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Chorby Soul IV is a lineup player in the Vault, and has been there since the end of Season β21. Soul IV has played for the New York Millennials, LA Unlimited Tacos, and Ohio Worms.

Official League Records

Soul IV joined the ILB as a lineup player for the New York Millennials during the Season β18 Latesiesta via the Gift Shop. At the end of the Season, Soul IV faded to Dust and returned to the Vault.

Soul IV joined the lineup of the LA Unlimited Tacos during the Season β20 Latesiesta via the Gift Shop. At the end of the Season, Soul IV faded to Dust and returned to the Vault.

Soul IV joined the lineup of the Ohio Worms during the Season β21 Latesiesta via the Gift Shop. At the end of the Season, Soul IV faded to Dust and returned to the Vault.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Blaseball Career

Soul acted as a serviceable batter for the Millennials from the beginning of Season β1. From all accounts, they truly loved the splort, but weren’t always the most competent at it. In attempts at helpfulness, Mills fans were known to shout “CHORBY YES!” when Soul was playing well, and “CHORBY NO!” when they were doing something less helpful.

When asked about this, Soul laughed and said “Yeah, I kinda don’t know what I'm doing out here. I don't totally get Blaseball. So…sometimes it's nice to have the fans let me know, y’know?”

Personal Life

Soul was known to their teammates as a kind and laid-back person, who tried their best at whatever they did and didn’t mind if it didn’t turn out perfect. They enjoyed lo-fi music, occasionally dabbling in making their own, and would often listen to it to get centered before games, especially after the Season 1 Elections. Though they were as shaken by the events of Season β2 as anyone would be, they still tried their best to remain a calm center for the Millennials and “the Soul of the team”, as they were often affectionately called.

Philanthropic Work

Soul earned significant praise for their affiliation with the charitable organization Society for the Prevention of the Second Law of Thermodynamics (SP2LT). They previously served on the Board of Directors (prior to incineration) and had previously donated large but undisclosed sums of money to the organization.

At a gala celebrating the opening of SP2LT's New York City headquarters under a decrepit bridge in Central Park, Soul told the crowd, "It's unfair that with so many technological advances in our modern world, we haven't found a way to stop the unceasing growth of entropy in our system. Stability good, entropy bad, Chorby Yes!"


On Day 14 of Season 3, at 4:20 AM, an Umpire took aim at Dominic Marijuana. Chorby Soul stepped between the two, and they were Incinerated instead.

In incineration, their Soulscream seemed to last far longer than usual, ringing around Battin’ Island.

Soul was remembered after their incineration as a friend to many and loved by the team. Sometimes, during Solar Eclipse games, and especially if those games fall on Day 14, the Millennials team and fans alike will join in a communal cathartic scream at the beginning of the game, in memory of their old friend.


Reports of what took place the day of the resurrection are as follows: The day of the Season 14 elections, pitcher Alaynabella Hollywood stood atop the mound of the Big Garage, bass guitar in hand, hooked up to the Garage’s Psychoacoustic sound system. Fellow pitcher Magi Ruiz stood behind her, holding her large tome, watching. She began strumming a tune not dissimilar to the one Ruiz used to pull Wyatt Mason X (hereby referred to as MaX) out of the sound system, but with the use of her extra fingers was able to augment it. As she played, smoke began to rise from the diamond, until an ear piercing scream reverberated throughout the stadium. Some say they saw a figure dash onto the field at this point, perhaps in an attempt to stop what was about to transpire, though none have been able to recall who. When the smoke cleared, Chorby Soul stood before them.

Ruiz has given conflicting reports as to what it was her intent was on the field that morning. In one interview, she claimed to be attempting to bring MaX back from Elsewhere, and there was a conflicting frequency as the speakers were being tuned. In another, she claimed to be attempting some kind of ritual to keep the sound system from turning echo players into static, and Hollywood accidentally misplayed a chord. Some even speculate Ruiz knew what she was doing, having an intimate knowledge of the works of the late Ron Monstera and his research into the M Chord, a theoretical para-acoustic phenomenon tied to the vibrational frequency of the Immaterial Plane rumored to be able to create a rift to the hall itself.

Career with the Seattle Garages

Chorby Soul didn’t have much time to celebrate their return to life before Consumers began attacking Seattle in droves. Fueled by an all-encompassing rage at the universe and their situation, Soul seems to have dedicated their second life to fighting Consumers at all costs. They proudly boast a record number of 136 Consumer fights, something they took to training the rest of the team how to do in the event that the attacks would continue.

