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Wyatt Mason X was a lineup player for the Seattle Garages, and was with the team from the Second Wyatt Masoning until Fall Ball.

Official League Records

Mason X joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Seattle Garages in Season β14 as part of the Second Wyatt Masoning.

During the Season β14 elections, Mason X received the Maximalist modification as a result of the Min-Maxing blessing.

On Season β15, Day 70, Mason X became  SHELLED by echoing Oliver Loofah. Immediately after the echo, Mason X hit a flyout to Richardson Games,[1] making Mason X, along with Sixpack Dogwalker (who was pitching that game and continued to do so after receiving the echo), the first players to do anything other than field while  SHELLED.

On Season β18, Day 18, Mason X was freed from the shell by birds.

During the Season β21 elections, Mason X became an Alternate and gained the Negative modification due to the Lineup Alternate Trust blessing.

On Season β22, Day 18, Mason X retreated to the Garages' Shadows in exchange for Theodore Duende at The Hotdogfingers Memorial Climate Pledge Garage and Parking Facility via the Ratified Voicemail. On Day 20, Mason X returned to the Garages' lineup in exchange for Alaynabella Hollywood at The Hotdogfingers Memorial Climate Pledge Garage and Parking Facility via the Ratified Voicemail.


The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

In the latter half of Season 14, the Big Garage received a new acoustics system over the course of stadium renovations. During installation of this new equipment, Seattle Garages player and Sound Crew Volunteer Magi Ruiz noted a strange static coming through that sounded almost like someone talking. Members of the Garages, organized by Ruiz, came together to play a powerful, magic-infused melody that drew said static out of the speakers, revealing it to be none other than Wyatt Mason X. MaX, as xe is more commonly known, was quickly inducted into the Garages as a new player.

Mason X is fairly young (when asked, xe gave xyr age as "About 19.") and has spent xyr time on the Garages discovering xemself as a semi-corporeal entity with some unknown connection to the original Wyatt Mason. As of current writing this has been expressed primarily in two ways: first, a stated distaste for the use of ‘Wyatt' or ‘Mason' as xyr name, preferring to be known by a small assortment of nicknames, with MaX as the most common, followed by Tens or WMX; second, a continual exploration of gender through the use of different presentations and pronouns, most often finding comfort with xe/xem pronouns.

Mason X is autistic and utilizes multiple forms of communication, often depending on xyr current mood or emotional state. Xe experiences echolalia, and will often mimic others' speech, inflections, and accent. If feeling particularly overwhelmed, Mason X will dial into local radio stations to exclusively express xemself. Xe will also pepper words pulled from songs and radio broadcasts into xyr regular speech. Xe is currently expanding xyr vocabulary by learning Morse code from shadowed pitcher Ortiz Morse. Mason X's body has a tendency to "glitch out" at times, causing xem to pixelate, change color, and appear heavily visually distorted. Teammates have observed that xyr body never glitches and is at its most stable during Maximum Blaseball, noting an unusually calm sense of order surrounding xem as well as a distinct hum coming from the Big Garage's soundsystem.

The team took an instant liking to Mason X and has brought xem under its collective wing. Theodore Duende in particular has grown very protective of xem, and holds the honor of giving xem xyr first flannel. Ruiz and Mason X have been seen geeking out over audio systems together, and will often go on field trips after away games to go see the sound systems of various concert halls, theaters, and arenas. Mason X can often be found sporting a pair of custom headphones made for xem by Durham Spaceman, which xe keeps plugged into a handheld radio. The two have taken to speaking exclusively in song clips together.

Mason X is known to be terrified of echoing into static like many of the other Wyatt Masons. Xe has very little control over xyr Echoing, and tends to keep xyr distance from the Fliickerrriiing Jaylen Hotdogfingers as a result. The first known instance of xem controlling xyr Echo was when xe followed Schneider Bendie to Elsewhere in order to avoid what many think is xyr eventual fate. When asked about Mason X's location, Duende just mumbled, "Look, I have no idea where xe is but I… I just hope xe's safe. That's all I care about. I know xe won't be around long, given everything, but..." Duende trailed off here and ended the interview soon after.

