn with passion for years to come.

Hendricks Richardson hit a ground out to Joshua Butt

During the first of these two games, Sunbeams batter Hendricks Richardson hit a ground out to Firefighter Joshua Butt, distorting time itself.

No Good Nuts (cont.)

Crabs player Nagomi Mcdaniel pecked free after 2 seasons.
Well sh*t.

Perhaps exhausted from the effort of defeating the Firefighters, the Sunbeams proceeded to get swept by the Baltimore Crabs in the Division Series, eliminating them from the Postseason. On the other hand, their chances could have been negatively affected by long-Shelled Nagomi Mcdaniel being pecked free on Day 103, with Mcdaniel immediately proceeding to dominate the game,[1] scoring the majority of the Crabs’ runs.

After being thoroughly beaten by a newly-liberated Mcdaniel and her team, the Sunbeams were glad to have the opportunity to watch the underdog Charleston Shoe Thieves, including Sandy Crossing's daughter, Esme Ramsey, steal the championship out from under the Crabs. However, the joy turned to horror when the whole league watched as the new Champions were forced to fight The Shelled One's Pods, ultimately losing and leaving the whole team cursed indefinitely.

In the Election, a Fifth Base was added to the team's home stadium, The Solarium. This delighted the Sunbeams, as it gave them more bases to walk to. Additionally, The Wild Low Alliance stayed firm, with the Flowers protecting the division from Shame and the Sunbeams stumbled into Mutually Arising with the division, giving everyone an overall boost. The team's emotions remained sunny even if a concerning Forecast showed trouble on the horizon.

  1. Perhaps driven by her noted pregame ritual of "cursing the sun", though this is only speculation.