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Parker MacMillan is a player for the Baltimore Crabs, and has been with the team since Fall Ball. MacMillan has previously played for the Alaskan Immortals, Canada Artists, Oregon Psychics, Minneapolis Truckers, Kola Boar, La Paz Llamas, Vault Legends, Hawai‘i Fridays, Philly Pies, Seattle Garages, Charleston Shoe Thieves, Prehistory Baltimore Crabs, and Hades Tigers.

Official League Records

MacMillan joined the league as a batter for the Alaskan Immortals with the formation of Ultra League Blaseball, with the  Profit modification.

During the Season A elections, MacMillan recieved the  Non-Profit and  Firewalker modifications via the Hawai‘i Fridays and Antarctic Fireballs' Hex wills, and was boosted 8% via the Alaskan Immortals' Infuse will.

During the Season B elections, MacMillan gained the  Roamin' modification due to the Immortals' Revoke will, and roamed to the Canada Artists, resulting in the Alaskan Immortals becoming  Unstable due to MacMillan's  Firewalker modification.

During the Season C elections, MacMillan gained the  On an Odyssey modification due to the Artists' Revoke will, and roamed to the Oregon Psychics, resulting in the Canada Artists becoming  Unstable due to MacMillan's  Firewalker modification.

During the Season D elections, MacMillan gained the  Super Roamin' modification due to the Psychics' Revoke will, and roamed to the Minneapolis Truckers, resulting in the Oregon Psychics becoming  Unstable due to MacMillan's  Firewalker modification. MacMillan also gained The Force Field via an unknown will from the Mallorca Whales.

On Season E, Day 9, MacMillan lost The Force Field due to an item trade with Megan Ito. This resulted in MacMillan's subsequent roaming to an unknown team, causing the Minneapolis Truckers to become  Unstable due to MacMillan's  Firewalker modification.

On Season E, Day 99, MacMillan reached Critical Mass, became Legendary, and was Preserved. Due to MacMillan's  Firewalker modification, all 30 teams became  Unstable, and the season's election was called early as a result. MacMillan also regained The Force Field due to the Boulders Bay Birds' Equip will.

MacMillan was drafted onto the Vault Legends during the Semi-Centennial. During this, MacMillan lost The Force Field and gained The Fifth Base as a result of an item trade with New Megan Ito. This caused them to roam out of the Vault and onto the Hawai‘i Fridays following the Season β23 elections, as well as causing every player in the Vault to become  Unstable, making them the only player to do so thus far.

During Season β24, MacMillan roamed to the following teams due to their  Super Roamin' modification, causing the teams they were previously on to become  Unstable:

  • Roamed to the Pies Day 9
  • Roamed to the Garages Day 18
  • Roamed to the Pies Day 27
  • Roamed to the Garages Day 36
  • Roamed to the Tigers Day 45
  • Roamed to the Pies Day 54
  • Roamed to the Shoe Thieves Day 63
  • Roamed to the Tigers Day 72
  • Roamed to the Prehistory Crabs, then the Immortals, then the Garages Day 81
  • Roamed to the Tigers on Day 90

During the December 30, 2022 Fall Ball, MacMillan fell to the Baltimore Crabs.

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MacMillan and the Hawai'i Fridays


During the Season A elections, the Hawai‘i Fridays hexed Parker MacMillan with the Non-Profit modification. Later, he caused the team to become Unstable when Preserved during Season E elections, along with the rest of the League.

Season β24

Following his time on the Vault Legends, MacMillan roamed to the Fridays’ Lineup after the Season β23 elections. Though they knew their time together was short, the team welcomed him with open arms, determined to make him feel at home. That Gods’ Fri-Day was one of celebration and camaraderie despite any storied history or future MacMillan and the team might have. Some reports say he was surprised by the team’s support; however, no press have ever been able to reach MacMillan for comments, and any statements are based in speculation.

Though he had been gone from the active ILB for much time, MacMillan still had connections in Hawai‘i from Pre-History. Pitcher Fenry Marlow seemed to have some sort of previous relationship with him, giving his trademark mysterious nod to the new teammate. MacMillan was also an old friend of Fridays’ cornerstone Mrs. Silk, who had been notably absent from recent Fridays games. Rumors of secret messages and contact with the Vault spread throughout the ILB fanbase with MacMillan at the center, supposedly sending out letters to loved ones; unfortunately, no actual evidence was ever uncovered.

On Day 9, the Fridays played the Seattle Garages in a Prize Match. As it was the team’s last game with MacMillan, the Fridays worked together to surprise him with a going-away present. Everyone played a strong game, and secured the Win required to obtain the Prize. Further in the 4th inning, brief former Friday and then-Garages player Castillo Turner dutifully stole the The Fifth Base from MacMillan, even though it would put themself at risk. With this play, they ensured his inventory would be open, making him the only person on the team eligible to receive the prize. All the coordination and hard work paid off. At that evening’s cookout/going-away party, MacMillan received a brand new pair of Arm Socks. They were hand-knitted by Mordecai Kingbird in order to protect him from future Consumer Attacks, and MacMillan would sport them the rest of the season.

However, the festivities had to come to an end. At the end of Day 9, MacMillan roamed to the Philadelphia Pies, leaving the Hawai‘i Fridays Unstable. The team refused all press requests to attend the send off, but released a formal statement the next morning. It said, “We, the Hawai‘i Fridays, are saddened to see Parker MacMillan leave, but overwhelmingly thankful for the time we got to spend with him. He is a true Friday and always will be, and we look forward to watching him play the rest of the season. As for whatever comes next: win or won’t, we vibe. Go get 'em, Parker.”

Finally on Day 12, just a mere three days later, the Hawai‘i Fridays were incinerated by a Rogue Umpire. MacMillan could not be reached for comment.

Fan Works

Parker MacMillian is the focus of the following songs: