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York Silk is a lineup player for the Seattle Garages, and has been with the team since the Season 16 elections. Silk has played for the Hawai'i Fridays, THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS, Baltimore Crabs, and Canada Moist Talkers.

Official League Records

Discipline Era

Silk joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Hawai'i Fridays on Season 2, Day 74 after the incineration of Jessi Wise.

During the Season 2 elections, Silk gained the Gunblade Bat as a result of the Gunblade Bat blessing.

Silk finished Season 3 with the 3rd highest batting average in the league (0.374), 2nd highest hits (147), 2nd most home runs (31), 2nd highest OBP (0.422), 2nd highest RBI (86), 8th highest slugging percentage (0.634), tied with Elijah Valenzuela for third in stolen bases (10), and 2nd most runs scored (89).

Silk had a career year in Season 4, finishing the season #1 in BA (0.363), #4 in doubles (22), #1 hits (139), #1 home runs (45), #2 OBP (0.408), #3 in runs (79), #1 RBI (100), and #2 slugging (0.783).

During the Season 5 elections, Silk's batting and baserunning fell as a part of the Charleston Shoe Thieves' Bad Neighbors blessing.

During the Season 7 elections, Silk gained the Super Idol modification as a result of the Center of Attention blessing.

After Day 99 of Season 8, Silk was  Shelled stamp.png.

On Season 9, Day X, Silk was conscripted to THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS as a lineup player. Following the dispersal of the PODS during the Season 10 elections, Silk joined the Canada Moist Talkers.

Coffee Cup

During the Coffee Cup, Silk played for Royal PoS as a lineup player.

Expansion Era

On Season 14, Day 87, Silk was incinerated and replaced by Lucien Patchwork.

During the Season 14 elections, Silk was Plundered by the Baltimore Crabs, sending Enid Marlow to the Shadows and returning to the lineup in the process. This marks Silk as the fifth player to return from the Hall of Flame.

Silk was traded to the Canada Moist Talkers in exchange for Fish Summer during the Season 15 elections via the Moist Talkers' Plunder will.

Silk was traded to the Seattle Garages in exchange for Carmelo Plums during the Season 16 elections via the Garages' Plunder will.

After Day 99 of Season 17, Silk was Preserved.


Silk currently holds the ILB record for home runs in a season, with 45 (Season 4).


The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.



Silk is an eight year old child and hit his first home run at two years old. Silk's strong performance on the field and off the field performance allowed him to negotiate a strong rider for the Fridays ensuring the dugout keeps an ample supply of Capri Sun and Sunny D at all times.

Silk's Gunblade Bat is formally recognised as The Vibe Check, a title Silk gave the gunblade himself, and is quite proud of. The team saved up all of their arcade tickets to get him the blessing for his birthday.

Silk joined the team on their 8th birthday and since then, every 74th day of each season of Blaseball, the team and fans celebrate Silk turning 8—never older.

When not at bat, Silk is the Fridays' batboy.


Silk is currently backed by many different sponsors which are represented by the jibbitz on his famous Crocs: Slunny D, Clapri Sun, Hawai'ian Plunch (which everyone agreed was a little on the nose), Plower Wheels, Plogs, Razor Sclooters, Hleelies, PBS (the Plublic Blaseballcasting Slervice), and The King Arthur Baking Company.

His PBS sponsorship mandates that he finishes all his interviews with thanking "vliewers like you."

He has been offered many car sponsorships but when he tries to accept them people remind him that because he is 8 he can't even drive. He responds to this with "I can drive this ball out of this field!" and proceeds to hit a homerun.

Shelling Controversy

After season 7, Silk was almost caught above the Ominous Red Line that had in prior seasons shelled his stepmother Nagomi Mcdaniel and friend Jessica Telephone. Although the Snackrifice helped move Silk closer to the bottom of the list, up until the last few hours, he was caught in a maelstrom with Jessica Telephone and PolkaDot Patterson. Silk attempted to fight the Peanut with the Vibe Check to help the other two escape, but with another selfless sacrifice, Patterson stepped in the way at the last moment and took the shelling before Silk was hit. The outcome of this, as well as the departure of long time teammates Elijah Valenzuela and Karato Bean had an obvious impact on Silk's Season 8 mood and performance, marking the first season in which he posted his first sub 0.300 batting average (0.297) and lowest full-season home run in his career (26).

At the end of Season 8, Silk was again caught above the Ominous Red Line but was not able to escape shelling. Through the shell, reporters were able to gather that he was still safe and that he had his Glameboy with him. He refused further comment after declaring that he was working on his Plokemon speed run.

Taken by The Shelled One

When York Silk was shelled at the end of Season 8, he was disconnected from the magical time-warping powers of Our Lady of Perpetual Friday, which both keeps the islands in eternal Friday and kept Silk at the age of 8. When he emerged from his shell to play for THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS, his former teammates—and most importantly, his mom—were shocked to see that the little boy they had known was gone, though some witnesses swore that his smile was the same as ever.

