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Igneus Delacruz was a lineup player for the Ohio Worms, and was with the team from Season β17, Day 28 until being incinerated on Season β19, Day 22. Delacruz had previously played for the Hellmouth Sunbeams.

Official League Records

Delacruz joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Moab Sunbeams with the Return of Blaseball.

During the Season β4 elections, Delacruz was affected by the Alternate Reality decree and replaced by an Alternate. This involved Delacruz's stats being randomized, resulting in a combined 10.3 8.9 stat decrease.

During the Season β6 elections the Sunbeams received the Move the Mounds Closer blessing and benefited from the Sharing Signs blessing the Boston Flowers received, which boosted Delacruz's batting from 2.0 2.4 .

On Season β7, Day 81 Delacruz siphoned some of Unlimited Tacos lineup player Mcdowell Mason's hitting ability in a game with Blooddrain weather, increasing their own ability 2.4 3.0 . During the Season β7 elections, the Hellmouth Sunbeams received the Stickum blessing, which boosted Delacruz's defense from 1.0 2.0 .[1]

On Season β8, Day 74 Delacruz's pitching ability was siphoned by Unlimited Tacos pitcher Pitching Machine in a game with Blooddrain weather, decreasing it 3.7 3.0 .

On Season β9, Day 81 Delacruz swallowed a stray peanut and suffered an allergic reaction, resulting in a combined 10.5 4.7 stat decrease. During the Season β9 elections the Sunbeams received the Mutually Arising blessing, resulting in a combined 4.7 5.9 stat increase.

On Season β10, Day 82 Delacruz siphoned some of Houston Spies lineup player Theodore Holloway's defense ability in a game with Blooddrain weather, increasing their own ability 0.6 1.7 . During the Season β10 elections the Sunbeams benefited from the Sharing Signs blessing the Unlimited Tacos received, which boosted Delacruz's batting 1.8 2.5 .

During the Coffee Cup, Delacruz played for Atlético Latte as a lineup player.

On Season β13, Day 56, Delacruz's pitching ability was siphoned by LA Unlimited Tacos lineup player Halexandrey Walton in a game with Blooddrain weather, decreasing it 1.8 1.0 . During the Season β13 elections the Sunbeams benefited from all four "Bubble" blessings, which increased Delacruz's batting, baserunning, and defense by 4%. Delacruz also gained the Chunky modification as a result of the Peanut Butter blessing.

On Season β17, Day 28, Delacruz was exchanged to the Ohio Worms due to Feedback. Delacruz was replaced by Kaz Fiasco.

On Season β19, Day 22, Delacruz was incinerated and replaced by Millipede Aqualuft. As a result of their incineration, Thomas Kirby entered the Hades Tigers' Shadows due to the Tigers' Ambush modification.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Personal Life

Hypothetically born on August 19th, year unknown, Igneus Delacruz claimed to have been with the Sunbeams since the Return of Blaseball, though he and his teammates have a hard time recalling details of her life before the Hellmouth swallowed Moab.

Delacruz had a degree in Wildlife Management from Hellmouth Community College. Their education came in handy when a wolf got loose in the locker room snack area. The Wolf Snack Incident ended when Delacruz befriended the wolf, and subsequently ate it. Of the event, Delacruz said that he would not have eaten the wolf if only it hadn't eaten all of the Lemon Cake Batter protein bars.

During the early seasons of his career, Delacruz was seen spending a lot of time in his teammate Malik Romayne’s restaurant, Romayne's Romaine. They were married during a game in The Hotdogfingers Memorial Climate Pledge Garage and Parking Facility on Day 47 of Season β2. The two of them shared a house on the outskirts of the Hellmouth. They were laudedby who? as an example of a successful relationship between blaseball players.

Delacruz was known for her flashy way of fielding ground balls, which involved an ember-style summoning rune burned into the palm of their blaseball glove. While this technique achieved little success their first season, Delacruz’s performance dramatically improved without precedent xir second season. Delacruz was known for hir skills as a dangerous and sly outfielder, able to play either left or right field, but never, ever center.

