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Roamin', On an Odyssey and Super Roamin' are player Modifications, granted by the Revoke or Shadow Revoke Wills and first seen in the Season β12 Elections.


Roamin' players have a chance of moving onto a non-deceased Team at the end of each Election. Roamin' players will be positioned at the end of their new team's lineup or rotation, and leave no replacement on their original team.

Players with the On an Odyssey modification gain a 2% boost to their stats each time they join a Team. This boost occurs regardless of whether this was due to the player Roaming, or other sources such as Blessings or Feedback.

Super Roamin' players will Roam at the end of every 9-day blaseball week (postseason inclusive), as well as at the end of Elections.

If a player gains Roamin', On an Odyssey, or Super Roamin' in a given election, they will Roam immediately after receiving the Modification. In all subsequent Elections, they will Roam at the end of the election after Wills and Blessings have been enacted. Roamin' and Super Roamin' players are able to Roam regardless of location, and can Roam out of the Hall of Flame, Vault, and also from a team's Shadows.


Roamin, On an Odyssey, and Pudge Just Walking Out

The first Roamin' player seen in blaseball was Pudge Nakamoto, who was Revoked from the Kansas City Breath Mints in the Season β12 Elections. Nakamoto wandered to the Charleston Shoe Thieves, and did not roam onto any other teams until Season 19.

Five additional players were Revoked, gaining the Roamin' modification, in the Season β13 Elections: Mags Banananana, Evelton McBlase II, Alejandro Leaf, Jasper Blather, and Stew Briggs.

In Season β14, Bright Zimmerman and Beck Whitney were Revoked.

In Season β18, Tad Seeth, NaN, and Agan Harrison were Shadow Revoked.

The Season β19 Elections brought several new discoveries to the Revoke and Roamin' mechanics: first, the incinerated[1] Pudge Nakamoto Roamed out of the Hall of Flame and joined the Houston Spies, notably without Debt, Returned or any other modifications associated with necromancy. Secondly, Bright Zimmerman was revoked a second time, this time by the Shoe Thieves' Shadow Revoke Will, and gained the On an Odyssey modification.

Further Roamin' players were Shadow Revoked, gaining the On an Odyssey modification: NaN and Tad Seeth in Season β21, and Mags Banananana in Season β22.

Season 22 also marked when Alejandro Leaf wandered out of the Hall of Flame - though, not to be outdone, Nakamoto was incinerated a second time on Season β23, Day 65, and roamed out of the Hall again the following election.

Super Roamin'

The Super Roamin' Fifth Base

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While Pudge Nakamoto was flippantly committing necromancy, the Season 19 elections also marked the distribution of the Super Roamin' Fifth Base, via a blessing of the same name. The Blessing was won by the Canada Moist Talkers, and the Legendary Item was given to Jesús Koch.

The Super Roamin' Fifth Base, as well as giving the wielder the Super Roamin' modification, could also be placed in a Ballpark if the player holding it was on base, and elected to steal to fifth. Koch successfully placed the base in The Oven on Season 20, Day 38, losing the Super Roamin' modification.

For further information on which players gained Super Roamin' via the Super Roamin' Fifth Base, and the teams they Roamed to and when, please consult the Legendary Item's page.

Parker MacMillan

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Following Season β21, the Library revealed a new book called An Exile. It contained the following feed message from the Season B Election:


Over the next two seasons, fans would learn about how Firewalker Parker MacMillan was Revoked from the Alaskan Immortals, Canada Artists, and the Oregon Psychics (of which the first two were subsequently incinerated). Parker, eventually Revoked three times, began Super Roamin' across the League, leaving Instability wherever they went.

After Season E, Parker was Vaulted and given The Force Field. They would hold onto it until the Semi-Centennial, where it was stolen by New Megan Ito. In the following Election, many teams recieved Roamless crates. Parker Roamed out of the Vault onto the Hawaii Fridays, and spent the rest of Season β24 Roaming between the few available teams.


  • Roamin' and Super Roamin' players cannot leave their team if they are also subject to the Force Modification.
    • Super Roamin' Parker MacMillan finished Season 24 of Blaseball on the Hades Tigers, who gained a Team version of Force when reaching the Vault. Whether the Team version of Force refers to a Team's movement on the Map, or the movement of its players, remains unknown.
  • The greatest number of Super Roams that occurred on a single day was five, on Season 24, Day 81 - on this day, Parker MacMillan roamed to the Prehistory Crabs, then the Alaskan Immortals, and finally the Seattle Garages. Castillo Turner, holding the Fifth Base at the time, roamed to the Laredo Excavators, then immediately roamed again and settled on the Mallorca Whales.
    • The exact cause of this behaviour from MacMillan and Turner remains unknown, however; it is possible the Rogue (and consequently, Deceased) status of the initially roamed-to teams forced the Super-Roamin' players to roam again.