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The Commissioner[1]

Reverb is a weather condition first encountered in Season β5. It refers to the residual effects of The Wave crashing over the League.

When a game is played in Reverb weather, there's a chance for either team to experience their players shuffling positions on the roster. This shuffle can affect just batters, just pitchers, or their entire roster. This results in potentially shuffling the team's batting or pitching order, or even swapping batters into pitchers (and vice-versa).

There is also a chance that players can gain the modification "Reverberating" which gives them "a small chance of batting again after each of their At-Bats ends". When this occurs the end of game text reads "Reverberations are at dangerous levels! [Player Name] is now Reverberating wildly!" The condition is listed as permanent.


The Blaseball Beat reported that Feedback from Season β4 grew and grew to the breaking point, "Time and Space continued to bend ... resulting in a tsunami of quantum Waves that appeared to completely obliterate and reconstruct everything that is and ever will be." [2]

Reverb shuffles were first recorded on Season 5, Day 5, when the Hawai'i Fridays had their roster shuffled while playing a game against the Yellowstone Magic (who were not affected by Reverb). The first case of player Reverberation affected Don Mitchell of the San Francisco Lovers on Day 45 of Season β5.

Reverb Shuffle Occurrences

All known instances of reverb shuffles follow:

Season 1


Season 2


Season 3


Season 4


Season 5

Day Team Type
5 Hawai'i Fridays Full
8 San Francisco Lovers Rotation
16 Seattle Garages Lineup
27 New York Millennials Lineup
30 Chicago Firefighters Full
30 Hawai'i Fridays Rotation
44 Houston Spies Rotation
44 Philly Pies Rotation
65 Broken Ridge Jazz Hands Rotation
74 Miami Dale Partial
74 Canada Moist Talkers Lineup
78 Houston Spies Rotation
82 LA Unlimited Tacos Partial
91 Dallas Steaks Lineup
92 Seattle Garages Lineup
103 Baltimore Crabs Lineup

Season 6

Day Team Type
34 Miami Dale Rotation
68 Kansas City Breath Mints Rotation
95 Miami Dale Lineup

Season 7


Season 8


Season 9

Day Team Type
1 Mexico City Wild Wings Rotation
12 Seattle Garages Lineup
31 Kansas City Breath Mints Rotation
52 Houston Spies Partial

Season 10


Season 11


Season 12

Day Team Type
27 Chicago Firefighters Rotation

Season 13

Day Team Type
64 Broken Ridge Jazz Hands Full

Season 14

Day Team Type
63 Chicago Firefighters Rotation

Season 15

Day Team Type
79 Atlantis Georgias Rotation
88 New York Millennials Rotation

Season 16

Day Team Type
30 Yellowstone Magic Partial
34 Philly Pies Rotation
54 Atlantis Georgias Partial
56 Broken Ridge Jazz Hands Partial
57 Boston Flowers Rotation
74 Hawai'i Fridays Lineup
80 Dallas Steaks Lineup

Season 17

Day Team Type
3 Core Mechanics Partial
13 Baltimore Crabs Lineup
21 Boston Flowers Lineup
25 Boston Flowers Partial
61 Baltimore Crabs Lineup
71 Kansas City Breath Mints Lineup
74 Dallas Steaks Partial
92 Charleston Shoe Thieves Rotation
94 Mexico City Wild Wings Partial
103 Miami Dale Partial

Season 18

Day Team Type
12 LA Unlimited Tacos Lineup
35 Mexico City Wild Wings Partial
53 Charleston Shoe Thieves Partial
54 Kansas City Breath Mints Lineup
58 Dallas Steaks Partial

Season 19

Day Team Type
13 Charleston Shoe Thieves Lineup
28 Kansas City Breath Mints Lineup
33 Canada Moist Talkers Partial

Season 20

Day Team Type
23 Chicago Firefighters Full
68 New York Millennials Lineup

Season 21

Day Team Type
18 Philly Pies Lineup
60 Atlantis Georgias Rotation
84 San Francisco Lovers Lineup
96 Boston Flowers Rotation

Season 22

Day Team Type
39 Miami Dale Rotation
72 Miami Dale Rotation

Season 23

Day Team Type
37 Ohio Worms Rotation
44 Miami Dale Lineup

Season 24

Day Team Type
25 Tokyo Lift Lineup

Reverberating Occurrences

All known instances of reverberating conditions follow:

Season 5 (Total: 1)

45Don MitchellSan Francisco Lovers

Season 12 (Total: 1)

26Baby TriumphantChicago Firefighters

Season 13 (Total: 1)

89Kennedy LoserBaltimore Crabs

Season 15 (Total: 2)

5Gita SparrowChicago Firefighters
97Patel BeyonceDallas Steaks

Season 16 (Total: 7)

4Kelvin DrumsoloCore Mechanics
13Eugenia BickleHellmouth Sunbeams
13Peanutiel DuffyChicago Firefighters
49Wesley PooleChicago Firefighters
95Yrjö KerfuffleHouston Spies
95Fitzgerald BlackburnHouston Spies
95Reese ClarkHouston Spies

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