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Season 6 began on September 7, 2020. The regular season concluded on September 12, 2020, followed by the postseason and Internet Series on September 13, 2020. It is the 5th season of The Discipline Era. The Baltimore Crabs defeated the Seattle Garages in three games to win their first Internet Series championship.

Notable Events

League Restructuring and Blood Baths

The High Filter decree successfully passed at the end of Season 5, "resulting in the ILB getting dunked in the Blood Tub and surfacing reborn."[1] The existing Good/Evil subleagues and Lawful/Chaotic divisions were restructured based on Season 5 standings into the Wild/Mild subleagues and High/Low divisions. Specifically, the Wild League contains the Top 5 and Bottom 5 teams as of Season 5, while the Mild League contains the teams in between.

Additionally, the decree describes "blood fill[ing] the tub" to introduce a new game mechanic called Blood Baths that interact with four new permanent modifications to every team, based on their division. All four of these "Blood" modifications involve losing or receiving star stats in a variety of circumstances that appear to redistribute player ability across more of the league. The first Blood Bath was anticipated to be occurring this season, but it was instead postponed for unknown reasons.


See the main article on this topic: Idols

Idols is the sixth subtitle of The Discipline Era, appearing upon the opening of Season 6. This introduced the new game mechanic Idols, which allows Blaseball participants to idolize any player in the league and benefit from that player's success during games, independent of team loyalty.


See the main article on this topic: Blooddrain

Season 6 introduced a new weather condition called Blooddrain that has a chance of siphoning star stats away from one player and adding them to another player on the opposing team.

Wild Wings v. Blaseball Gods

See the main article on this topic: Mexico City Wild Wings v. The Blaseball Gods

Following the Leagues reorientation from the High Filter decree, the Mexico City Wild Wings were placed in the Mild League instead of the Wild League. The team and its fans filed a legal complaint which was summarily dismissed by The Commissioner. Throughout Season 6, the team was known at various points as the "Wild Wings" and "Mild Wings" while their location alternated between Mexico City and Wexico City. During the events of The Third Strike (below), the team was renamed the Mexico City Mild Wings.

The Third Strike

See the main article on this topic: The Third Strike

Following the conclusion of the regular season, the dotted red line on the Idols leaderboard, splitting the top three idolized players from the rest of the page, began to vibrate for approximately half an hour. At the top of the hour, The Peanut spoke and called The Third Strike, claiming that fans have patronized them. Jessica Telephone and Nagomi Mcdaniel received the modification Shelled, which encased the two players inside giant peanut shells, effectively skipping them when their turn comes up in the rotation. However, Peanut Bong, who was in the third position, was left unscathed. Fans speculated that The Peanut only wanted the Peanut-named players in the top three positions, and that this was the reason Bong did not suffer any harm during Third Strike.

The Return of Jaylen Hotdogfingers

See the main article on this topic: Jaylen Hotdogfingers

Shortly following the end of play on Day 32, incinerated Garages pitcher Jaylen Hotdogfingers entered the Idols leaderboard as a member of the enigmatic Null Team after fans learned of the means to idolize incinerated players. As Hotdogfingers was the first incinerated player in the history of Internet League Blaseball, many fans viewed Hotdogfingers' idolization as an act of defiance against the Blaseball Gods. In response to fans, The Commissioner asked, "are you sure about this[?]"[2] Fans were sure about it, and helped maintain Hotdogfingers' 14th place on the leaderboard, which was covered by the blessing Lottery Pick. Hotdogfingers was brought back to the Garages during the Season 6 election, replacing Mike Townsend in the pitching rotation, who was sent to Shadows. Hotdogfingers returned with a modification called Debted.

Ongoing Decrees

Following the Season β5 election, the following decrees are in place for Season 6:

  • Eat The Rich (Season β3): Funds from the top 1% of coin-havers will be redistributed to the remainder of Fans at the end of the postseason. This decree will remain in effect indefinitely.
  • Alternate Reality (Season β4): Two players from each team have swapped with alternate reality versions of themselves and have new attributes. This player effect is permanent.
  • High Filter (Season 5): Teams have new leagues and divisions. Fans may now select a player as an idol. The Blood Bath will become a seasonal occurrence.


The Wild League Record The Mild League Record
Wild High Mild High
Baltimore Crabs 🦀* 80-19 Hades Tigers 🐅* 57-42
Breckenridge Jazz Hands 👐* 59-40 Kansas City Breath Mints 🍬* 55-44
San Francisco Lovers 💋* 53-46 Seattle Garages 🎸* 53-46
New York Millennials 📱 51-48 Dallas Steaks 🥩 48-51
Chicago Firefighters 🔥 50-49 Canada Moist Talkers 🗣️ 48-51
Wild Low Mild Low
Boston Flowers 🌹* 51-48 Philly Pies 🥧* 60-39
Hellmouth Sunbeams 🌞 47-52 Charleston Shoe Thieves 👟 48-51
Houston Spies 🕵️ 42-57 Mexico City Wild Wings 🍗 45-54
Miami Dale 🚤 37-62 Yellowstone Magic  43-56
LA Unlimited Tacos 🌮 32-67 Hawai'i Fridays 🏝️ 31-68

*Denotes teams who made it to the playoffs.
The Boston Flowers hold the tiebreaker over the New York Millennials due to Divine Favor.

Divine Favor

Ties: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Team: 🥧 💋 🌮 🥩 🍬 🔥 👟 🌹 🏝️ 📱 🦀 🌞 🍗 🐅 🗣️ 🕵️ 🚤 🎸 👐


As of Season β5, teams alternate home games with the higher seed hosting first.

  Round of 8 Round of 4 Internet Series
  1 Philly Pies 0  
4 Seattle Garages 3  
  2 Hades Tigers 0  
Mild League
  4 Seattle Garages 3  
2 Hades Tigers 3
  3 Kansas City Breath Mints 2  
    ML Seattle Garages 0
  WL Baltimore Crabs 3
  1 Baltimore Crabs 3  
4 Boston Flowers 0  
  1 Baltimore Crabs 3
Wild League
  2 Breckenridge Jazz Hands 0  
2 Breckenridge Jazz Hands 3
  3 San Francisco Lovers 2  

Election Ballot


The Decree with the most community votes will go into effect.

Icon Name Effect
Hot Sauce Feel the Heat. Makes a random player on each team Spicy.
Enhanced Party Time When a team is in Party Time -- Mathematically eliminated from the Postseason -- they'll have a chance of receiving random permanent stat boosts during their games.
New Kids Incinerate the least Idolized player on every team.


Each blessing will be awarded to a randomly selected player or team based. Votes from a team's fans increase the likelihood of that team receiving a blessing.

Name Effect
Rate and Review, brought to you by The Multitude Podcast Collective Boost your team's most Idolized player by 25%.
Collect Call Dial Zero. Call in the Alternate for the least Idolized player on your team.
Lottery Pick Steal the 14th Most Idolized Player in the League.
Who? Never heard of them. Maximize and steal the least Idolized player in the league.
Headliners Arrange your lineup in order of their Idolatry.
Party Line Hello? Who's there? Replace a player on your team with the Alternate of a random player from another team.
Spin Attack Gotta Go Fast. Boost Your Team's Speed by 15%.
Ooze Learn its secrets. Boost Your Team's Power by 10%.
Mutually Arising Keep your enemies closer. Improve your entire division by 2%.
Sharing Signs It's not stealing if we all do it. Improve your division by +10% hitting, -5% pitching.
Move the Mounds Closer They won't notice. Improve your division by +10% pitching, -5% hitting.
Single-Season Fourth Strike Mulligan. Your Team gets the Fourth-Strike next Season.
Gravity Boots Armor. Prevent a random player on your team from being Reverbed.
Night Vision Goggles Item. Random player on your team hits 50% better during Solar Eclipses.
Shrink Ray Get Tiny. Item. Random player on your team gets smaller strike zone, increased Baserunning, decreased Power.
Fireproof Jacket Armor. Protect a random Player on your team from Incinerations.
The Best Defense Is good offense. Swap your best hitting pitcher into your lineup.
The Best Offense Is good defense. Swap your best pitching hitter into your rotation.
Headhunter The best hitter in your team's subleague (Mild or Wild) joins your team.
Vulture The best player in your team's division joins your team.

Election Results


  • Enhanced Party Time passed with 222,527 Votes, 77% of all Decree Votes


List of Blessings Results:


When any player is in a match during a Solar Eclipse, there is a chance they will be incinerated and killed by a Rogue Umpire. Known cases of this in Season 6 are listed below.

Player Team Date Replaced by Opponent
Forrest Bookbaby Philly Pies Day 21 Alston Cerveza Mexico City Wild Wings
Caligula Lotus Boston Flowers Day 31 Hiroto Cerna San Francisco Lovers
Randall Marijuana Breckenridge Jazz Hands Day 84 Steph Weeks Houston Spies
Mickey Woods Philly Pies Day 95 Jaxon Buckley Hellmouth Sunbeams

Peanut Reactions

When any player is in a match during Peanut weather, there is a chance they will "swallow a stray peanut"[3] and experience a permanent physical reaction, called either an Allergic Reaction or a Yummy Reaction. Known cases of this in Season 6 are listed below.

Player Team Date Opponent Reaction
Sutton Picklestein Yellowstone Magic Day 38 Mexico City Wild Wings Allergic
Joe Voorhees Charleston Shoe Thieves Day 76 Mexico City Wild Wings Allergic
Rat Mason Unlimited Tacos Day 85 Boston Flowers Allergic

Feedback Swaps

When any player is in a game during Feedback weather, there is a chance reality will "flicker in the feedback"[4] and two players will permanently swap team membership. Known cases of this in Season 6 are listed below.

Player A Former Team A Player B Former Team B Date
Francisca Sasquatch Miami Dale Wyatt Owens Unlimited Tacos Day 18
Fish Summer Hades Tigers Richmond Harrison Canada Moist Talkers Day 19
Valentine Games Breckenridge Jazz Hands Conrad Vaughan New York Millennials Day 22
Antonio Wallace Charleston Shoe Thieves Lachlan Shelton Canada Moist Talkers Day 23
Comfort Septemberish Breckenridge Jazz Hands Collins Melon Houston Spies Day 41
Hendricks Richardson Breckenridge Jazz Hands Randall Marijuana Hellmouth Sunbeams Day 44
Andrew Solis Houston Spies Valentine Games New York Millennials Day 51
Sigmund Castillo San Francisco Lovers Alexander Horne Hellmouth Sunbeams Day 61
Beck Whitney Boston Flowers Hahn Fox Miami Dale Day 80
Hobbs Cain Canada Moist Talkers Alston Cerveza Philly Pies Day 82
Bevan Underbuck (Immune) Hawai'i Fridays Ron Monstera Seattle Garages Day 91*

* Denotes feedback events where no swap occurred, because at least one player was immune to its effects.

Reverb Effects

When any team is in a game during Reverb weather, there is a chance that some portion of their roster will get shuffled. Reverb can change the order of the lineup, rotation, or the whole team. If the entire lineup is shuffled, there is a chance that batters will become pitchers and vice versa. Known instances of reverb in Season 6 are listed below.

Team Date Severity
Miami Dale Day 34 Rotation
Kansas City Breath Mints Day 68 Rotation
Miami Dale Day 95 Lineup


When any player is in a game during Blooddrain weather, there is a chance that they can siphon stars from another player. This can affect any stat and any pair of players on opposing teams. Known instances of siphoning in Season 6 are listed below.

Siphoning Player Team Stat Siphoned Player Team Date
Annie Roland Yellowstone Magic Batting Brock Forbes Baltimore Crabs Day 1
Dickerson Morse Kansas City Breath Mints Baserunning Ortiz Morse Canada Moist Talkers Day 14
Montgomery Bullock Baltimore Crabs Pitching Alaynabella Hollywood Hellmouth Sunbeams Day 23
Baby Doyle Breckenridge Jazz Hands Baserunning Fynn Doyle New York Millennials Day 23
Lang Richardson Seattle Garages Batting Yeong-Ho Garcia Yellowstone Magic Day 26
Sigmund Castillo San Francisco Lovers Baserunning Nagomi Mcdaniel Breckenridge Jazz Hands Day 29
Don Mitchell San Francisco Lovers Defense Jacob Haynes Boston Flowers Day 33
Alyssa Harrell Yellowstone Magic Defense Kennedy Cena Philly Pies Day 40
Beasley Gloom Charleston Shoe Thieves Pitching Lawrence Horne Mexico City Wild Wings Day 43
Rafael Davids Mexico City Wild Wings Pitching Eduardo Woodman Philly Pies Day 53
Cory Ross Dallas Steaks Defense Elijah Valenzuela Hawai'i Fridays Day 61
Summers Pony Dallas Steaks Baserunning Karato Bean Hawai'i Fridays Day 62
Agan Harrison Breckenridge Jazz Hands Pitching Mullen Peterson Chicago Firefighters Day 64
Eizabeth Elliott Yellowstone Magic Baserunning Evelton McBlase Hawai'i Fridays Day 90
Hiroto Cerna Boston Flowers Defense Dudley Mueller Hellmouth Sunbeams Day 91