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Forgery is a Modification that was seen on the Vault Legends during the ILB Semi-Centennial that causes players to become Legendary and increases the pressure of Sun(Sun).


Forgery was seen activating during the ILB Semi-Centennial as a result of the Vault Legends using their Heist Expert team modification to steal players from the Rising Stars. When a heist was successful, the player would be added to the roster, triggering Forgery and "Artificially forging" the player.

Artificially forging a player causes their existing Ego modification to be changed to the Legendary Modification, and causes a significant amount of pressure buildup on Sun(Sun).

The pressure buildup for Sun(Sun) was proportionate to the number of levels of Ego a player was away from being Legendary, with higher levels of Ego producing lower buildup. Ego+ players build up approximately 2.3% of pressure, while Ego++ players build up approximately 1.5% of pressure.


The following players were Artificially Forged by the Vault Legend's Forged modification: