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Homebody is a Player Modification, first seen in the Season β14 Elections.


A Player with Homebody will Overperform in their home Ballpark and Underperform otherwise.


The Homebody modification first appeared in the Season β14 Elections, as the modification granted by the Trust Will. Nagomi Nava, Chorby Short, and Lady Matsuyama received the Modification in this fashion.

Several players also received Homebody later in the Expansion Era via their other Modifications being re-rolled via the Reform Will - Velasquez Alstott's Haunted Modification in Season β17, and Liquid Friend's Attractor and Paula Turnip's Credit to the Team Modifications in Season β20.

Homebody has also been seen on a Pre-History player: Frankie Bell of the Downward Dogs, who received the modification in unknown circumstances.