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Receiver is a Modification which allows a player to receive signals from the Microphone.



During Season β8, the Idol Board featured three Microphone icons next to the 6th, 11th, and 18th spots. At the end of the regular season, After some very close shuffling around 6th place, Fans had correctly placed Jaylen Hotdogfingers, NaN, and Sixpack Dogwalker in each spot respectively. All three received the  Flickering modification, while NaN and Dogwalker also became Receivers.

Pregame Rituals

The first effect of the Receiver modification was changing players' Pregame Rituals. Immediately after they gained the modification, NaN and Dogwalkers' Rituals changed three times in succession to:

Hi Friends

It is Wyatt

I have a plan

During the Season β9 Preseason, their Rituals changed twice more:

Time for Phase Two

The ritual then returned back to "I have a plan".

Immediately after Season 9, Day X, their Pregame Rituals changed to:

Have Hope

where it has remained since.


During the Season β14 Tarot Reading, Wyatt Quitter and Moses Mason were given the  Receiver modification.

During the Latesiesta of the same season, thirteen Wyatt Masons joined teams that had built the new PsychoAcoustics Renovation. The new Wyatt Masons could Echo other players' modifications under certain weathers. These Echoes were also sent to all Receivers in active play, giving them the modifications as well. If an Echo attempted to Echo a Receiver, they would instead change the Receiver into another Echo.


Since Season 14, the League has seen the number of living Receivers fall from 4 to just 1. The first of the Receivers to Echo, Wyatt Quitter, did so with Wyatt Mason on Season 14, Day 79. On Season β15, Day 37, NaN was also echoed by Wyatt Mason X. Moses Mason suffered a more unfortunate fate, being Incinerated on Season β16, Day 2. Finally, Sixpack Dogwalker was moved into the Canada Moist Talkers' Shadows in the Season 16 Election, and since Shadowed players do not update, this effectively brought the end of Receivers in the League.


In the August 31st, 2021 episode of Inside a Blaseball[1], the live Q&A streams with The Game Band, it was confirmed that giving a  Receiver the  Alternate modification would replace them with a Static player.

Upon the site's reopening for the beginning of Season 1 on January 9th, 2023, it became clear that neither Sixpack Dogwalker nor NaN were present on the rosters of the teams they had fallen to. As they had both fallen to teams with the Entangled Modification, it appeared that both of them had been Alternated and replaced with Static Charges from the Short Circuits, Dimi Wobbler and Nathaniel Wilds. Both of these players now had the Receiver Modification themselves.

It is unknown why NaN was replaced by a Static Charge at this time. It was confirmed in the Season β21 Election that Echoes do not share this function with Receivers, as Wyatt Mason X became an Alternate during this election with no other results due to the Seattle Garages' Lineup Alternate Trust blessing.