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Echo is a player Modification which allows a player to Echo another player's modifications during games played in Feedback or Reverb weather. It first appeared on the Wyatt Masons created by the Second Wyatt Masoning.


When a player with Echo is playing in a Feedback or Reverb game, there is a chance they will copy another player's modification(s) onto themself. Modifications the player had previously Echoed would be removed. Item-based modifications are not Echoed- e.g., Echoing a player holding the Fifth Base would not cause one to become Super Roamin'. The echo is also sent to every active Receiver in the league, who gain the same modifications. In Feedback, players could Echo only from the opposing team, and in Reverb from their own.


If an Echoing player attempts to Echo another, they will instead both Echo into Static and be removed from play with no replacement.


If an Echoing player Echoes a Receiver, the Receiver will lose their Receiver modification and become an Echo instead.


The Second Wyatt Masoning

The Second Wyatt Masoning is the event that occurred during the Season 14 Latesiesta in which thirteen copies of Wyatt Mason joined the League. The Wyatts joined the rosters of teams who had chosen to build the PsychoAcoustics Renovation.

Thirteen teams chose to fund this renovation at the initial occurrence of the Latesiesta events. On the Latesiesta outcome page, each team that funded PsychoAcoustics had the following text:

[Team] tune [Ballpark] for PsychoAcoustics.

Wyatt Mason [#] was pulled through the Rift.

Wyatt Mason [#] Localized onto the [Team]’s [lineup/rotation].

Each of these teams recieved a Wyatt Mason, enumerated from II to XIII with the exception of one un-numbered Wyatt Mason. All of these new Wyatt Masons were Echoes.

Echo Player Changes

The following table contains every known instance of Echoes which resulted in either Static or a Receiver becoming an Echo.

Day Echo One Team Echo Two Team Outcome
Season 14, Day 77 Wyatt Mason IX New York Millennials Wyatt Mason XI Core Mechanics Static
Season 14, Day 78 Wyatt Mason II Breckenridge Jazz Hands Wyatt Mason V Miami Dale Static
Season 14, Day 79 Wyatt Mason Tokyo Lift Wyatt Quitter Tokyo Lift Receiver Echoed
Season 14, Day 81 Wyatt Mason VII Hellmouth Sunbeams Wyatt Mason Tokyo Lift Static
Season 14, Day 84 Wyatt Mason XII Charleston Shoe Thieves Wyatt Mason XIII Kansas City Breath Mints Static
Season 14, Day 86 Wyatt Mason III Atlantis Georgias Wyatt Mason VIII Ohio Worms Static
Season 14, Day 99 Wyatt Quitter Tokyo Lift Wyatt Mason VI Boston Flowers Static
Season 15, Day 37 Wyatt Mason X Seattle Garages NaN San Francisco Lovers Receiver Echoed

Interesting Echoes

Wyatt Mason IV and Superallergy Fraud

On Season β17, Day 21, Wyatt Mason IV Echoed Basilio Fig and became  SHELLED. They Echoed from other players several times over the course of the game, but ultimately ended up  SHELLED again from Echoing Felix Garbage. Mason IV was pitching for the entire game.

On Season β18, Day 39, Mason IV was freed from their shell by birds, giving them the Superallergic modification. Mason IV had not Echoed any players since they became shelled. Later that season, Mason IV would Echo Flattery McKinley's Alternate, but would also remain Superallergic, because it had not directly come from Echoing another player.

On Season β19, Day 71, Mason IV Echoed the now-Superallergic Flattery McKinley and gained their other mod, Alternate. However, when they Echoed Slosh Truk's Uncertain, they lost both of McKinley's modifications. This came to be known as Superallergy Fraud.

Wyatt Mason X's Performance

On Season 19, Day 23, Wyatt Mason X on the Seattle Garages Echoed Hawai'i Fridays player Lady Matsuyama's Homebody, as well as Underperforming since Matsuyama was away at the time. On Day 24, Homebody activated and gave Mason X Overperforming. However, Mason X's Underperforming never went away. Mason X continued to have both mods through both a Fridays and Mexico City Wild Wings series, until Day 28 when they echoed Magi Ruiz's Triple Threat in a Reverb game.

Megan Ito

Megan Ito was a Prehistory player for the Kansas City Breath Mints, the Prehistory Baltimore Crabs, the Canada Moist Talkers, and the Minneapolis Truckers. Ito has the Echo modification for unknown reasons, and on Season E, Day 13, they Echoed themself into Static with The Force Field.

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