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Alexander Horne is a lineup player for the San Francisco Lovers, and has been with the team since Season 6, Day 61. Horne has previously played for the Hellmouth Sunbeams.

Official League Records

Horne joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Hellmouth Sunbeams on Season 3, Day 23 after the incineration of Velasquez Meadows.

On Season 6, Day 61, Horne was exchanged to the San Francisco Lovers due to Feedback. Horne was replaced by Sigmund Castillo.


The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


"Little" Alexander Horne is a demonic hellbeast who crawled out of the Hellmouth after the untimely incineration of former Hellmouth Sunbeams player Velasquez Meadows. Despite their nickname, their size is anything but diminutive. In fact, Horne is of above average height; they simply appear small when in comparison to their larger teammates. Horne is reluctant to discuss their origins, but they claim they elected to leave Hell and join the team due to a love of the game, a desire to honor Meadows' memory, and a passion for big band music. Horne is preternaturally drawn to movement, swinging at the wildest of pitches and catching the unlikeliest ground balls, and was once quoted as saying that they "didn't claw [their] way out of hell to not swing at the ball."

Horne is noted to be particularly fond of JEFF and frequently assigns their teammates "tasks" to complete in JEFF's honor.

In their first at bat, Horne honored the memory of Velasquez Meadows by hitting a grand slam Horne Run and saving Meadows's Ghost from the Tug towards the maw of the Hellmouth. In service of this honor, Velasquez Meadows's Ghost is retained as team manager. In Season 6, Horne ended their record with the Sunbeams just as they began it, hitting a Grand Slam in their final scoring event as a Sunbeam.

On the San Francisco Lovers

Alexander Horne was not the typical member of the Lovers when they initially transferred over from the Hellmouth Sunbeams. As a large, aromantic demon, it took some time to find their place on the team. However, their love of the splort (along with being the only person who actually knew the rules of Blaseball) won everyone over. As the original Lovers quickly realized, Horne’s love of the game is as powerful as any other love, charming opponents and inspiring teammates with a powerful aura of splortsmanship. This expanded their understanding of love, and strengthened the bonds of the team.

In the seasons to come, roster changes became more frequent for the Lovers, and Horne helped each and every new player feel at home. When all of the team’s previous leaders/veterans (Knight Triumphant, Don Mitchell, and Parker Meng) had eventually been transferred to other teams, Horne was suddenly one of the most veteran Lovers and had a reputation for being brave, dependable, and loyal. To their surprise, they were nominated to be the next captain of the Lovers after the tumultuous Season 19, a position that they accepted. Upon their acceptance they received an honorary relic from the polyarmory, a shield named “Proudbeam”, as a symbol of their leadership and ability to protect the team even in their darkest hours. Painted on the inside of the shield is an image of the Sun that is always within direct eyesight of its wielder.

As captain, Horne inspires their teammates to train hard and to roll with the punches. They approach any situation with the same charming earnestness that has won so many hearts. A relative newcomer to Earth who has been playing alongside dragons, minor gods, and a surprising number of foxes, they consider anything they encounter to be a potential teammate. Any wildlife that wanders into the Polyhedron is strongly encouraged to try out for the team before leaving, with Horne knitting them a custom uniform.


  • There are rumors that Alexander Horne and Ortiz Lopez have a past relationship, possibly romantic. Horne was unaware of these rumors, as they were simply giving Lopez private lessons (which sounded like a secret date in Lopez’s flirtatious tone).
  • Alexander Horne and Mint Shupe are roommates, sharing a bunk bed. Horne is entirely unfazed by Shupe’s antics, having absolute trust in their teammate, even when the room is currently exploding.
  • Horne has been voted “best hugger” for eight seasons in a row.
  • The Proudbeam was recovered by Knight Triumphant during their paradoxal journey into the Hellmouth. It was reportedly chosen by the Lovers so that Horne would always have a piece of their original home with them no matter where they were.
  • Many fans in San Francisco wrongly assumed, because of their name, that Horne was musically talented. To this day, many fans bring instrumental horns to the game to celebrate Horne’s big plays. Horne remains puzzled by the cacophony of brass that erupts anytime they hit a home run.

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