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The Tokyo Lift are an Internet League Blaseball team in the Chaotic Evil Division of the Evil Conference. They have been a part of the league since the Season β10 Election, after the ascension of the Baltimore Crabs. They previously competed in the Wild High Division of the Wild League.


Current Roster

Lineup Rotation

Player History

For a list of all former players, see Category:Former Tokyo Lift Players.

Coronation Era Player History

Date Removed Added Cause
Toggle Intrateam Moves (Fax, Voicemail, etc.)
FB 01 Ankle Halifax Fell to 👟 Fall Ball Beta Lift player
FB 01 Engine Eberhardt Fell to 🍗 Fall Ball Beta Lift player
FB 01 Frankie Incarnate Fell to 🔥 Fall Ball Beta Lift player
FB 01 - Silvia Rugrat 🍗 Fall Ball
FB 02 - Barry Burkhard 🥩 Fall Ball
FB 03 - Farrell Seagull 🐌 Fall Ball
FB 05 - Natha Spruce 🗣️ Fall Ball
FB 06 Chibodee Alighieri Fell to 🛠️ Fall Ball Beta Lift player
FB 06 - Roscoe Sundae 🍗 Fall Ball
FB 07 Zelda Highway Fell to 🌹 Fall Ball Beta Lift player
FB 07 Terrell Bradley Fell to 🕵️ Fall Ball Beta Lift player
FB 07 Sheri Friday Fell to 🛠️ Fall Ball Beta Lift player
FB 07 - Rush Valenzuela 🔥 Fall Ball
FB 08 Grollis Zephyr Fell to 🌞 Fall Ball Beta Lift player
FB 08 - Juice Collins 🏝️ Fall Ball
FB 09 Yusef Fenestrate Fell to 🦀 Fall Ball Beta Lift player
FB 09 - Tiana Takahashi 🥧 Fall Ball
FB 10 Jana Beats Fell to 📱 Fall Ball Beta Lift player
FB 10 - Tad Blortles 🌹 Fall Ball
01 01 00 - Gumdrop Che Amran 🏋️‍ Newly hatched
01 01 01 - Özlem Suttner 🏋️‍ Newly hatched
01 01 02 - Katy Hermoso 🏋️‍ Newly hatched
01 01 03 - Aya Chartreuse 🏋️‍ Newly hatched
01 05 Theodore Honeywell Fell to 🏝️ Horizon Beta Lift player
01 06 Natha Spruce Kaj Murphy 🛠️ Horizon
01 07 - James Nolan 🎸 Horizon Buried on lineup
01 39 - Summers Preston 🍗 Horizon Buried on lineup
01 67 Chandra Blortles Fell to 🎸 Horizon Beta Lift player
02 01 - Zephyr McCloud 🐅 Can't Lose
02 02 Zephyr McCloud Joined 🐅 Can't Lose
02 03 - Zephyr McCloud 🐅 Can't Lose
02 06 Zephyr McCloud Joined 🌞 Can't Lose
02 54 Özlem Suttner Joined 🦀 Can't Lose
02 55 - Zephyr McCloud Can't Lose
02 57 Zephyr McCloud Joined Can't Lose

Season Results

For more detailed Season Results, check out the Tokyo Lift’s Season Results Hub.

Coronation Era

Season Wins Record Postseason Season Summary
1 - The Return(s) 29 29-61 Entered Party Time on Day 69 NEW Max Out Batter maxed out Gumdrop Che Amran's Zone, making them Red Hot.
2 - Official Review 33 33-57 Entered Party Time on Day 74 The Rogue Strike blessing caused a Rogue Umpire to incinerate Johnnyboy Aster of the Ohio Worms, and gave the Lift Strike One.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.



Founded by Stijn Strongbody as a delayed response to the events of 1997, the Tokyo Lift are still a fairly new franchise, having only participated in ■■ seasons in the East Asian Minor League before being promoted to the Internet League. Before Season β8 of the Internet League, however, they had never fielded a single player other than Val Hitherto pitching and Stijn Strongbody batting. Thus, they were never able to play any games. (When asked, both claim not to remember this era, and, indeed, it might be in their personal futures.)

