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Nagomi Mcdaniel is a lineup player for the Vault Legends. Mcdaniel has played for the Hades Tigers, Breckenridge Jazz Hands, Hawai'i Fridays, Seattle Garages, Boston Flowers, Baltimore Crabs, Miami Dale, and Mexico City Wild Wings.

Mcdaniel is the player who has experienced the most trades, at nine: from the Hades Tigers to the Hawai'i Fridays due to a rare Mystery Blessing, then to the Breckenridge Jazz Hands and Baltimore Crabs in a single round of Season β3 blessings, next to the Jazz Hands in the Season β5 blessings, back to the Crabs in the Season 6 blessings, back to the Fridays in the Season β10 blessings, and finally to the Seattle Garages and the Boston Flowers' Shadows in the Season β12 wills.

Official League Records

Debut & Defection

Mcdaniel joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Hades Tigers with the Return of Blaseball.

At the end of Season 1, Umpire Chaff announced two more "mystery blessings" that "happened at the same time as the regular election but were not officially part of said election." This caused Mcdaniel to defect from the Hades Tigers to the Hawai'i Fridays, in exchange for Nolanestophia Patterson. In words of Blaseball officials, "There is still no clear answer for why this happened."

Season 3

On Season β3, Day 34, McDaniel swallowed a peanut and experienced a yummy reaction, increasing Mcdaniel's batting stats to .

On Season 3, Day 73, McDaniel hit the game winning home run at the bottom of the 10th inning against the Kansas City Breath Mints, breaking the standing tie for 6th place in the Good League.

During the Season β3 elections, Mcdaniel was traded from the Fridays to the Breckenridge Jazz Hands for Bevan Underbuck via the Highway Robbery blessing, then immediately traded to the Crabs for Holden Stanton via the Headhunter blessing. The first blessing targets "the best player in the league," and the second blessing targets "the best hitter in your subleague," proving that Mcdaniel is an exceptionally valuable player.

Season 5

During the Season β5 elections, the Baltimore Crabs received the Zombies, Run! Presents Horde Hallucinations, Rollback Netcode, and Falling Stars blessings, all dramatically increasing McDaniel's overall stats, including a batting stat of . Immediately after these blessings resolved, the Seduction blessing caused Mcdaniel to be traded back to the Jazz Hands for Holden Stanton, in a coincidental reversal of the Season 3 trade.

Season 6

On Season β6, Day 29, Mcdaniel's baserunning ability was siphoned by San Francisco Lovers lineup player Sigmund Castillo in the Blooddrain, reducing it from to .

Following the end of the regular games in Season 6, Mcdaniel and Jessica Telephone received the  SHELLED modification, which encased them in giant peanut shells. They cannot play in this state, effectively skipping them in the rotation. This was a result of the The Third Strike.

In a repeat of the Season 3 trade, Mcdaniel was traded to the Baltimore Crabs in exchange for Holden Stanton during the Season 6 elections via the Headhunter blessing.

Season 9

After being  SHELLED for three whole regular seasons, McDaniel finally was pecked free from their shell by birds on Season β9, Day 103. As with other players who have been deshelled, Mcdaniel gained the Superallergic modification.

Following the Season β9 election, Mcdaniel received two Modifications due to the passing of decrees: Fire Eater from the passing of the Forecast: Eclipse decree, and Siphon modification from the passing of the Forecast: Blooddrain decree.

Season 10

On Season β10, Day X, Mcdaniel gained the Flinch modification after the Crabs lost to THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS. Following the ascension of the Baltimore Crabs from their Season β10 Internet Series victory, Mcdaniel was traded to the Hawai'i Fridays due to the People's Champion blessing.

Coffee Cup

During the Coffee Cup, Mcdaniel played for the Americano Water Works as a pitcher.

Season 12

During the Season β12 elections, Mcdaniel was traded to the Seattle Garages in exchange for Greer Gwiffin via the Plunder will, then immediately to the Boston Flowers via the Exchange will in exchange for a just-Shadowed Alaynabella Hollywood.

Season 13

Following Season β13, Day 99, Mcdaniel received the Ego+ modification after being named an MVP. During the Season β13 elections, Mcdaniel was pulled back out of the Shadows as a pitcher by the Flowers' Foreshadow will in exchange for Zeboriah Wilson. Mcdaniel also received the Super Idol modification due to the Center of Attention blessing.

