Horizon (weather)

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This page is about the weather condition. For End Zone Destination on the Map in Season 24, see Horizon.

For the Ballpark Modification, see Event Horizon.

Horizon is a weather condition introduced in Season 1. The name most likely refers to the event horizon of a black hole[1], a boundary beyond which events can no longer affect an outside observer.

In contrast with current[citation needed] understanding of black holes on the Material Plane, Black Hole(Black Hole)s created through the destruction of Sun(Sun)s are able to expel previously-consumed material beyond their event horizons, as seen during the Fall Ball. Ergo, Horizon weather in Blaseball can be inferred to be when the Black Hole (Black Hole) is the greatest source of cosmic influence over a game (i.e, when it is not being eclipsed by another celestial body.)


During games played in Horizon weather, there is a chance for players to fall out of the Black Hole (Black Hole), and land in unknown locations. Even rarer, a player can fall out of the Black Hole (Black Hole) and knock a player currently on-field into the Shadows instead, effectively replacing them in the active roster.

Game Log Text

  • [ BURP ]! [Falling player] crashes into [Crashed player]!.
  • [ BURP ]! [Falling player] crashes into the Field!

  1. or, more specifically, the Black Hole (Black Hole) formed at the conclusion of the Expansion Era.