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Legendary is a Player Modification, first seen after the conclusion of the Season β17 regular season.


Players with the Legendary modification cannot be idolized by Fans, and cannot be interacted with by Wills.

While these are the only mechanical effects of the modification, Legendary was associated with the Vault, and whenever a Player gained Legendary, they were removed from their Team and Preserved.



Throughout Season 13, a yellow line appeared on the Idol board, with the header "MVP Voting", and the description, "MVPs are selected each Endseason. Players above the line will be named season MVPs and will receive an Ego Boost."

At the conclusion of the Season β13 regular season, the Coin appeared to speak to Fans, announcing the Season's MVPs, all players above the yellow line were given the Ego+ modification.

Every season, the same process was repeated with different Entities appearing to announce MVPs, including the Monitor and Lōotcrates. For first-time MVPs, they would gain Ego+, while repeat MVPs would have their modification increased to Ego++, Ego+++, or Ego++++.

Forging Legends

At the conclusion of the Season β17 regular season, in lieu of reading the Season's MVPs, Lōotcrates appeared to speak:

"Sediment Collects in the Delta
Sparking Nucleosynthesis
Forging Legends."
"Stars Vaulted"

All players above the yellow line had their Ego modification upgraded, but players York Silk and Nagomi Mcdaniel had their Ego++++ upgraded to Legendary. Both players were removed from their Teams and the Idol board.

Continued Preservation

Over the course of the next seasons, a number of other players gained the Legendary modification, and were removed from active play.

Season Preserved Player Previous Team Notes
Season 17 Endseason York Silk Seattle Garages
Season 17 Endseason Nagomi Mcdaniel Mexico City Wild Wings
Season 18, God's Day Chorby Soul Baltimore Crabs Soul was Preserved before play began in Season 18.
Season 18 Endseason Aldon Cashmoney Hades Tigers
Season 18 Endseason Goodwin Morin Charleston Shoe Thieves
Season 18 Endseason Pitching Machine Atlantis Georgias
Season 19 Endseason Valentine Games Hawai'i Fridays
Season 20 Election Uncle Plasma Kansas City Breath Mints Plasma was pulled from the ILB after completing their "Undercover assignment".
Season 20 Election Liquid Friend Breckenridge Jazz Hands Friend was pulled from the ILB after completing their "Undercover assignment".
Season 21 Endseason James Mora Yellowstone Magic
Season 22 Endseason Wyatt Glover Yellowstone Magic
Season 23 Endseason Paula Turnip Hades Tigers


In the book A Snap Election, Llamas hitter Parker MacMillan gained the Legendary modification on Season E, Day 99. This is the first instance of Legendary that we see chronologically.

After the Vault was revealed prior to play in Season β23, other Pre-History Legendary players were unveiled, including Cote Loveless, New Megan Ito, Clare Ballard, and Fletcher Berger. It is unknown when these Players gained the Legendary modification.

ILB Semi-Centennial

During the ILB Semi-Centennial, all Players with the Legendary modification were drafted onto the Vault Legends teams, which had the Team modifications Forgery and Heist Expert. Throughout the game, the Legends would approach Players on the Rising Stars, and upon successfully being collected, the Player would gain the Legendary modification, and join the Legends.

Over the course of the game, Rising Stars players Don Mitchell, Sutton Bishop, Jaylen Hotdogfingers, Tillman Henderson, Sosa Peperomioides, Hewitt Best, Collins Melon, and Nicholas Mora were all collected, becoming Legendary.

Season 23 Election

During the Season β23 elections, the blessing Season β23: Vault Swap was offered, which would exchange a player from your Team for a player in the Vault. The Boston Flowers received this blessing, which swapped Glabe Moon for Sutton Bishop. Moon gained the Legendary modification upon entering the Vault.


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