Season 14

Following Season β14, Day 99, Mcdaniel received the Ego++ modification after being named an MVP for the second time. During the Season β14 elections, Mcdaniel was traded back to the Baltimore Crabs in exchange for Parker Parra via the Crabs' Exchange will, becoming a lineup player in the process.

Season 15

Following Season β15, Day 99, Mcdaniel received the Ego++ modification after being named an MVP for the third time. On Season β15, Day 104, Mcdaniel was attacked by Consumers, losing their last Soul. Mcdaniel was then Redacted and removed from the Crabs' roster. During the Season β15 elections, the Boston Flowers attempted to Plunder Mcdaniel, but Mcdaniel remained Redacted, and gained the Unstable modification as well.

Season 16

On Season β16, Day 27, Mcdaniel exited the Secret Base at Worldwide Field, losing Redacted and gaining the Attractor modification. Upon being batted in by Riley Firewall, Mcdaniel joined the Miami Dale's bench.

During the Season β16 elections, McDaniel joined the Dale's active roster (in exchange for Don Elliott) as a result of the Foreshadow will.

Season 17

On Season β17, Day 52, Mcdaniel was exchanged to the Mexico City Wild Wings due to Feedback. Mcdaniel was replaced by Summers Preston.

On Season 17, Day 94, Mcdaniel became a pitcher due to Reverb.

After Day 99 of Season 17, Mcdaniel was Preserved.

During the ILB Semi-Centennial, Mcdaniel played for the Vault Legends as a lineup player.

Season-by-Season Statistics

(all Regular Season)

Season 2 (Hawai'i Fridays)

  • Data only accounts for 62 games
  • 71 Hits / 8 Home Runs / 37 RBI / 0.318 Batting Average
  • 6th in Doubles Hit

Season 3 (Hawai'i Fridays)

  • 101 Hits / 25 Home Runs / 57 RBI / 0.314 Batting Average
  • 2nd in Walks, 7th in On-Base Percentage, 9th in Slugging Percentage

Season 4 (Baltimore Crabs)

  • 92 Hits / 21 Home Runs / 63 RBI / 0.312 Batting Average
  • 4th in On-Base Percentage, 5th in Slugging Percentage, 8th in Walks

Season 5 (Baltimore Crabs)

  • 120 Hits (9th in league) / 28 Home Runs (9th in league) / 74 RBI (8th in league) / 0.376 Batting Average (1st in league)
  • Led League in Batting Average, On-Base Percentage, & Slugging Percentage

Season 6 (Breckenridge Jazz Hands)

  • 119 Hits / 35 Home Runs (1st)/ 82 RBI (3rd) / 0.388 Batting Average (1st)
  • Led League in Home Runs, Batting Average, Walks, On-Base Percentage, and Slugging Percentage

Season 7 (Shelled)

Season 8 (Shelled)

Season 9 (Shelled)

Season 10 (Baltimore Crabs)

  • 127 Hits / 44 Home Runs (1st) / 100 RBI (1st) / 0.345 Batting Average (4th)
  • Led League in Home Runs, RBI, On-Base Percentage, and Slugging Percentage
  • 2nd in Triples, 4th in Batting Average, 7th in Walks, 3rd in Sacrifice Bunts

Season 11 (Hawai'i Fridays)

  • 129 Hits / 26 Home Runs / 84 RBI / 0.322 Batting Average
  • 6th in Stolen Bases, 8th in Doubles, 9th in Slugging Percentage

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Box of Nagomi Mcdaniel Files

Dust billows as the file box lands on the table. While many archives in the Interdimensional Rumor Mill are unified in some way, this... definitely isn’t one of them. The accompanying Rumor Registry explains all of the contents... wherever it is... but for now you grab the folder labelled IF-74.792 and start reading...


Nagomi Mcdaniel was born in Hades on October 10th, 1987. Mcdaniel's mother is of Japanese descent and from Honolulu, Hawai‘i, and her father is Scottish of namesake but created and raised in Asphodel. Rarely do children born of this nature live beyond adolescence, but Mcdaniel was unique case. Caught perfectly within the liminal space between the living and the dead, she was destined to walk among the divine. However, her journey to reach her true potential would not be easy.

She was soon taken back to Hawai‘i where she would be raised, when she entered the realm of Our Lady Of Perpetual Friday for the first time. Upon hearing of the child, Our Lady claimed Mcdaniel as her own and vowed to protect her at all costs-- for she knew what the child would become. Her parents were unaware of the god's presence but considered their child a blessing all the same.

Mcdaniel spent their youth enveloped in extracurricular activities. The local Japanese center in McCully-Moiliili provided kendo and taiko lessons while their primary school had a fierce Blittle League team. Although a student of less than perfect academic prowess, Mcdaniel dominated every splort they participated in. Outside of education and splorts, Mcdaniel would visit their maternal grandparents at their boat house on Sand Island. Despite the moderate language barrier, they would accompany their ojiisan on small fishing expeditions in his sabani. They would also borrow their ojiisan's sabani for the annual haarii (dragon boat races) to bring safe travels and plentiful harvests of fish for the people. While they excelled in the races, it was a miracle if they even felt a tug on their fishing line.

It came to no surprise when they received a full ride scholarship to University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa for their blaseball skills. They were a star, captivating the hearts of their teammates and community. They graduated with a bachelors in linguistics and occasionally worked as an ASL interpreter at schools and for public events. Mcdaniel met █████ Silk for the first time at kendo practice. Mcdaniel was a yondan at the time and would assist in their weekly training sessions. Their brushes with one another grew in frequency over time until █████ finally asked her on a date. Mcdaniel was not put-off or discouraged by the discovery of █████'s son, York Silk. Although raised an only child, Mcdaniel took on an older sibling role for York and would spend time teaching him the fundamentals of blaseball.

Mcdaniel and █████ were in the process of moving in together when Mcdaniel received an offer to play professionally for the Hades Tigers. It was a difficult sell. They were ready to start their life with █████ Silk and her son, but playing for an official team was their dream desire. █████ was the one to motivate Mcdaniel to follow her dream, stating, "That's their team motto, right? Never look back."

Mcdaniel took their packed belongings and left the following week.


Hades was the home that Mcdaniel never truly learned about. Growing up in Hawai‘i meant they never had the chance to visit where they were born. They spent any spare time before practice exploring the city of Elysium, getting lost on multiple occasions and requiring their teammates to locate them again. Seldom had they seen beings who bore the same presence as themself. Although it was disappointing that they could not safely fish in the rivers, it was overlooked by excitement of soon playing professionally.

Mcdaniel had promised before the season started that they would visit Hawai‘i as frequently as possible. However, they were not aware of how rigorous their regimen would be. More times than not, Ms. Silk and York would instead come to Mcdaniel's games. Mcdaniel would sneak York into the dugout and have their teammates watch over him whenever they were at bat. Still, Mcdaniel would revisit the shores of Hawai‘i at every opportunity possible.

During their time with the Tigers, Mcdaniel was calm and confident, but still reserved from the spotlight. They often remained silent while in the public eye, only communicating with their teammates or friends from back home. Over the season, Mcdaniel grew particularly close to Landry Violence and Moody Cookbook. Moody was their main confidant and assumedly had the easiest time understanding Mcdaniel. Hearing about her interest in swords, Landry Violence had offered to teach Mcdaniel how to sword fight beyond the realm of kendo. After games, Mcdaniel would be seen wearing Landry's jacket and practicing varied two-handed broadsword techniques.

Despite only playing for Tigers for one season, Mcdaniel considers them to be the extended family she never had.


Without warning, Nagomi Mcdaniel was drawn back to Hawai‘i by the influence of Our Lady as to not be affected by the overwhelming radiation from the Forbidden Book. The people of Hawai‘i rejoiced at the return of their star. Mcdaniel took it as a blessing from the gods and thanked Our Lady for her guidance back home.

Playing for the Fridays felt natural. Although they were not the powerhouse of Mcdaniel's previous team, their relaxing pace was greatly welcomed. Mcdaniel could rely on the Fridays to remain consistent and steady in both performance and vibes.

Season 2 day 13. Fitzgerald Massey of the Hawai‘i Fridays is incinerated. Being the first incineration to occur on the blallfield, no one on the Fridays had anticipated such a possibility, including Mcdaniel. Assuming it was merely a tragic accident, Mcdaniel took responsibility in arranging a ceremony and proper burial for their teammate. This unfortunately became routine for the team.

Season 2 day 74. York Silk's eighth birthday. Both Mcdaniel and York's mom coordinated the surprise party of a lifetime. Mcdaniel offered to take York to an early evening blaseball game against the Los Angeles Tacos. Although it wasn't as good as the dugout, York and █████ Silk got front row tickets to the game, seated where they could see Mcdaniel perfectly. This also meant they had front row seats to witness the incineration of teammate Jessi Wise. York was quickly picked out of the crowd by the Jlumbotron while his mother was at concessions. By the time she came back, York was up to bat, preparing to hit his first ILB homerun.

Mcdaniel felt an unforgivable burden towards their inability to save York from the now-bloodsplort. From that day onward, Mcdaniel would wear her kendogu and carry her father's claymore at her hip to every game. She was fully aware that she would ultimately not stand a chance against an umpire, but it would at least buy her time to do whatever necessary.

With the small collection of coins made over the season, the Fridays chipped in to win a gunblade for York Silk. Mcdaniel, already in the process of buying York a blade of his own, took the opportunity to get started on some early training. Mcdaniel would spend any available time teaching York all they knew in self defense and martial arts. This quickly became their shared pregame ritual.

Season 3 day 34. Mcdaniel accidentally swallowed a stray peanut and experienced a yummy reaction. Even though the Shoe Thieves successfully shut out the Fridays that game, Mcdaniel was keenly aware of the improvements made to their performance. A wave of unease overcame them as they felt an additional pair now watch their every move.

Season 3 Day 110. A claymore is planted in the earth in honor of an old friend. A ceaseless flame sparked to life.


For all intents and purposes, Mcdaniel had little desire or reason to play for the Baltimore Crabs nor the Breckenridge Jazz Hands. She was mildly aware of both teams standings in the league, but her focus was currently on protecting York and the people of Hawai‘i. However, her contract was handed twice over without her acknowledgement, and she found herself on a plane travelling farther east than anticipated.

Mcdaniel was in the process of buying a return ticket to Honolulu when the voice of a dead god called their name. Morbidly curious, they followed. By the time the entrancing call dissipated, they had already arrived in the Crabitat, luggage in tow.

The Grand Siesta played greatly to Mcdaniel's favor in which it gave them ample time to become acquainted with their new teammates. Mcdaniel had been rightfully confused and bitter that they were now separated from their stepson and partner because they were desired for some "grander purpose" on the blallfield. Blaseball was their dream, but it was quickly being warped by the whims of fans and gods alike.

After some surface-level interactions with the team along with various team-bonding exercises, they slowly began to realize the scope of what they had gotten involved with. God killers, as their new team put it. Mcdaniel, already aware of the gods and their varied intents, saw the team as an opportunity to learn about the gods' weakpoints and hopefully vanquish them. For if every god was dethroned, they may be freed.

Mcdaniel developed a high respect for team captain Combs Duende and co-captains Kennedy Loser and Brock Forbes for their work ethic and abilities on the field. Although the team was nowhere near perfect, Mcdaniel was more than willing to assist them in winning their first championship. In exchange for Mcdaniel's wisdom and training, the Crabs promised to divulge any and all information they had on killing The Olde One.

The pulse of the city slowly grew more familiar to Mcdaniel until she could no longer ignore its draw. It was only a matter of time until she accepted her destiny.

Meeting The Olde One was a leap of faith. They were gravely aware of the possible risks but understood that meeting the dead god herself might assist in her goal to kill the rest. Upon first gaze of the star, The Olde One felt an intrinsic connection with Mcdaniel and granted her a gift scarcely bestowed upon anyone in her graces. In order to help Mcdaniel reconnect with the side of her that was forgotten, The Olde One severed Mcdaniel's head from her body-- a clean cut that quickly regenerated and healed back as if nothing had occurred. Mcdaniel, although terrified of what she had just gone through, respectfully thanked the god for her wisdom and arose from the depths of the bay as a new idol.

Season 4 Day 43, Bottom of the Third. Nagomi Mcdaniel became the first blaseball player to officially steal every base. On their way to home plate, they unknowingly discovered the First Blagonball. Assuming it was a piece of garbage discarded by a careless fan, they picked it up and threw it into the nearest trashcan. However, they missed their target by a wide margin. The Blagonball reached Battin' Island in New York City where it was rediscovered by Sandie Turner. Turner was officially credited as the first player to steal every base and home despite McDaniel's earlier accomplishment. Mcdaniel takes no personal offense given they don't care for the limelight much anyways.

Amidst the season 5 election, a fallen star had struck Mcdaniel's non-dominant arm, imbuing it with energy so condensed and powerful that it caused them to rapidly carcinize. What once was pliable skin became solid, crimson chitin. "It was horrifying, and I would not recommend it happening again or to anyone else," Mcdaniel later admitted. Mcdaniel sought guidance from The Olde One on how to wield her new gift and whether or not she would be able to use her arm properly again. The Olde One reassured her that it could be reversed at any time. She was blessed with the power of regeneration, meaning she could hypercarcinize and equally decarcinize so long as she was under The Olde One's domain.


It came to little surprise that Mcdaniel's tenure on the Crabs would not last. The star athlete was catching the attention of other teams and saw an opportunity for a championship win. Contracts were shuffled around repeatedly, and Mcdaniel was once more catching a four-hour flight from Baltimore to Breckenridge.

Clawparrazzi and other social media outlets have speculated that Mcdaniel's time on the Jazz Hands was heavily influenced by the presence of former Crabs hitter Valentine Games. Both Games and Mcdaniel deny these claims-- Mcdaniel stating that the timeshare on their Baltimore apartment expired, and former Crab Holden Stanton was planning on moving in.

The Jazz Hands introduced Mcdaniel to a wide variety of jazz music to which she naturally gravitated towards the Japanese jazz era of the mid 50s. It became common practice for Mcdaniel to listen to jazz music while performing their pregame ritual. The Jazz Hands also gave Mcdaniel the opportunity to reignite their love of taiko, this time playing katsugi okedo instead of the nagado daiko because of its portability. Although the instrument was not perfectly designed for jazz, it encouraged fans of the athlete to bring their own drums to games and play them when she was up to bat.

Valentine Games and Nagomi Mcdaniel took advantage of the wide expanses of land in Breckenridge to perform long and arduous tournaments of hunting one another for splort. These expeditions would sometimes last days on end to only result in further stalemates. Mcdaniel considered it a great change of pace from the stress of blaseball.

Things started to fall apart soon after. Valentine Games, their comrade and confidant, was feedbacked to the Millennials. The feedback and incineration of Randall Marijuana only spurred on their rising concern for their teammates and York. They needed to return to the shore.

Season 6 Day 99. The Shelled One descended upon the immaterial plane in its usual grandiose flair. At the time, Mcdaniel had only been loosely aware of her position on the idol board and preferred to keep it that way. She found the concept of idolization to be uncomfortable and dehumanizing, but she didn't want to let her fans down. At the strike of the god's testament, a torrent of peanuts rained from the sky. One unexpectedly large peanut shell fell and encased Mcdaniel where they stood on the field.

Assuming that the mighty claws of their arthropodic rivals may set Mcdaniel free, The Jazz Hands agreed to send Nagomi Mcdaniel back to Baltimore.


The Crabs made quick work of preparing and executing schemes to crack her shell, but none of their attempts were even moderately successful. Their days of god killing were far behind them and along with it was their luck to rescue Mcdaniel. The team slowly conceded to fate and continued to follow what they were contractually obligated to do.

Although shelled, Mcdaniel was still carted over the plate every inning in "a morbid display of the god's power." Her shell was often laid in the sunny part of the Crabitat in hopes that she may receive some sunlight and also perform some well-needed fielding for the team. Licensed therapy animal and teammate Tot Fox would guard the shell from unwanted attention, and teammate Forrest Best was occasionally witnessed carrying Mcdaniel's shell on its back to undisclosed yet haunting locations.

Season 9, Day 103. During the first postseason game against the Sunbeams, a murder of crows descended upon Mcdaniel's shell and finally broke her free. Chitin, shell, feathers, and blood desecrated the field. A curse upon the opposing team rang true as they immediately hit a two followed by a three-run homerun. After the game, Mcdaniel was quickly escorted away by her teammates as to avoid the already swarming crowd of fans and news outlets.

It is unknown exactly what Mcdaniel experienced while shelled. Other shelled players had previously reported bouts of vertigo, confusion, and hallucinations along with the sensation of always being watched. During season 7, the Crabs had offhandedly commented that Mcdaniel was alive and well but soon stopped responding on the matter out of respect for Mcdaniel's privacy. Mcdaniel has never spoken to the public about what occurred while they were shelled. Any move by reporters to ask on the matter have only received the threat of an extensive medical bill.

Although the circumstances of the situation remain a mystery, the physical and psychological changes were more obvious. Their peanut allergy was one of the more notable differences. Although previously blessed by their power, Mcdaniel vehemently demanded that no peanuts be sold or consumed in the Crabitat and actively avoided legumes at all costs. Their carcinization had rapidly improved post-unshelling, now sporting an ability to grow and remove auxiliary crablegs when necessary. Some noted the physical similarities between Nagomi Mcdaniel and teammate Forrest Best as an "eerie yet charming reflection of their bond." Birds have shown to flock wherever Mcdaniel stands, comfortably perching on their extra limbs.

Season 9 Day X. Screams could be heard from across the blallfield. Cannot escape, cannot escape, cannot escape.

Season 9 Elections. Upon discovery of Ruby Tuesday and the incineration of her former teammates Moody Cookbook and Yazmin Mason, the flame within Mcdaniel imploded, burning her body from the inside out. She no longer felt fear at the sight of rogue umpires, only an insatiable hunger. She would make them regret ever stepping foot on the field.

Mcdaniel's infamy as a siphon stirred relations between herself and the rest of the ILB. They would spill blood at random, slicing into their opponent's defences-- seldom bothering to use it for their own gain. If it were not for the bloodstains on their uniform, they would be completely undetectable due to their agility and finesse with their blade.

On four occasions during the season, Mcdaniel goaded umpires by attempting to siphon them as well. When the umpires retaliated, Mcdaniel would consume their flames to seamlessly hit a homerun. Fans and players alike have agreed that even though they could do without the unnecessary siphoning, their magmatic techniques are "extremely sexy and cool of them."

At the time, Mcdaniel held few reservations about the idea of ascension. If not forward, then up. But ultimately, it was not her decision to make. Once more, the pull of Our Lady had brought Mcdaniel from the stars and back to the shore along with teammates Sutton Dreamy and Montgomery Bullock. Any last chance to say goodbye was washed away by the calming tides of the Pacific.


Upon arrival back in Hawai‘i, The Fridays decorated Mcdaniel and their teammates in flowers and leis. These flowers now sit in assorted vases around Mcdaniel's house, and the leis are kept in a box safely tucked away for future use. A luau was held the next day in Montgomery County to properly welcome the new Fridays.

Mcdaniel's reintegration to Hawai‘i was not as easy as anticipated. Although she missed her home dearly, she felt her connection to the land and her culture severed by the years away. York was in a different country, her teammates were either gone, dead, or feedbacked to an unfamiliar team, and yet Hawai‘i was the same as it had ever been. Her memories were disjointed and incoherent, a buzzing mess that she could no longer properly sort from the strain of the bloodsplort.

The blackholes hung as a reminder of what they had lost. The second sun only shone brighter than the last, as if mocking what remained of her.


Mcdaniel has been living in quiet solitude in Maunaloa, Moloka‘i. They are focusing on improving their mental health before they attempt another long distance relationship. They keep in contact with York but often have difficulty reaching him due to the physical space apart. She has visited Canada on multiple occasions, but she doesn't stay long due to her everpresent distaste for the cold. They still go fishing but seldom produce results.

Mcdaniel has also been seen assisting with teaching kendo at the cultural center. After fulfilling all requirements necessary, she was awarded the rank renshi rokudan.

Mcdaniel has been on record breaking and entering into the Maunakea Observatories in Hilo at odd hours of the late afternoon. To resolve this issue, the owners have granted Mcdaniel special permission to visit at any time so long as they use the front door.

Meanwhile, the observatory in Maryland has received an influx of postcards from Mcdaniel. They are kept in a near-overflowing pile along with the other collection of mementos from former teammates and fans.

Mcdaniel is aware that her work is not done. Not until every player is released.


  • Mcdaniel is selectively mute and commonly uses ASL or pro-tactile ASL to communicate.
  • Mcdaniel's walk-out music while on the Jazz Hands was TANK! By the Seatbelts.
  • Their physical height is unknown but has been reported by multiple sources as "intimidating."
  • Women want her, Fish Summer allegedly fears her.
  • Mcdaniel's jersey number while on the Tigers was 3 in reference to their position in the lineup. Their jersey number had changed to 4 when on the Fridays. By the time Mcdaniel was on the Crabs, they decided to combine their jersey number to 34. It has not been changed since, even with their return to the Fridays.
  • Mcdaniel notably did not interact with teammate Tillman Henderson and has repeatedly requested to not be associated with his name or company.

Fan Works


Nagomi Mcdaniel is the focus of the following song(s):