Stevenson Heat

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Stevenson Heat is a lineup player for the Hades Tigers, and has been with the team since Fall Ball. Heat has previously played for the Hawai‘i Fridays.

Official League Records

Heat joined the ILB as a pitcher for the Hawai‘i Fridays with the Return of Blaseball.

During the Season β4 elections, Heat was affected by the Alternate Reality decree, resulting in a combined 10.3 11.8 stat increase and a 0.9 2.0 increase to pitching.

During the Season β5 election, Heat's baserunning and defense fell half a star as a part of the Charleston Shoe Thieves' Bad Neighbors blessing.

During the Season β9 election, Heat received the Friend of Crows modification due to the passing of the Forecast: Birds decree.

During the Coffee Cup, Heat played for the Milk Proxy Society as a lineup player.

Heat has the exact same Pregame Ritual (Talking to the parasite), Coffee Style (Milk Substitute), and Blood Type (Basic) as Ron Monstera.

During the Season β20 elections, Heat become a lineup player via the Pitch Runner blessing.

During the November 18, 2022 Fall Ball, Heat fell to the Hades Tigers.

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Heat was born in El Paso, Texas, living there until age five, when hir family moved to the Sovereign Nation of Hawai‘i for job opportunities (and of course, good vibes).

While working at Stetson Heaven, hir family's Western-wear store, Heat discovered natural talent within two fields—blaseball and cookin' beans. Starting hir career within the Hawaiian Little League Association, Heat quickly became known for hir unorthodox style of play, that being the consumption of mass quantities of beans before any game. To quote Heat himself in a later interview, "I just ate a bucket of beans. Why’d you reckon I'm throwing gas?"

At age 20, Heat was picked up by the Hawai‘i Fridays.

After Season 4 elections, Heat underwent Elton John surgery, which is like Tommy John surgery with better music. During hir recovery, ze took up playing the ukulele and discovered that ze had a real natural talent for it. Although ze declined several subsequent offers from record companies, ze still shows off hir skills by playing the walkup music for batters during Fridays games (usually from hir hammock), accompanied by James Mora on vocals.

Several unconfirmed reports have stated that Heat and Mora have begun a romantic relationship as of ██/██/████

The Juice Cleanse

Prior to the incineration of Hendricks Rangel and Sebastian Sunshine, Heat would often be seen performing hir pre-game ritual of eating an entire can of beans alongside Rangel's Unknowable Unbound Entity. Heat was notably upset after the Juice Cleanse, but since Season 4, it has been noted that while ze performs his bean eating ritual before each game, he seems to be sharing it with his own shadow.

Relationship with Birds

In the Season 9 elections, Heat was granted the Friend of Crows modification and from then on developed a deep bond with the various birds on the islands. Most notably Fletcher Yamamoto, who was the team captain at the time. They developed a strong bond as Heat was seemingly the only one on the team who could understand Yamamoto. Yamamoto was often seen resting on Heat’s hat and despite his affinity for tweeting rudely at the Fridays, never raised a tweet at Heat. After Yamamoto’s departure following his Season 12 feedback to the San Francisco Lovers, although Heat would miss Yamamoto, he remained optimistic and his love for birds never faltered.

In Season 16, Heat found himself very excited to help install the new Birdhouse renovations alongside fellow bird enthusiast Beck Whitney, with help from Yosh Carpenter and Fenry Marlow. The team’s morale surrounding birds has always been good, but Heat’s mellow enthusiasm for the feathered friends always raised the team’s spirits. This manifested most during games played in Bird Weather, where no matter his location, Heat led the bird count for the game. Fans and opposing players alike joined in on the excitement of new birds.

Growing Responsibility

After Yamamoto’s departure in Season 12, The Fridays were left without a captain for a long time. While never appointed captain by any official means, being the one around the longest, many new Fridays looked up to Heat as a Friday veteran and a beacon of good vibes. Adamant about this kind of praise, Heat remained humble but was happy to help coach the newbies, such as Mordecai Kingbird and Yasslyn Statter Jr. as the teams’ rotation continued to change. He would pitch until the Season 20 elections, where he was moved to the lineup via the Pitch Runner blessing and decided to step up as a staple hitter on the team. This earned him more responsibility and recognition throughout the league, though never enough to reach idol board status quite like teammates Don Mitchell and Beck Whitney.

At the end of Season 23 following the ILB Semi-Centennial, Parker MacMillan was set to roam to the Islands. Heat realized what this meant for the team and was determined to help the team stay in check despite the chaos that ensued. He made a specific effort to talk to each member of the team and calm their nerves before welcoming MacMillan with open arms. He ensured Parker would be comforted and included during their stay before they roamed elsewhere, despite the team’s known impending doom. A post game interview in Season 24 quotes him saying “We’ve had an excellent run and no matter what happens, the vibes will always be right. If this is our team’s fate, I don’t want Parker to feel guilty about it. They have every right to be here and enjoy Hawai‘i as we do. They deserve to be respected. It’s Island Time.” He then did a “shaka” hand gesture and passed out in a nearby hammock before reporters got to ask him any more questions.

Relationship with James Mora

Both being original Season 1 Fridays, Heat and Mora grew quite close rather quickly, and were often seen bonding over various activities, such as pitching and cookouts. A relationship between them was cemented after they started doing the walk-up music together, although several unconfirmed reports can place an exact date on this.

Following Mora’s feedback to the Yellowstone Magic in Season 12, the two continued their relationship and stayed very close throughout it. As the Fridays and the Magic were both in the Mild Low division, they had plenty of games against each other so they were never separated for long. Reports often placed them at post-game cookouts sharing food and stories. In addition, Heat would often make trips out to Yellowstone to visit and hang out outside of league-based meetups, sometimes accompanied by Jacob Winner, another Season 1 Friday.

One instance of their relationship shined during Season 16, Day 26, the only game recorded that they pitched against each other. Delighted by this, the two could not be separated, the both of them staying put on the pitching mound for all 9 innings. Catching up, encouraging each other, holding hands even, they were seemingly in their own little world while the rest of the game played out. This delighted both teams and fans quite a bit.

Late Expansion Era

After day 99 of Season 21, Mora was preserved in the vault following hir 5th and final ego+ boost. This devastated Heat, and eagle-eyed fans and teammates could notice a slight change in attitude. While the good vibes remained and he would never let them falter, Heat tried to keep hidden his growing contempt for the league. While never directly reported, rumors circle that the only time he ever lost his cool was while watching the ILB Semi-Centennial. Fans speculate that seeing Jimmy on that screen must have made him feel all sorts of mixed feelings of helplessness and regret. The team, being as supportive as they are, were able to pull Heat from this slump and although he would miss Jimmy, the team is his family no matter what happens.