Coffee 3s

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For other coffee weather types, see Coffee (weather) and Coffee 2.

Coffee 3s, also sometimes stylized as Coffee Threes, is a weather condition introduced during the third round of the Coffee Cup.

During games played in Coffee 3s weather, pitchers will "chug a Third Wave of Coffee" at the start of the game, gaining the  Triple Threat modification, which has the following effect:

This pitcher's strikeouts score Unruns when there are 3 runners on base, a runner on 3rd, or 3 Balls in the count. Each condition met is worth .3 Unruns. At the end of the 3rd Inning, there's a 33.33% chance that this mod will disappear.

Game Log Text

  • [Home pitcher] and [away pitcher] chug a Third Wave of Coffee! They are now Triple Threats!