During Season 8, Stijn signed Fernanda "Nandy" Slumps to a coaching position, a first for the team. The Golden Age player was "reluctant" to return to the game, so she accepted on the stipulation that she also be put in charge of signings. She then immediately offered herself a contract as the Lift's second pitcher, which she happily accepted, quitting her previous job. Between Seasons β9 and β10, the roster of the Lift was assembled, using The Legscraper, an old gambling prize of Nandy's, as a home base.

Strangely, they did not seem to be affected by the aftershocks of 1997 present on the land.

Joining the ILB

At the end of Season 10, the freshly assembled team watched with bated breath as the Hall Stars faced off against THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS, and were delighted when they, of all minor teams, were selected to ascend to the Internet League. Shortly after, the team discovered an unconscious Wyatt Quitter in the ruins of a Tokyo road, already wearing their uniform.

During Season β11, the team endeavored to do as badly as possible to enter Party Time first, reasoning that a good first impression is key and that hosting Party Time is "a very, very good first impression". The team's efforts were not in vain; the Lift tied the Hawai'i Fridays' Party Time speedrun of 73 days, with many of their wins resulting from weather effects.

Following the Coffee Cup, Light & Sweet Electric Co. players Beck Whitney, Wyatt Quitter, and Lance Serotonin decided to try to get their teams together for a movie night. First proposed by Whitney to Quitter in the team's dugout as a way to meet up with some of the Wild Low players once again, Lance overheard and decided to rope the rest of the Lift in. Ever since, the Lift and the Miami Dale have bonded over their shared love of such franchises as Flast and Flurious, Cats (20XX), and MVP2: Most Vertical Primate.


Team Culture

The culture of the Lift highly emphasizes physical activity and striving to be the best you can be. This mentality does not focus on setting any kind of records, or even winning, whether that be in Blaseball, bench weight, or speedrun times. The Lift are driven to achieve "gains" in all things, with the often used chant "Nowhere to Lift but Up" being indicative of this. They know that gains are not linear, emphasizing the process of trying and failing over staying stagnant. This, of course, takes a backseat to mental health and self care; if pushing yourself will cause harm either physically or mentally, it is discouraged.

Fan Culture

Their fans show a similar level of devotion to self care and gainfulness, pushing themselves and those around them to be the best "them" they can be. Individual Lift players have their own distinct followings (the feel-good Lancers, the environmentalist group Lotus Blossoms, a troupe of close-harmony drag artists called the Slumpettes) but the Lift home crowd is hugely supportive of every player. This even extends to visiting teams, many of whom describe being briefly thrown off their stroke by a sea of fans in hot pink shirts chanting their approval.



The Legscraper was constructed after Nandy Slumps obtained the deeds to Tokyo Dilsneyland in a game of Mahjong. She had previously obtained the legs in an unrelated incident.


The Legscraper contains a regulation Blaseball field with seating as the top floor, with elevators going from the stands to other floors, such as concessions, gyms, and the central elevator, which itself connects the top floors and the bottom floors, giving the skyscraper the appearance of a dumbbell. The thickness of the central tower is attributed to Lift players' personal rooms, which are themselves ever-shifting in layout and linked by other independent elevators.

The bottom floors contain parking, gyms, and the tower's "driver's seat", which is customarily operated by Nandy Slumps.


The Tokyo Lift’s summer uniform consists of either a crop top and pants, or a unitard — controversially, booty shorts are permitted. The winter uniform consists of a unitard, pants, and a jersey. However, due to a wide range of body types and expertise the Lift uniform is freely modifiable by any team member. Notable modifications have included extra layers, skirts, assorted sports gear, and for some, forgoing the uniform entirely. In an interview, team co-captain Stijn Strongbody said: “We felt it was important to allow as many options as possible. While group cohesion is important, we didn't want it at the expense of the individual player's needs. Also, pink works with anyone.”.

The Lift’s home game colors consist of black and pink whilst their away colors consist of white and pink.



The Tokyo Lift are co-captained by Lance Serotonin and Stijn Strongbody, who also founded the team.


200% Beef Hotdog 'N Chips the Third (Chips) the Maned Wolf serves as the team's mascot along with a more traditional mascot in the form of Kumuscle.

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