After Mason X's return from Elsewhere, xe formed a fast bond with newly resurrected pitcher Chorby Soul, the two relating on their unknown dire fates. It is theorized this bond is why Mason X kept the Debt modification xe had echoed from Soul for 45 days, nearly half of the season.

Upon the shelling of fellow player Oliver Loofah, Mason X took to speaking to her via Morse code on the outside of the shell. After learning she was getting lonely in there, Mason X took it upon xemself to echo her, shelling xemself as well so that they might be less lonely. The two then took to playing video games together, namely DLOOM, before Loofah was traded to Charleston in Season 16.

Relationships with the Other Wyatt Masons

Due to most of the other Wyatt Masons who appeared as part of the Second Masoning echoing into static before the end of Season 14, Mason X wasn’t able to get to know them before they were gone. The sole exception to this is Wyatt Mason IV, who was the other survivor. Despite Mason X being Elsewhere for the duration of the Offseason following Season 14, the two of them formed a close bond through a mental link shared by the Second Masoning Wyatts.

As the only other Wyatt Mason still active in the league, Mason X has a strong protective instinct towards Mason IV. Xe sees them as a younger sibling and is supportive of them in everything they do. If Mason X thinks something xe can do will help Mason IV, xe’ll do it without hesitation. Most notably, Mason X was able to take advantage of xer glitchy nature to “clip” Mason IV out of their shell after they were Shelled on Season 17 Day 21 (although they were still unable to play according to league regulations). Mason X worries constantly about their safety, and was especially frantic upon learning Mason IV had been traded to the Dallas Steaks in Season 19.

Mason X often skips practice to visit Mason IV, usually without warning either of their teams. The two of them are notorious for causing mischief while together. When they’re not pranking people or otherwise goofing off, the two of them can be found playing video games together or just hanging out and talking about anything. Mason IV being traded to different teams has done nothing to deter xem from this.

Apart from Mason IV, Mason X’s closest friend is NaN. NaN’s quest to find their identity struck a chord in Mason X; as someone who wants to find out who xe is, Mason X looks up to NaN as someone who also has a complicated sense of self relating to their connection to the original Wyatt Mason. NaN’s glitchiness also helped Mason X feel more secure about xer own state of existence.

The two met after Mason X echoed Elsewhere on Season 14 Day 97; NaN was pulled Elsewhere as well due to being a Receiver, but didn’t seem to mind and was excited to get to talk to a Wyatt face-to-face. NaN asked Mason X several questions about the Microphone, and in return Mason X asked about NaN’s adventure. Xe was worried about disappointing NaN with xer lack of answers, but instead they formed a fast friendship.

NaN and Mason X didn’t meet again until Season 15 Day 37, when the Garages played against the San Francisco Lovers in Feedback weather. Despite xer best efforts, Mason X echoed NaN, turning them into an Echo like xemself. They both survived the encounter without echoing into static, but Mason X still feels guilt over the event due to putting xer friend (and xemself) in danger. Xe became protective of NaN as well soon after.

The trio of Mason X, Mason IV, and NaN is difficult to separate; Mason X keeps in contact with NaN as they travel and ropes them into whatever xe’s getting up to with Mason IV when xe can. As a gesture of their friendship, NaN added a patch to Mason X’s flannel, while Mason X gave NaN a flannel of their own in case they ever joined the Garages.


  • Mason X's favorite music genres are hyperpop and PC Music, but xe also has a soft spot for more "normie hipster" music.
  • Mason X sleeps inside the PA system. Occasionally xyr snores will echo out onto the field at night.
  • Mason X considers xemself the "grungiest Wyatt Mason," and can often be found wearing band tees, tights under torn up shorts, and chokers, alongside xyr signature red and blue flannel.
  • Mason X is a singer and music producer. During performances, xe likes to connect into guitar pedals in order to process xyr voice.
  • Mason X often struggles with the idea of killing all gods, due in part to the unknown status of whether or not The Microphone is a god. This has put xem at odds with other teammates at times, particularly with Mike Townsend.
  • Mason X is the seventh ILB player to have completed the spicy food challenge at the Hot Sauce Bar and Grill, after echoing Conner Haley's craving for the meal in Season β19.

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