Goodwin Morin II

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Goodwin Morin II is a lineup player in the Vault, and has been there since the end of Season β22. Morin II has played for the Yellowstone Magic, Tokyo Lift, and Atlantis Georgias.

Official League Records

Morin II joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Yellowstone Magic during the Season β19 Latesiesta via the Gift Shop. At the end of the season, Morin II crumbled to Dust and returned to the Vault.

Morin II joined the lineup of the Tokyo Lift during the Season β20 Latesiesta via the Gift Shop. At the end of the season, Morin II crumbled to Dust and returned to the Vault.

Morin II joined the lineup of the Atlantis Georgias during the Season β22 Latesiesta via the Gift Shop. At the end of the season, Morin II crumbled to Dust and returned to the Vault.

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Box of Goodwin Morin Files

Dust billows as the file box lands on the table. While many archives in the Interdimensional Rumor Mill are unified in some way, this... definitely isn’t one of them. The accompanying Rumor Registry explains all of the contents... wherever it is... but for now you grab the folder labelled IF-3.703 and start reading...

Before Blaseball

Goodwin Morin grew up in Quil Ceda Village as a member of the Snoqualmie tribe. A quiet and studious child, she fell in love with math at a young age. As she grew older, this transformed into a fascination with accounting, which she found more practical than pure math. She went to community college, then undergraduate, and eventually got an MBA in accounting and finance, all while staying in the greater Seattle area. She got a job as an associate at a tax firm, which she kept until she was well into her 30s.

Life in the Shadows

Despite her passion, Morin was drained by the long hours and high expectations. When a coworker mentioned the Seattle Garages and the return of blaseball, she looked into joining the team as a pipe dream and discovered the shadows. She signed up to join the shadows, hoping she could make some extra cash and step down to a part-time accounting job, all without having to actually play blaseball.

Immediately, a wrench was thrown into her plans: a teenaged Eleanor “Lenny” Marijuana. Cast adrift by the shadows, Marijuana needed a place to stay, and Morin had an extra bedroom. Morin was hesitant, having long since decided that she had no interest in parenting or caretaking, but allowed Marijuana to move in anyways. The rebellious Marijuana helped Morin cut loose, and Morin became something like an aunt to Marijuana and taught her about responsibility; the two lived together until Marijuana left the shadows.

The introverted Morin found herself flourishing. She easily made friends with new arrivals to the shadows, helping them fit in with the team and navigate the difficulties of doing taxes when you legally only semi-exist. She also continued her job as an accountant, and found that the lower-stakes part-time work was more fulfilling for her.

In the Season 9 elections, Morin was surprised to receive the Secret Weapon blessing, which enhanced her athletic abilities. This enhancement manifested as semi-tangible shadow hands that she could control at will. Morin was disconcerted by the change and preferred not to use the extra hands.

Seattle Garages & Grand Siesta

Morin was promoted to the Garages’ active rotation in Season 11. She was overwhelmed by the attention, but the more media-seasoned Garages helped her adjust. Morin later became co-captain of Milk Proxy Society for the inaugural Coffee Cup. With help from Malik Destiny and Greer Gwiffin, who were her teammates on both the Garages and the Society, Morin was able to connect with blaseball for the first time as a source of joy. Even though her team was eliminated, she became close friends with Destiny and Gwiffin and began to have fun learning about the splort.

Morin spent the Grand Siesta connecting with her Garages teammates, learning about both blaseball and the band. She met Lars Taylor, who gave her advice about using her shadow arms. Inspired by her tenure as co-captain and her newfound expertise, Morin decided to start teaching. She ran an annual series of workshops on financial literacy, with special workshops for blaseball players and tribal members.

However, the return of blaseball brought Morin new stress, which was worsened when she was moved to the lineup. The increased scrutiny of the position began to take its toll on her, especially when combined with the weight of receiving Ego. After spending her entire life in Washington, she found herself ready for a change.

Tokyo Lift

In the Season 13 elections, Morin was transferred to the Tokyo Lift. She was initially concerned about the linguistic barrier and culture shock, not to mention fitting in with the team. To her relief, she quickly became friends with team captain Stijn Strongbody. The two of them made a deal: Morin would help run team practice, and noted mathematician Strongbody would teach Morin about pure math. She also moved in with Tokyo native Silvaire Semiquaver, who helped teach her Japanese and showed her around the city.

Charleston Shoe Thieves & Vaulting

Morin was transferred to the Charleston Shoe Thieves in the Season 16 elections. She was nervous about the growing weight of her ego, particularly after other players began to be vaulted. Morin hoped that the Shoe Thieves would be able to help her figure out how to avoid the same fate, or at the very least go down kicking. She befriended Donna Milicic shortly after ze joined the team. Milicic, already an accomplished shoe thief, helped show Morin the ropes and acclimate her to The Choux. Morin specialized in stealing combat boots.

Goodwin Morin achieved Legendary status on Season 18, Day 99. She left behind most of her worldly possessions, most of which were left to Marijuana, Semiquaver, and Milicic. The only things none of them could find were her favorite pen and notebook.


  • Morin enjoys watching competitive reality TV.
  • As an indigenous person, Morin is a proud activist for indigenous rights and land back movements. After she left the Garages, her teammates continued advocating for tribal people in her honor.
  • In every home and apartment Morin has lived in, the first piece of decor she puts up is a bi pride flag in her bedroom.
    • The second is her most recent sobriety chip, which she typically hangs on a lanyard over her lampshade.
      • The third is a framed and signed photo of Mlark Cluban.
  • Morin ran cross-country in high school, and spent large portions of the Grand Siesta competing in charity walkathons and marathons.
  • Morin hates skinny jeans. Like, it’s not bad enough that denim kind of sucks to wear? We’re going to make jeans as uncomfortable as possible? We’re going to make them so tight that you have to put the socks on before the jeans? Ridiculous. She’ll take straight fit jeans any day, thank you very much.