Lenny Marijuana Recording Studio and Parking Annex

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During Lenny Marijuana’s stint with the Tigers in Season 17, he spent a lot of time with Paula Turnip and Paula Mason making music; in order to accommodate this, they built a recording studio with some extra space for vehicle parking. In appreciation for Marijuana’s gift of Season 17 PARTYTIME to the Tigers, the studio was renamed the Lenny Marijuana Recording Studio and Parking Annex. Lenny’s is located in a neighborhood of Tartarus somewhat distant from Sixth Circle Stadium in order to minimize disruption to the acoustics. Any player who has played for both Seattle and Hades is welcome to use Lenny’s as a special place for music and chilling out when in Tartarus. Mason also uses Lenny’s to park her motorcycle and occasionally work on new modifications to her ride.

When Nandy Slumps is in Tartarus to play the Tigers, she joins Mason and Paula Turnip in cathartic axe and knife throwing practice at Lenny's. In return, Slumps teaches Mason to play mahjong; however, others have noticed volume levels increasing near these games which affects both acoustics and chill levels. It is generally regarded as a good thing at Lenny's that not all Lift/Tigers games take place at Sixth Circle Stadium.