Crab Scott

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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Crab Scott is the mascot and idol of the Baltimore Crabs. They were not born, but rather crafted at the dawn of Blaseball aeons ago in a place out of time and space, through an intricate ritual using arcane materials such as garlic butter, Old Bay Seasoning, artificial super-chitin, and a living Blaseball. This process created a humanoid crab that stands at about 5'1", and holds immense power in their big and meaty claws.

Crab Scott wields a knife in one claw and a cigarette in the other. They do not fear death, and harbor endless rage and vengeance against the blaseball Gods. They were originally a pet of PolkaDot Patterson, who in answer to how they came to acquire Scott as a pet simply said “They just kinda showed up one day.” Since Patterson’s defection at the end of Season 2, Crab Scott has since become the pet of replacement pitcher Oliver Notarobot. Once Notarobot was traded, the duty fell to Luis Acevedo, though Luis reports that they haven't actually seen them all season. Crab Scott is confirmed safe and taking care just fine as seen in collected CCTV footage of an unending crime spree.

They are known for their impenetrable shell and spiky armor, but are susceptible to the hellish flames that broiled them to life. As a result, on their first game being brought to the Hellmouth home stadium they were given a protective suit that would protect them from the irradiation of the hell fire, though the bulky suit lost that lustrous red crab figure that fans of the Baltimore Crabs had come to know and love to rally behind. The team then gathered financial support from the crowd and put in an order for an arcane and powerful Mascot Suit that would guard Crab Scott from the horrific mauling of the hell rays, that is still somewhat recognizable as being the team's beloved idol. The suit looks tattered, worn, and cheaply made, but is imbued with powerful dark magic that not only ensures Crab Scott remains immortal in hell as they are in every other Blaseball field, but also allows them to wield their signature butter knife and cigarette to great combat effect.

Crab Scott has gone on record to say their least favorite games to attend are "tktkktk tktktkt tktk tktktkt ktktkt tkktkt," which we all understand to loosely translate to "anywhere near the ocean, those damn seagulls refuse to leave me alone." It's currently hypothesized that the seagulls around Blaseball stadiums are reported to have a bloodlust from a prior incident where a man producing and selling popcorn in the stands was sacrificed to the Blaseball gods, and the sweet buttery smell attracted the seagulls who gained a newfound hunger for blood and flesh.