The Fourth Strike

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The Fourth Strike is a Player and Team Modification first seen in the Season β2 Elections with the passing of The Fourth Strike Decree.


When a Player or Team is under the effect of The Fourth Strike, they will have an extra strike at every at-bat.


The Fourth Strike was first seen after the passing of The Fourth Strike Decree in the Season β2 Elections, granting Fourth Strike to the New York Millennials, Kansas City Breath Mints, Hellmouth Sunbeams, and San Francisco Lovers for the duration of Season β3. It would appear again later in the Discipline Era as part of the Tag-Team Fourth Strike won by the Charleston Shoe Thieves in Season β10, which granted them and the Hellmouth Sunbeams[1] The Fourth Strike in Season β11.

The Fourth Strike appeared again in the Season β12 Elections, as a modification granted by the Enrich Will. The Lovers, Shoe Thieves, Baltimore Crabs and Breckenridge Jazz Hands opted to use the Enrich will that election, and gained The Fourth Strike for the duration of Season β13. The Fourth Strike would also appear later in the Expansion Era as a possible modification on Items, namely those bearing the Fourtitude Element. It would also appear as a permanent player modification, with Miguel James gaining it in the Season β15 elections as a result of the Mulligan blessing and Alston Cerveza receiving it in the Season β20 elections via the Crabs' Reform will.

The Fourth Strike would also appear in the Short Circuits as a modification granted by the Blood Type modification, Strike Blood.

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  1. who, along with a perfect storm of other seasonal modifications, used it to win their first and only championship the following season.