Many fans were fervent in their belief that Delacruz was, in fact, the hottest member of the Hellmouth Sunbeams.

After Alternate Reality

The version of Igneus Delacruz who appeared from the alternate reality swap insisted on being referred to as "Iggy." Little is known about the universe he swapped from, although there are reports that he was confused when he found himself no longer playing in Moab. Iggy Delacruz filled the role of her predecessor in many ways, and a variety of similarities were found between the two, including them having xir own version of the Wolf Snack Incident.

Personal Life

Initially, Delacruz continued hir counterpart’s relationship with Romayne. The gradual breakdown of this relationship due to the stress of alternating lead to the now-former teammates quietly ending their romantic relationship just prior to Romayne's feedback to the Houston Spies. Despite difficulties in Delacruz's adjustment to zes role as an alternate, he has developed close relationships with teammates Miguel James and Zack Sanders. Delacruz and James were a common sight driving around Hellmouth in a barbie car. Their antics were famous, and the corresponding exasperation of Sanders was nearly as well known.

The Grand Siesta gave Delacruz an opportunity to distinguish herself from her predecessor. He was seen out with a variety of players from around the ILB, and was quoted as saying that he was "ready to date again". Delacruz also joined Miguel James and Sigmund Castillo in spending time with The Smokehouse Gang. Towards the end of the siesta, she was often spotted with then-Charleston Shoe Thieves lineup player Howell Franklin, rumors having circulated that they have entered into a relationship.

Many fans were fervent in their belief that Iggy Delacruz was, in fact, the second hottest member of the Hellmouth Sunbeams. The title of the hottest member of the Hellmouth Sunbeams had gone to Eugenia Bickle.


Delacruz was surprised to discover that Igneus had been a Sunbeams captain before the Alternate Reality swap, and chose not to take on that role due to insecurities due to their lower star count in comparison. After gradually increasing xir batting ability over seasons of practice, hir allergic reaction in Season β9 once again decimated both his batting ability and his confidence.

During the Season β10 elections, Delacruz was cured of her peanut allergy due to the Nut Button blessing. This was followed by Delacruz valiantly failing to steal second base to prevent a loop in the final game of Season β11, helping secure the championship win for the Sunbeams.

While playing a game against the Miami Dale on Day 52 of Season β12, Delacruz baffled league officials by forcing teammate Nerd Pacheco to run around him while he stayed on third base in the 5th inning, resulting in Pacheco getting a run on Hahn Fox’s sac bunt. Iggy was quoted saying “You have legs Pacheco, don't you? Go around me,” in response to being yelled at by Pacheco to run home.


  • Many people assumed that Delacruz’s iconic flaming blue head was his adaptation, but when asked he insisted that’s just how he is.
  • Delacruz’s low baserunning stars were sometimes explained by the fact that she insisted on playing many games in heels.
  • Delacruz had never once been spotted dressed appropriately for the weather and was constantly cold, despite their head being on fire.
  • Delacruz owned a pair of "Hellmouth Community College” booty shorts as well as every available pair of booty shorts for all internet league blaseball teams.
  • Delacruz was famous as the inventor of the world’s most popular fire hair dye, a variety of minerals which can create colours and effects when applied to fire. They were an integral part of her home run celebration routine.
  • Delacruz considers seemingly any sequel movie to be xir favorite even if and in spite of popular opinion stating that the films should have never been made in the first place.
  • Delacruz was notorious for shredding any paper he could when he had access to a shredding machine. In order to avoid the loss of important documents, letters, or photos, shredding machines are now banned from the Solarium.
  • Delacruz and her teammate, Zack Sanders, had become a figure skating duo since their experience on Atlético Latte in the Coffee Cup. Despite being both rivals and best friends their justification was that “them hating each other creates off the ice drama they can bring to their on the ice routines or something along those lines.” Nobody fully understood what that meant, but they were not great at ice skating.

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