The shock of this revelation was temporarily delayed by the attack of THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS. Once they had processed the events of Season 9, Day X, Silk's former teammates came to regard the tragedy of his stolen childhood as another injustice dealt by the Shelled One. The Fridays have not celebrated York Silk's game 74 birthday since Season 9.

When she was finally able to be reached for comment, York Silk's mom simply said, "He will always be my little boy, whether he’s 8 or 88."

Joining the Moist Talkers

After being released from the Shelled One’s Pods, Silk fell to Sunken Halifax. Eye witnesses reported that during his descent he was caught midair by a 4th dimension hand believed to be from Polkadot Patterson. These accounts have not been verified as it is hazardous to look upon 4th dimensional constructs for an extended period.

Due to Silk's rapid growth after being unshelled as well as consent from his Mother he was approved to reside in the Gleek Arena dormitories until he felt he was acclimated. During this period Silk established a close friendship with teammates Jesús Koch and Commissioner Vapor, the group being nicknamed the “teen squad” by the rest of the Moist Talkers. This friendship, along with the aid of Polkadot Patterson’s numerous connections to the Sunken Halifax Housing Authority, eventually led to Silk moving out of Gleek Arena, he currently resides in a shared domicile with both Koch and Vapour. Silk still maintains contact with his Mother and former teammates in Hawaii, with the former sending Silk regular care packages of Hawaii snacks.

Lacking the formal education of his early adolescence, Silk is currently being tutored by Mooney Doctor, whose teaching methods have been described by Silk as “Thorough for the most part, except when she tears up the textbooks and calls the writers ‘Narrow Minded Philistines!’”. Also, in an interview with the Halifax Gazette York excitedly claimed that he was being taught french by his teammate Ziwa Mueller, adding it to his vocabulary along with his two native languages, English and Ōlelo Hawai‘i.

Death and Return To Play

After York’s Silk’s death near the end of the 14th regular season the Moist Talkers went on to win the championship in his name. However sometimes the dead are not allowed to rest. While there is no definitive answer for how York returned to play - here is what we’ve heard around the Rumour Mill. To read all about the Interdimensional Rumor Mill, visit Interdimensional Rumor Mill. If you would like to edit this entry, click IF-48.824, or if you would like to see a list of all Rumors, visit the Rumor Registry.

Play ball

After York’s death there was an outcry from fans, entities, and Gods alike. The super idol? Struck down in his prime? It was unthinkable that his story could end there. So even as the Moist Talkers moved onto the finals to take their first championship in York’s name, the Fans of baseball were not content to let him lie in rest.

In the season 14 election, to the surprise of most of the league, York Silk was plundered from the Hall of Flames and landed on the Baltimore Crabs. The team took this change surprisingly well, with Parker Parra offering their place on the roster so Nagomi McDaniel could join the team from Boston and reunite with York as he made a fairly significant adjustment back to the world of the living and back to being at the mercy of the fans.

Welcome Back

During his brief time in the trench, York received what has become a standard onboarding package from an excitable and professional marine biology enthusiast named Nora Perez. She had been playing this role for years it seemed and was happy to help York acclimate to what they both surprised to discovered was a short visit. Nora’s friendly nonchalance and facts about marine life were a welcome reprieve for York after his sudden death, and he made fast friends with who he later realized was the Crabs’ first incinerated player.

Upon his return to life York landed in Baltimore and took up his place on the team, thankful that he at least had a siesta to acclimatize. During practice one day he picked at the layers of tape and labels on a spare locker, and started picking apart the label to reveal the layers underneath. Evelton McBlase II, Nagomi McDaniel, Holden Stanton, Nagomi McDaniel (again), Holden Stanton (again), and finally at the very bottom, Nora Perez.

He asked around and made the connection. The woman who had died years before, being a mediocre player, and remembered not as a hero or an inspiration, but rather as a person who died, but was ultimately left to rest. He found he rather envied that idea. He ended up moving into her old locker, and finding her old thesis notes that had slipped behind the back of the metal wall. During the brief siesta between season 14 and 15 York got some help from his new teammates to get involved in the local marine biology scene, including enrolling in some night classes at the local community college. It felt good to be planning for what a life might look like outside of the splort.


  • The crowd will cheer "👏 YORK'S 👏 OUR 👏 DORK 👏" whenever Silk enters the field, regardless of his performance. As one Fridays fan said, "Win or lose, he's a good boy."
  • Silk is one of the few Fridays players to wear cleats, or footwear at all for that matter. He is known around the league for playing in a pair of kids size 10 Crocs. They have jibbetz on them representing all of his sponsors. When he is playing in the outfield he puts his shoes into defensive mode and puts the straps to the front. When he is hitting or on base he puts his shoes into offensive mode, with the straps at the back. He likes to make a big deal out of it, not unlike when Ash Ketchum switches his hat to enter a Pokemon battle. When he runs the bases his shoes light up green and blue to represent the duality outfield and the surf respectively.
  • Silk was recruited onto the Fridays by his stepmother Nagomi Mcdaniel, who at the time was dating his mother.

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