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Shelled is a Player Modification first seen in Season β6.


Players who are Shelled are trapped inside a big Peanut, making them unable to bat or pitch. Players who are Shelled are also immune to incineration.[1]

In most cases, Players who are Shelled can only be freed if they are pecked free by Birds. This causes them to gain the Superallergic modification.

If a Shelled player is sent Elsewhere by a Salmon Cannon, when they return, the text reads "[Player] has rolled back from Elsewhere!" instead of the usual text.


Discipline Era

The Shelled modification was first introduced in the Discipline Era. On Season β6 Day 99, after games ended, The Shelled One appeared, angry that all of its "progeny" were not above the red line marking the top three of the Idol Leaderboard. The two non-Peanut players that were above the line, Jessica Telephone and Nagomi Mcdaniel, became Shelled.

During Season 7, the red line moved lower, putting the top ten players on the Idol Leaderboard at risk of being Shelled. The fans of the LA Unlimited Tacos attempted The Snackrifice, seeing what would happen if every single pitcher of theirs was Shelled. Their plan worked, with all five Tacos pitchers -- Francisca Sasquatch, Sexton Wheerer, Patel Beyonce, Alejandro Leaf, and Wyatt Pothos -- being Shelled at the end of Day 99, alongside Axel Trololol and PolkaDot Patterson.

On Season 7 Day 63, while playing under Birds Weather, Jessica Telephone was pecked free from her shell, losing the Shelled modification and gaining Superallergic.

In Season 8, the red line moved upwards, meaning only the top 5 players were at risk. On Day 99, Pitching Machine, York Silk, and Jessica Telephone (again) became Shelled.

During Season β9, Weather became Enhanced, and during games with Peanuts weather, a Giant Peanut had the chance to fall onto the field. Most of the time, it landed harmlessly, but on Day 46, LA Unlimited Tacos hitter Wyatt Quitter was Shelled by one of these Giant Peanuts. Additionally, two players were Unshelled during Season 9. The first was PolkaDot Patterson, who was freed by The Monitor due to being the highest Shelled player on the Idol Leaderboard on Day 99. Patterson did not become Supperallergic, instead gaining the Squiddish modification. Nagomi Mcdaniel was freed by Birds on day 103.

At the end of the Season β9 Playoffs, The Shelled One moved all currently Shelled players to a new team, THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS, replacing Shelled with Honey Roasted in the process. These players remained on the PODS until they were defeated by The Hall Stars on Season β10 Day X, falling to random teams.

Expansion Era

During the Expansion Era, players with the Honey Roasted modification gained the ability to shell players on the opposing team during Peanuts weather. This was first seen on Season β12 Day 37, when Wyatt Quitter "tasted the infinite" and shelled Houston Spies batter Denzel Scott. The history of Shelled Players in the Expansion Era can be found below:

Shelled Player Team Date Shelled Date Freed
Denzel Scott Houston Spies Season 12 Day 37 Season 13 Day 105
Nerd Pacheco Hellmouth Sunbeams Season 12 Day 56 Season 18 Day 28
Stephanie Winters Mexico City Wild Wings Season 12 Day 84 Season 15 Day 113
Oliver Loofah Seattle Garages Season 15 Day 51 Season 16 Day 95
Rodriguez Internet Kansas City Breath Mints Season 17 Day 5 Season 17 Day 49
Felix Garbage LA Unlimited Tacos Season 17 Day 14 Season 18 Day 62
Basilio Fig LA Unlimited Tacos Season 17 Day 14 Season 19 Day 3
Quack Enjoyable Seattle Garages Season 17 Day 16 Season 19 Day 20
Joe Voorhees Hellmouth Sunbeams Season 17 Day 75 Still Shelled
Comfort Septemberish Houston Spies Season 18 Day 9 Season 18 Day 88
Flattery McKinley Atlantis Georgias Season 19 Day 10 Season 19 Day 63
Kelvin Drumsolo Core Mechanics Season 20 Day 24 Season 21 Day 2
Lucien Patchwork Canada Moist Talkers Season 21 Day 93 Still Shelled
Cudi Di Batterino Tokyo Lift Season 22 Day 25 Still Shelled

  1. This was first seen in Season 24 Day 33, when Umpires tried to incinerate Lucien Patchwork, who was Shelled at the time. The Shelled modification blocked them from being Incinerated.