Baltimore Crabs/Season 2

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In Season β2 the Baltimore Crabs finished fifth in the Evil League, and ninth in the ILB, and won no blessings in the Election.

The Crabs improved performance greatly after gaining 87-fingered pitcher PolkaDot Patterson. They were the first team to reach a 20-inning game versus the Jazz Hands and lost Nora Perez as the team's first incineration.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation


Roster Changes

In Season 2 the Crabs were subject to one incineration.

  • On Day 25 Nora Perez was incinerated and replaced with Holden Stanton
    • This was the fifth incineration in the ILB, and the fourth in active play

Notable Games

In Season 2 some of the notable Crabs games were:

  • On Day 25 Nora Perez is incinerated
  • On Day 52 The first 20 inning game vs the Jazz Hands

Election Outcomes

While the Crabs did not win any blessings they were effected by:

Season Overview

The Most Dangerous Game

The following summary mixes canon events with community lore.
While their overall performance was improved by the addition of Polkadot Patterson, the Crabs were just shy of a winning record, though they did mange to be a part of the first 20 inning game with the Breckenridge Jazz Hands. As the Forbidden Book was opened, the Crabs were among those to face the consequences of the act, with the fifth incineration of the ILB sending marine Biology student Nora Perez to her death. She was replaced by Holden Stanton in the lineup.


While the Crabs did not receive any blessings, PolkaDot Patterson was stolen by the Canada Moist Talkers, trading out their star pitcher with the less-than-stellar Oliver Notarobot. This was one of the first of many times that the Crabs made an active show of swearing off the blaseball gods.