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Static is a player Modification that removes a player entirely from their team. There are several ways a player can become Static.



Players became Static for the first time on Season β14, Day 77, when Wyatt Mason IX of the New York Millennials and Wyatt Mason XI of the Core Mechanics attempted to Echo one another. Both players were removed from their team's roster and given the Static modification in place of their Echo.

Over the course of Season 14, all but two of the Wyatt Masons Echoed each other into static, as well as Wyatt Quitter, who had previously had their Receiver made into Echo.


On Season E, Day 9, Minneapolis Truckers player Megan Ito stole The Force Field from Parker MacMillan. Parker then Super Roamed to an unknown team, leaving the Truckers  Unstable. On day 13, the Truckers were incinerated and left the League for the Hall of Flame. However, since Ito had the Force Field, they were unable to leave their current location- which was simultaneously both on the Truckers and in the League. This left Ito in a state of Superposition, causing them to Echo themself 99 times, become Static, and then drop the Force Field (which was otherwise not able to be dropped.) Ito's  Alternate, New Megan Ito, was Called to join the replacement team, the Boulders Bay Birds.


In the final Election of each Short Circuit, Fans could vote for one player on their team to Charge the Microphone, which made the player Static.

Currently Static Players

The following tables contain every player currently in Static.


Day Echo One Team Echo Two Team
Season 14, Day 77 Wyatt Mason IX New York Millennials Wyatt Mason XI Core Mechanics
Season 14, Day 78 Wyatt Mason II Breckenridge Jazz Hands Wyatt Mason V Miami Dale
Season 14, Day 81 Wyatt Mason VII Hellmouth Sunbeams Wyatt Mason Tokyo Lift
Season 14, Day 84 Wyatt Mason XII Charleston Shoe Thieves Wyatt Mason XIII Kansas City Breath Mints
Season 14, Day 86 Wyatt Mason III Atlantis Georgias Wyatt Mason VIII Ohio Worms
Season 14, Day 99 Wyatt Quitter Tokyo Lift Wyatt Mason VI Boston Flowers


Day Player Team
Season E, Day 13 Megan Ito Minneapolis Truckers

Charges, Gamma 1

Name Team
Nico Sigh Baltimore Crabs
Aku Saint Chicago Firefighters
Pigeon Poison Core Mechanics
Candy Finnegan New York Millennials
Ruth Kaneko Philly Pies
Ginny Cave Hawai'i Fridays
Kirk Grimdark Ohio Worms
Nanci Hardcore Yellowstone Magic
Vice Limousine Hades Tigers
Addison Rosemthal Houston Spies
Fozzy Otterman Hellmouth Sunbeams
Viggo Tredwell San Francisco Lovers
Merry Exit Seattle Garages
Anomaly Chamberlain LA Unlimited Tacos

Charges, Circuit 2

Name Team
Tomathan Poison Chicago Firefighters
Curtis Darkness Canada Moist Talkers
Carolina Correct Ohio Worms
Malin Jolly Seattle Garages
Grapefruit Walnut Baltimore Crabs
Agnes Caster Atlantis Georgias
Rat Love Hades Tigers
Stamp Chavez Philly Pies
Demarco Invasion Kansas City Breath Mints
Link Rodriguez Houston Spies
Nathaniel Wilds Dallas Steaks
Jackie Henry Mexico City Wild Wings
Lurch Mondavi Hellmouth Sunbeams
Apollo Coen LA Unlimited Tacos
Jutland Doubleday Yellowstone Magic
Mira Moom Core Mechanics
Lyra Vitiman Boston Flowers
Crank Heist Miami Dale
Abby Ampersand Charleston Shoe Thieves
Lady Park Hawai'i Fridays
Cara Devi New York Millennials
Claire Glaive Tokyo Lift
Irene Ortiz San Francisco Lovers
Tristen Aero Breckenridge Jazz Hands

Charges, Circuit 3

Name Team
Calliope Cooper Chicago Firefighters
Saturday Elder Canada Moist Talkers
Mindy Buck Ohio Peanuts
Mugs Ghost Seattle Garages
Monique Flowchart Baltimore Crabs
Basil Ball Atlantis Georgias
Ethan Rivet Hades Tigers
Emmanuel Cole Philly Pies
Saoirse Singh Kansas City Breath Mints
Jorge Gottwald Houston Spies
Yagami Bean Dallas Steaks
Violeta Faucet Mexico City Wild Wings
Annie Otherworld Hellmouth Sunbeams
Bella Lavender LA Unlimited Tacos
Giannis Manning Yellowstone Magic
Bees Manhattan Core Mechanics
Jose Gravy Boston Flowers
Leliel Princeton Miami Dale
Guinevere Strong Charleston Shoe Thieves
Valentina León Hawai'i Fridays
Manuela Rowdy New York Millennials
Buster Candle Tokyo Lift
Deebo Twain San Francisco Lovers
Hester Scythe Breckenridge Jazz Hands

Charges, Circuit 4

Name Team
Tube Nebula Chicago Firefighters
Lucky Runway Canada Moist Talkers
Annick McGee Ohio Worms
Dimi Wobbler Seattle Garages
Bentley Finnegan Baltimore Crabs
Gnome Calathea Hades Tigers
Penelope Video Atlantis Georgias
Ariana Beard Philly Pies
Boat Hamless Kansas City Breath Mints
Feridad Zest Houston Spies
Sassy Bribes Dallas Steaks
Lillian McKinley Mexico City Wild Wings
Julian Greene Hellmouth Sunbeams
Lila River LA Unlimited Tacos
Errol Wool Yellowstone Magic
Pedro Vixen Core Mechanics
Squid Broom Hawai'i Fridays[1]
Adeline Revelry Miami Dale
Zion Catalina Charleston Shoe Thieves
Moth Frosting Hawai'i Fridays
Loner Shelley New York Millennials
Herb Swamp Tokyo Lift
Eliot Heartfield San Francisco Lovers
Lily Cole Breckenridge Jazz Hands

Other Notes

Alternate Recievers

In the August 31st, 2021 episode of Inside a Blaseball[2], the live Q&A streams with The Game Band, it was confirmed that giving a  Receiver the  Alternate modification would replace them with a Static player. This means fans could theoretically get one of the Circuit players into the main League, something which otherwise would be impossible. Unfortunately for this plan, there have only been 4 Receivers in the history of the League: NaN, Sixpack Dogwalker, Wyatt Quitter, and Moses Mason. Of them, NaN and Wyatt Quitter were Echoed (with Quitter later Echoing into Static), Moses Mason was incinerated in Season β16, and Dogwalker has been in the Canada Moist Talkers' Shadows since the Season 16 Election.

  1. Due to a failed Feedback between the the Boston Flowers and Hawai'i Fridays, Squid Broom kept playing for the Flowers even though the game listed their team as the Fridays. This allowed Flowers fans to submit votes to charge Broom and made the Fridays appear to have charged two players.