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The Atlantis Georgias are an Internet League Blaseball team in the Wild High Division of the Wild League. They have been a part of the league since Season 12.


Lineup Rotation

Former Players

For a list of all former players, see Category:Former Atlantis Georgias Players.

Date Removed Added Cause
13 EL Neerie McCloud Slosh Truk 🔱 Will (🔱) Foreshadow
14 LS - Wyatt Mason III 🔱 Second Wyatt Masoning
14 86 Wyatt Mason III - Static
14 EL Gita Biscuits Mordecai Kingbird 🔱 Will (🔱) Foreshadow
14 EL Gita Biscuits Knight Triumphant 💋 Will (🔱) Exchange
15 EL Ankle Halifax Knight Triumphant 🔱 Will (🔱) Foreshadow
15 EL Mint Shupe Ortiz Lopez 💋 Will (🔱) Equivalent Exchange
16 EL Mordecai Kingbird Montgomery Bullock 🏝️ Will (🔱) Equivalent Exchange
17 54 Hercules Alighieri Jon Tumblehome 🔱 Incineration
17 EL Jon Tumblehome Jon Tumblehome 🔱 Will (🔱) Move
17 EL Montgomery Bullock Fish Summer 🦀 Will (🔱) Equivalent Exchange
17 EL Fish Summer Wyatt Mason IV 🌮 Will (🦀) Equivalent Exchange
17 EL Knight Triumphant Pitching Machine 💋 Will (💋) Equivalent Exchange
18 LS Nagomi Mcdaniel III 🔱 Gift Shop
18 ES Pitching Machine - Preservation
18 EL Nagomi Mcdaniel III - Dust
19 2 Siobhan Chark Sosa Hayes 🕵️ Feedback
19 EL Wyatt Mason IV Dickerson Morse 🥩 Will (🔱) Equivalent Exchange
20 11 Jan Canberra Goobie Ballson 🏋️‍ Feedback
20 48 Niq Nyong'o Clove Ji-Eun 🔱 Incineration
20 99 - Xandra Yolk 🔱 Playoff Birth
20 EL Ankle Halifax Jan Canberra 🏋️‍ Will (🔱) Equivalent Exchange
21 LS Chorby Soul V 🔱 Gift Shop
20 99 - Vernon Glump 🔱 Playoff Birth
21 EL Goobie Ballson Fish Summer 🌮 Will (🔱) Equivalent Exchange
21 EL Clove Ji-Eun Clove Ji-Eun 🔱 Will (🔱) Move
21 EL Chorby Soul V - Dust
22 18 Sosa Hayes - Modification Super Roamin'
22 82 Vernon Glump - Stolen (🍗) Thieves' Guild
22 EL - Sosa Hayes 🚤 Will (🔱) Move
22 EL Slosh Truk Randy Dennis 🗣️ Will (🗣️) Equivalent Exchange
22 EL Erin Jesaulenko Lachlan Shelton 🐅 Will (🐅) Equivalent Exchange
22 EL Dickerson Morse - 🎸 Blessing (🎸) Gachapon
22 EL Goodwin Morin II - Dust
22 EL Cote Loveless II - Dust
22 EL New Megan Ito III - Dust
23 47 Sosa Hayes Siobhan Chark 🕵️ Feedback
23 41 Artemesia Teixeira - Stolen (🍬) Thieves' Guild
23 53 Clove Ji-Eun - Stolen (🚤) Thieves' Guild
23 83 Siobhan Chark Hiroto Wilcox 🐅 Feedback
23 EL Jelly Burgertoes - 🌮 Blessing (🌮) Gachapon

Season Results

Team Overview

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

For a more in-depth look at the team, see Atlantis Georgias/History.

The Atlantis Georgias are a team of researchers from the Georgian Triangle who wish to learn more about the splort of Blaseball, mainly through first-hand experience. This method of research began during the [REDACTED] , where the Georgias played in the [REDACTED]. Using this method, the team was able to win four championships. With Blaseball’s return, a new team had to be created in order to research the sudden appearance of peanuts, incinerations, and rogue umpires. The modern form of the Atlantis Georgias is a combination pirate and scientist crew, led by head of research Niq Nyong'o. Their goal: Figure out what the heck happened while they were away.

Team History

For a more in-depth look at the team, see Atlantis Georgias/History.

The history of Atlantis predates the return of Blaseball, and as a result records have been lost to time. Any information written here is but one of many interpretations of a history deeper and longer than all others.

Atlantis was founded in [REDACTED], as the sea rose and swallowed three individuals each named Georgia. One from the state of Georgia within the United States, another from the country of Georgia, and the third from the South Georgia island. However, instead of resigning themselves to their fate, the three Georgias found each other and managed to create a settlement underwater, one which would take all those claimed by the sea. This new city would be known as Atlantis. As the years went by, the city of Atlantis would be known for finding those who needed it most. The new ecosystem of an underwater city also took its effect, leaving many denizens with extra fins, gills, or bioluminescence. However, this is normal and expected in Atlantis, as nobody resists the call of the ocean forever.


The Atlantis Georgias’ stadium is called The Bubble, which is a massive underwater dome that rests on the back of a mechanical jellyfish. The field itself can be submerged to give an advantage to the home team for accessibility reasons. As a result, the entire stands area has been designated as a Splash Zone. The Bubble is maintained by a team of infinite shrimp produced by the Core Mechanics.


Former Staff

  • Niq Nyong'o, team captain and keeper of [REDACTED] (prior to Season 20)

Fan Culture

For a more in-depth look at Georgias fan culture, see Atlantis Georgias/Fan Culture.

The Georgias, while relatively new, are making a name for themselves by keeping vibes wavey at all times and offering Ooze (primordial goop found at the ocean, but flavored and prepared) as a drink to everybody, oftentimes by Ooze spokesperson Slosh Truk.


The Georgias have formed many friendships, including:

  • The Hades Tigers, despite the fact that both Hades and Poseidon (the Georgias’ deity of choice) wish to maintain their rivalry
  • The Baltimore Crabs due to their ability to both walk on land and swim in water.
  • The Yellowstone Magic, due to rumors of a Giant Pacific Octopus on their rotation. These rumors are yet to be proven true.
  • The Chicago Firefighters due to Firefighters' need of immense amounts of water combined with the Georgias' bounty of it.
  • An union with the Philly Pies, Seattle Garages, and Core Mechanics

The following chants have been observed:

  • (When the game begins) Weigh anchor!/Anchors aweigh!
  • Keep ‘em landlocked!
  • Hold fast!
  • Walk the plank!
  • Cannons loaded! (During Maximum Blaseball, or close to it)
  • Walk the Plank!
  • To the Brig!

Fan Works

For a more in-depth look at Atlantis Georgias fan culture, see Atlantis Georgias/Fan_Works.