Upon arriving in Seattle, Soul received a hesitant welcome from the mostly confused and concerned Garages. While most of the team did their best to accommodate the new pitcher, tensions almost immediately arose between Soul and the recently shadowed Jaylen Hotdogfingers. After several days of joining Lenny Marijuana for his pre-game ritual (as well as for fatherly advice from his former friend's dad), Soul approached Hotdogfingers for advice on how to deal with being undead, and the two have since become close friends and confidantes, often commiserating together on the stresses brought about by the league.

Soul has since befriended many of the members of the Garages, and has made it a habit to join a different teammate for their pre-game ritual every day. They’ve grown particularly close to MaX after a rumored late night deep conversation session on the roof of the Big Garage where both recognized the likelihood of their stories ending tragically. After Soul pitched a disheartening 13-6 game against the Millenials, fellow pitcher Alaynabella Hollywood saw an opportunity to turn the situation around and challenged Soul to a pitchers duel. Not to be outdone by the zero star pitcher, she then proceeded to pitch a recordbreakingly awful game, going 27-5 against the Core Mechanics. The two would go on to compete the rest of the season to see who could hold the worst score, Soul finally beating her record on Day 59 against the Charleston Shoe Thieves, ending it 28-6.

The team rallied behind Soul, not taking no for an answer when Soul insisted they fight the consumers alone. Marijuana was the first to fight back on Day 22, saying “I couldn’t just sit there and watch while the person who saved Dom fought alone.” By the end of the season, Lenny Marijuana, Tot Clark, Oliver Loofah, Carmelo Plums, Lotus Mango, Theodore Duende, Oliver Mueller, Betsy Trombone, and Durham Spaceman would come to their aid, shielding them from consumers. When asked why the team would go to such lengths to defend them, Trombone shrugged and said, “We’ve got this saying around here, ‘There is no second chair.’ Means everyone is as good as everyone else. We take care of our own, and you’re one of us.”

Career with the New York Millennials

When Chorby Soul came back to New York, everyone knew it wasn’t going to last. Though their Debt was gone, they now had a target on their back in the form of Instability, and every Eclipse game they pitched was more likely than usual to be their last. Still, from all accounts, the return home was good for them. They were by no means the same Chorby Soul the Millennials had known back in Season 3, but then, the Millennials weren’t the same team Soul had known before their death, and the familiarity of the team, city, and Apartment still seemed to be a good source of stability for Soul during their season of Instability.

Though interviews with Soul during Season 16 are scarce (due in no small part to the other Millennials fiercely defending them from any unwanted attention), one rumor states that Thomas Dracaena invited Soul to brunch early into their time on the Millennials. What the two talked about is unknown, but Soul seemed to come away from it with a sense of catharsis.

The first time Chorby Soul died, it was as a batter for the Millennials on Season 3, Day 14. The second time Chorby Soul died, it was as a pitcher for the Millennials on Season 16, Day 88, with their other team, the Garages, looking on.

The Millennials have been generally quiet on the subject of Soul’s brief return to life and subsequent death (and re-resurrection, and Preservation.) However, various members have stated that they hope that wherever Soul is now, they can have some well-deserved rest.

Career with the Baltimore Crabs

The arrival of Chorby Soul on the Baltimore Crabs came at a time when The Crabs were at one of their lowest points, having lost many members in the last few elections and having their captain Kennedy Loser plagued by hauntings. It was however the arrival of Soul after their second resurrection that sparked life back into Loser. Soul arrived to the team after two seasons of being attacked by consumers, and their second necromancy, unstable, and starting the season with two eclipse games. For most of the league it was simply hoped that Soul would be incinerated quickly, and that whoever their instability chained to would survive the experience. For Loser however, he found he simply could not leave it at that. The two had become briefly acquainted during Season 16 Day 98, when Soul had haunted Loser during a game, and now they came face to face again. Despite their impending doom, Loser sought out Soul to offer a place to stay, a warm meal, and company in the short time they had on the team.

Chorby Soul was incinerated on Season 17 Day 1, and inhabited Kennedy Loser on Season 17 Day 6, 86, and 88, their first and last haunts of that season.

From the perspective of the fans, the most notable thing about Chorby Soul's short stint on the Baltimore Crabs was the resulting poem from Crabs Poet Laureate Runolfio Peeper:

Chorby Soul
Born from the coal
Now back in hell -
Just as well.


Before play began in Season 18, Chorby Soul was made Legendary and added to the Vault. During the Latesiesta that season several teams received a replica of Chorby Soul in the Gift Shop resulting in the creation of the following replicas: