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The Hades Tigers are a Blaseball team in the Wild High division of the Wild League. They have been a part of Internet League Blaseball since Season AA. Previously, they were in the Lawful Evil division of the Evil League and the Mild High division of the Mild League.


Lineup Rotation

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Former Players



Blessings and Trades

Preserved in the Vault

Faded to Dust

Season Results

Season Record Wins Division Placement Season Notes
1 63-36 63 1st Eliminated in the quarter-finals by the Houston Spies 3-2.
2 63-36 63 1st Eliminated in the quarter-finals by the Breckenridge Jazz Hands 3-2.
3 70-29 70 1st Defeated the New York Millennials 3-2 to become the Internet League Champions.
4 68-31 68 1st Defeated the New York Millennials 3-0 to become the Internet League Champions.
5 55-44 55 2nd Eliminated in the quarter-finals by the Breckenridge Jazz Hands 3-0.
6 57-42 57 1st Eliminated in the semi-finals by the Seattle Garages 3-0.
7 51-48 51 3rd Failed to make playoffs.
8 64-35 64 2nd Eliminated in the finals by the Baltimore Crabs 3-1.
9 59-40 59 2nd Eliminated in the quarterfinals by the Charleston Shoe Thieves 3-1.
10 53-46 53 2nd Failed to make playoffs.
11 62-42 62 1st Eliminated in the semifinals by the Hellmouth Sunbeams 5-3.
12 72-27 74 1st Defeated the Seattle Garages 3-2 to become the Internet League Champions.
13 58-41 58 3rd Failed to make playoffs.
14 61-38 61 1st Eliminated in the semifinals by the LA Unlimited Tacos 3-1.
15 58-41 58 1st Eliminated in the semifinals by the Mexico City Wild Wings 3-1.
16 51-48 52 2nd Failed to make playoffs, but received a Wild Card slot.

Eliminated in the Wild Card round by the Chicago Firefighters 2-0.

17 39-60 38 6th Failed to make playoffs.
18 61-38 61 1st Eliminated in the semifinals by the Boston Flowers 3-0.
19 53-46 -51 3rd Failed to make playoffs.
20 45-54 49 3rd Failed to make playoffs.
21 56-43 65 2nd Eliminated in the Overbracket finals by the Baltimore Crabs 3-0.
22 26-73 34 6th Eliminated in the Underbracket quarterfinals by the Houston Spies 3-2.

Official League Records

The Hades Tigers are three-time Internet League Champions thanks to their victories in Season 3, Season 4, and Season 12.

The Tigers had arguably the strongest roster in the league during Season 3 and Season 4, with the highest overall star count for both lineup players and pitchers at the start of the latter. This roster was in part assembled by stealing players, with both Jessica Telephone and Mclaughlin Scorpler having been taken from their previous teams via blessings. However, Telephone was lost midway through season 4 to Feedback.

During the Season 4 elections, the Tigers received the Solidarity blessing, boosting the team's maximum vibes by 15%. However, 5-star pitcher Yazmin Mason was rerolled by the Alternate Reality decree into a 2.5 star pitcher. During Season 5, the team also played under the effects of the Targeted Shame blessing, forcing them to start the next match after being shamed with negative runs.

The loss of Jessica Telephone and Yazmin Mason was compounded by losing Fish Summer to feedback in season 6, and then losing a devastating four players to incinerations caused by Jaylen Hotdogfingers in season 7, pushing the Tigers out of playoff contention for the first time in the team's history. In the elections, the Tigers won Paracausal Event and Pretty Plz, rerolling Richmond Harrison and Spears Taylor and providing a 4% overall hitting boost, helping to recover from their losses and make a third internet series appearance against the Baltimore Crabs.

In the Season 8 elections, the Tigers won Anti-Burnout, making them immune to incineration in Season 9, Composite sending Nagomi Meng to the Shadows, and Blind Date, trading Spears Taylor for Aldon Cashmoney. The offensive boost Cashmoney brought to the lineup led to an impressive 603 runs scored that season, the second-most in league history after the season 3 Tigers' 609-run season.[1] However, the abduction of Peanutiel Duffy by the Shelled One left the Tigers missing a key offensive player for the next season.

The Tigers won the Tag Team Pitching blessing during the Season 9 Election, which improved their pitching and that of the Unlimited Tacos by 10%. Due to the Tigers lack of power hitting (in part caused by Duffy's abduction) the Fifth Base Bubble blessing gave the Tigers significant trouble, resulting in poor performance and the Tigers missing the playoffs for the second time since the league began.

During the Season 10 Election, the Tigers won the Sealant blessing, giving the team the Sealant modification and making them unable to have blood stolen in Blooddrain. In the same election they also won the Doctor Smedley's Umpire Cream blessing, which made the team permanently Fireproof. The Season 10 election also moved the Tigers to the Wild League as part of the San Francisco Lovers' win of the Subleague Swap blessing.

In the Season 11 elections, the Tigers were assigned the Arcana XV The Devil.

In Season 12, after the long process of rebuilding the team since Ruby Tuesday, the Tigers secured their third championship win. In addition, the Tigers received the Trust will, giving Zion Aliciakeyes the Flippers Modification. The Tigers also recieved the Foreshadow will, sending Ren Morin to the shadows in exchange for Matteo Triumphant. However, the team lost star player Aldon Cashmoney to a Plunder will from the Hellmouth Sunbeams, receiving the shelled Nerd Pacheco in exchange.

In the Season 13 elections, the Tigers received a Plunder will, trading Richmond Harrison to the Hellmouth Sunbeams for Aldon Cashmoney, and an Exchange will, trading Carmelo Plums to the Seattle Garages for Paula Turnip. They were also targeted for an Exchange by the Philly Pies, trading Nerd Pacheco for Nicholas Mora.

During the Season 14 elections, Gabriel Griffith was traded for NaN of the San Francisco Lovers as a result of the Exchange will. Gabriel Griffith was traded for Dunlap Figueroa of the Chicago Firefighters as a result of the Exchange will. Mummy Melcon's stats were boosted as a result of the Infuse will. Additionally, The Tigers' pitching was boosted as a result of the Non-Dominant Arms Blessing.

In the Season 15 elections, the Tigers were granted the Plunder will, which gave them Jessica Telephone and sent Usurper Violet to the Philly Pies. In addition, they used the Move will to send Mummy Melcon to the Shadows. The Tigers also won the blessings Shadow Defense Practice, which boosted their shadow players' defense by 1 to 12%, and Triple Crown, which improved Paula Mason's ground friction by 40%

In the Season 16 elections, the Tigers received the Transfuse will, which increased Dunlap Figueroa's pitching (no stats were decreased as they were all at their current floor), and the Equivalent Exchange will, trading Hiroto Wilcox to the Seattle Garages for Lenny Marijuana. They also won the Middle of the Pack blessing, giving Aldon Cashmoney the Middling modification; the Fashionably Late blessing, giving Randy Castillo the Late to the Party modification; and the Fired Up blessing, receiving the Fiery modification as a team and changing all team members' blood types to Fire.

In the Season 17 elections, the Tigers received the Transfuse will, which increased Dunlap Figueroa's pitching while decreasing their baserunning, and the Equivalent Exchange will, trading Lenny Marijuana back to the Seattle Garages for Hiroto Wilcox.

Team Overview


The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

For a more in-depth look at the team, see Hades Tigers/History.

The Tigers play at Sixth Circle Stadium (also called "The Amphitheater" or "The Orpheum" by some locals), located in the heart of downtown Tartarus, Hades.

Hades, god of the underworld, publicly presents himself as the owner of the Tigers. He uses the team as a means of promoting his brand in order to attract more worshippers. Legally, Persephone is listed as the owner, but this may be a tax evasion scheme by Hades.

The team is technically called the Hades Tiger's, as evidenced by the "Many stripes! One tiger!" chant commonly heard during games. Due to a typography error in a bulk merchandise order, this fact is little-known and rarely respected by other teams.



The current Hades Tigers mascot is a mysterious spirit referred to by many names, most commonly The Presence. It is said to haunt Sixth Circle Stadium, and fans report many anecdotal, unconfirmed, and wildly contradictory sightings of it.

When the team was founded, Dave the Devil was originally planned to be their mascot. These plans were cancelled after the costume (and the intern inside) were found ripped to shreds, covered in claw and bite marks consistent with a tiger attack.

Fan Culture

For a more in-depth look at fan culture, see Hades Tigers/Fan Culture.

Never Look Back

The Hades Tigers’ slogan, “Never Look Back,” is emblematic not just of their pitching strategy, which leaves them open to second base being stolen at an alarming frequency, but a way of life. A typical Hades Tiger fan will refuse to dwell on their past failings or answer questions about historical events more than a few days old. The Tigers are also strongly opposed to necromancy.

The Tigers are known for having several player-specific chants, which can be found here.

Tigers fans and Hellmouth Sunbeams fans are close allies, often rooting for the other team. This relationship is often described as an "antirivalry."

Fan Works