Atlantis Georgias/History

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The Atlantis Georgias (formerly known as the Atlantis Georgias Analysis Brigade, or AGAB) were formed in [REDACTED] as a team to develop new technologies and products for the city of Atlantis. As time went on, the Brigade extended their research into local areas of irregularity.

Sometime during this period, the AGAB began to play Blaseball as a form of recreation, shortening their name to the Atlantis Georgias. This most likely occurred from [REDACTED] to approximately 150 [REDACTED] before the modern return of Blaseball. There are no surviving records of the previous return of Blaseball, and as a result the game has been lost to time.

Modern-day research into local pockets of irregularity are responsible for many of Atlantis鈥檚 current amenities, such as the underwater peach trees, zooplankton-based-energy, and The Bubble, where the Georgias play home games today.

The Modern Return of Blaseball

With the second Return of Blaseball (and the team鈥檚 descension), the Atlantis Georgias have returned to research the new ways in which the game is played, including the new Decrees, Blessings, and Incinerations. While wary, many modern-day members find themselves enjoying the splort. Atlantis seems to have taken well to the splort, with Dave the Anglerfish being especially fond of it. Ooze has taken hold as a popular energy drink, with player Slosh Truk being especially fond of it, especially not because they are the official spokesperson.In the modern day, the Atlantis Georgias are led by team captain Niq Nyong'o, and research is developing nicely.