Tokyo Lift (Gamma 3)

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DANGER! High Voltage!
This page is about an alternate universe Short Circuits Team. For the mainline Team, see the Tokyo Lift.

The Tokyo Lift are a Gamma 3 Internet League Blaseball team in the Frozen Sea Division of the Sea League. They have been a part of Gamma 3 since Gamma 3, Season 1. After the Microphone shorted out in Gamma 3, their status is unknown.


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Lineup Rotation

Night Shift

Shadows Transactions

Season Results

Gamma 3, Season 1

45-54 season record; Party Time day unknown In the Gamma 3, Season 1, Midseason Elections the Lift received Hand Warmers Amplifications, granting them a small Pitching boost.

The Lift finished 18th in the league and 5th in their division. In the Gamma 3, Season 1, Elections the Lift voted to Discharge Pitcher Buster Candle.