Hellmouth Sunbeams/Season 6

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In Season β6 the Hellmouth Sunbeams finally began to find their footing, finishing seventh in the newly-formed Wild League, and 14th in the ILB, winning two blessings and benefiting from an additional one in the Season β6 Elections.

For the first time in four seasons the team didn't place last in their division! But a league reshuffle wasn't the only change the Sunbeams experienced, as Feedback and blessings brought a series of roster changes as well.

Starting Roster

Season β6 Starting Roster
Lineup Rotation

Season Events

Roster Changes

In Season β6 the Sunbeams were subject to two feedbacks and were drained of blood twice.

Election Outcomes

In the Election the Sunbeams won two blessings, and were affected by an additional one:

  • Sharing Signs blessed the Boston Flowers.
    Teamicon flowers.png
    • Improved the Wild Low's hitting rating by 10% and impaired their pitching rating by -5%.
    • The Flowers had 15% of the votes. The Canada Moist Talkers were the highest bidders with 33% of the votes. 85,482 votes were cast.
  • Move the Mounds Closer blessed the Hellmouth Sunbeams.
    Teamicon sunbeams.png
    • Improved the Wild Low's pitching rating by 10% and impaired their hitting rating by -5%
    • The Sunbeams had 33% of the votes and were the highest bidders. 64,315 votes were cast.
  • Vulture blessed the Hellmouth Sunbeams.
    Teamicon sunbeams.png

Season Overview

Changing Places

The following summary mixes canon events with community lore.
The Sunbeams instantly found solidarity within the other teams of the newly-formed Wild Low division[1] uniting against the proposed Blood Bath that would take place at the end of the season. Rather than fight amongst each other to reach the top of the division, the Sunbeams empathized with their new divisionmates on their collective inability to play Blaseball well. The teams formed a strong alliance and promised to lift each other up whenever they could.

The start of the season was accompanied with high spirits as Miguel James pitched a shutout against the Chicago Firefighters on Day 35. James credited this shutout not to her intense focus on the game, but her natural ability to, quote, "be the best pitcher in the league"[citation needed] as she spent the entire game working on a nice chef's hat for Malik Romayne. Romayne was seen frequently wearing the hat while working at Romayne’s Romaine throughout the rest of the season.

However, things really picked up[2] when Randall Marijuana was exchanged for Hendricks Richardson of the Breckenridge Jazz Hands during Feedback weather on Day 44. Feedback would strike again less than 2 weeks later, with Alex Horne being exchanged for the San Francisco LoversSigmund Castillo. This left the team pondering if they needed to change their whole aesthetic now that they had a castle and a dragon.[3]

40 Days in Breckenridge

Oops! Feedback!
by @_pysics

On Day 84, only 40 days after his feedback, Marijuana was incinerated. This loss was felt throughout the entire league but especially within his former team. After the incineration of Emmett Internet in the previous season, fans began to voice concerns for the safety of the remaining beneficiary of the Precognition blessing, Nagomi Nava. Many developed conspiracy theories around the possibility of a "Precog Curse".

Despite the personal turmoil the Sunbeams went through, the season ended up being their most successful yet. The Sunbeams finished 14th overall in the League and 2nd in Wild Low, behind only the Boston Flowers. The Election was surprisingly eventful for the team, with Wild Low working together to win the Sharing Signs and Move the Mounds Closer blessings. The Sunbeams also won the Vulture blessing, bringing "Dale Sweetheart" Hahn Fox to the team, her second trade in a single season. This necessitated someone to take her vacant spot on the Flowers. Alaynabella Hollywood, still mourning the loss of one of her best friends, volunteered to be the other half of this trade, hoping for a fresh start in Boston.

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  3. Note: Richardson was not a dragon prior to coming to the Hellmouth.