Baltimore Crabs/Season 15

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In Season β15 the Baltimore Crabs finished first in the Mild League and first in the ILB, before suffering three redactions and losing in the second round of the postseason.

Wax wings are delicate things. The Crabs found themselves the top in the league by total stars in all four categories. They learned the hard way how York Silk would pay off their cosmic debt, losing ace batter and base stealer Forrest Best to a bean from an unlikely source; but things were looking bright, with the team coming up just under their own record win rate. But it wasn't to be. With two of the leagues' biggest egos at the time at bat, the Crabs further suffered from numerous Consumer attacks; so many that they chewed up Nagomi Mcdaniel and Alyssa Harrell's last shreds of soulscream to zero, removing them from the lineup at the critical moment of the postseason and letting the Moist Talkers take them out of the running with a clean 3-0 sweep. In the election, the Crabs were systematically taken apart, losing York Silk, Brock Forbes, and Jacoby Podcast to various plunders and exchanges. With Kennedy Loser made haunted in an attempt to cure their flinch, they were practically gone themselves. However, thanks to Fringe Benefit, they were able to keep their lineup from shrinking so dramatically by recruiting Parker Meng. Thanks to going all in on Absolute Zero, the Crabs had practically circumnavigated the ever present flinch problem.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Season Events

Stadium Renovations

The Crabs built 3 stadium renovations.

Roster Changes

In Season 15 the Crabs were subject to five allergy cures, fourteen consumer attacks, three redactions, and had their blood drained once.

  • On Day 20 Alyssa Harrell was cured of their peanut allergy.
  • On Day 35 Forrest Best was Redacted after being Observed by NaN
  • On Day 46 Cory Ross siphoned some of Tot Fox's baserunning ability.
  • On Day 47 Nagomi Mcdaniel was cured of their peanut allergy.
  • On Day 55 Adalberto Tosser was cured of their peanut allergy.
  • On Day 57 Brock Forbes was cured of their peanut allergy.
  • On Day 69 Consumers attacked Nagomi Mcdaniel
  • On Day 70 Jacoby Podcast was cured of their peanut allergy.
  • On Day 76 Consumers attacked Alyssa Harrell
  • On Day 83 Consumers attacked York Silk
  • On Day 86 Consumers attacked Alyssa Harrell
  • On Day 91 Consumers attacked York Silk
  • On Day 91 Consumers attacked Adalberto Tosser
  • On Day 98 Consumers attacked Brock Forbes
  • On Day 98 Consumers attacked Logan Horseman
  • On Day 101 Consumers attacked Nagomi Mcdaniel
  • On Day 102 Consumers attacked Nagomi Mcdaniel
  • On Day 103 Consumers attacked Alyssa Harrell
  • On Day 103 Consumers attacked Nagomi Mcdaniel
  • On Day 104 Alyssa Harrell was attacked by Consumers and Redacted
  • On Day 104 Nagomi Mcdaniel was attacked by Consumers and Redacted

Notable Games

In Season 15 some notable games for the Crabs were:

Election Outcomes


  • Bats passed with 846,391 Votes, 44% of all Decree Votes



Season Overview


The following summary mixes canon events with community lore.
Despite the Crab’s strong start, season 15 was devastating for the team. To focus on some of the positives of the situation. Pedro Davids returned from Elsewhere, and immediately hit a 2-run home run on Day 2 of the regular season, and Tot Fox followed suit on Day 33, returning as --- -o-, and politely waiting until her third at-bat to score a solo home run. Team captain Kennedy Loser was also the first on the team to try out the Grind Rails - successfully landing the first trick for the Baltimore Crabs.

As the season went on however, fans were saddened by the loss of team favourite and one of only 5 original Crabs remaining on the team, Forrest Best, who was redacted late in the season. This on top of numerous consumer attacks on Nagomi Mcdaniel, Alyssa Harrell, York Silk, Adalberto Tosser, and Brock Forbes, were tough on a team already fighting off their curse from Day X. Not willing to give up yet, they took their place in the postseason.

In the third game against the Mints in the semi finals disaster struck, as both Harrell and Mcdaniel were attacked by consumers once more, reducing their Soul to 0, and removing them from the team. After losing the game the team made a comeback against the Kansas City Breath Mints, taking the semi finals, and lasted one round against the Overperforming Moist Talkers with Brock Forbes locking down the bases, and Silvaire Roadhouse hitting a three-run homerun to secure their victory.

Despite losing their three strongest players in the season, the Crabs were not ready to give up just yet. If they could survive Gods and Ascension, they could survive this.


In the Season 15 Elections, the Crabs managed to secure 0 Blood, possibly removing their blood, but with the added bonus of working against their long held curses from Day X.

Changes to the Crabs Roster were:

  • Squid Galvanic was also able to return to the Crab’s shadows in safety.
  • While he managed to shake off his Flinch, Kennedy Loser became Haunted.
  • Parker Meng joined up from the San Francisco Lovers, and unfortunately despite being a talented pitcher she did join the lineup.
  • Parker Parra was traded with longtime ace Brock Forbes leaving Forbes on the Flowers, and Parra pitching for the Crabs.
  • Luis Acevedo was traded for the up and coming Jacoby Podcast sending them off to Ohio to pitch for the Worms. Before they left however, Luis was able to pick up an infusion from the Worms, though it stands to see what the effect of this will be.
  • Finally, York Silk was called back to the Canada Moist Talkers who sent Fish Summer in their place.

With a staggering 8 roster changes since the start of the season, the Crabs were left with a 6 person lineup, and a 4 pitcher rotation, with only 6 players unchanged from Season 14.