Yrjö Kerfuffle

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Yrjö Kerfuffle was a player in the Shadows for the Hades Tigers, and was with the team from Season β23, Day 64 until Fall Ball. Kerfuffle has previously played for the Houston Spies.

Official League Records

Kerfuffle joined the ILB as a batter for the Houston Spies on Season β13, Day 99 after the incineration of Norris Firestar.

During the Season β18 elections, Kerfuffle's alternate was called and arrived with the Negative modification as a result of the Spies' Alternate Trust will. Kerfuffle then retreated to the Shadows in exchange for Sosa Hayes as a result of the Spies' Foreshadow will, resulting in a combined 10.5 11.1 stat increase.

During the Season β20 elections, Kerfuffle lost the Negative modification due to the Low Five blessing.

On Season β23, Day 64, the The Ampitheater Thieves' Guild stole Kerfuffle from the Houston Spies and gave them to the Hades Tigers.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


Superficially, Yrjö Kerfuffle is a black Finnish swan who typically wears dark coats and red glasses. Kerfuffle is capable of shapeshifting on a spectrum between bird and cat. Eir ability is similar to that of Norris Firestar’s, Kerfuffle’s long time movie-star friend. Despite being perfectly capable of shapeshifting, though, ey generally don't bother shifting away from swan form, stating that "my body is none of your business".

Alongside eir cool and collected attitude, however, Kerfuffle is about as energetic and full of chaos as any waterfowl. Swans (and Blaseball players who take the appearance of swans) are typically underestimated in this way, so eir role as a quick-witted party planner surprised and delighted the Spies. When ey aren’t tasked with planning events, Kerfuffle is participating in eir pre-game ritual: jumping in mud. Ey do it with more elegance than you would think.

The tracking of mud across REDACTED is how agents know if Kerfuffle is active on the roster.

As an old friend of Firestar, Kerfuffle was reliable when it came to attending eir friend’s games. Ey could be sighted in the crowd at all of em, even finding eir way to Houston after Firestar joined the Spies. When Firestar was incinerated a few days later, it was Kerfuffle’s decision that ey would take up the bat instead. Nobody saw it fit to argue with em as ey scooped a smaller, reincarnated Firestar into one wing, and lifted eir companion’s bat with the other.

Time on the Spies

Kerfuffle is trying eir best to adjust to Spies life. It’s difficult to keep a mission secret when your target is being pursued by a regal waterfowl, so ey aren’t much of a field agent. Ey claim that this is eir own choice- that the people who didn’t let em participate in missions are missing out.

Ey don’t tend to mind staying in REDACTED with young Firestar at eir side. Kerfuffle’s only real frustration with the Houston Spies is their aversion to parties. Correspondence between Kerfuffle and Avila Guzman has since been recovered. Nearly every message sent by Kerfuffle from the Shadows were words of encouragement. Ey weren’t going to give up on teaching eir fellow agents how to party.

Psychic Blood

A notable coincidence is the blood type shared by Kerfuffle and Firestar. Both had psychic blood before the rest of the Spies, and as a result, were more used to the abilities it came with. Ey never made much use of eir blood type.

When the blessing was won, Kerfuffle’s party-driven efforts were repurposed: ey would help the Spies adapt to the massive change. Ey wouldn’t claim to be the first one to describe new plays ‘striking out thinking’ rather than looking, but ey also wouldn’t mind some credit.


Keruffle had a working relationship and strong friendship with Norris Firestar before either one of them considered Blaseball as a career. Because Firestar was resurrected as a younger version of himself, Kerfuffle decided that eir role was to look out for him. Ey understand what Firestar has gone through. While neither have confirmed that this isn’t Firestar’s first reincarnation, the rest of the Spies are a reliable source of help. Their shared experience of raising Son means that Kerfuffle’s friend is as safe as any agent.

Another one of eir notable connections is Reese Clark. Kerfuffle is elegant albeit disconnected from the rest of the League, while Clark is incredibly down-to-earth behind all the pranks and tomfoolery they’re known for. Inside sources have corroborated Clark’s tales of stopping to feed a perfectly normal black swan while out on missions.


After returning from Elsewhere with a massive amount of scattering, Kerfuffle faced a career-ending Consumer attack before ey could make a proper recovery. Despite being the first scattered player to be attacked by Consumers, ey weren’t troubled by eir significant loss of stars. Ey were content to make plans to retire to the Shadows instead. Ey would be kept out of danger, Firestar would recover at a steady pace. All was supposed to go to plan.

Eir plans only lasted until Season 18.

Kerfuffle’s Alternate was called during the election, replacing eir original self. This Alternate Kerfuffle is still a shapeshifter. Eir physically the opposite of what ey were, preferring the form of a white lynx as opposed to a black swan.

Firestar hadn’t died in the Alternate Kerfuffle’s timeline. Ey learned the news from eir team, deciding to leave young Firestar with the rest of the Spies. The choice wasn’t an easy one. As it stands, eir focus is on recovering from eir scattered state. There’s no telling if ey plan on leaving the Shadows.