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In Season β23, the Lift had one of their best performances to date, finishing with a record of 68-31 and easily qualifying for the Overbracket. They lost to the Ohio Worms in the first round. The team were largely uninvolved in the Semi-Centennial, with the exception of Super-Roamin' new arrival Dunlap Figueroa in the team's shadows. In the election, the team decided to become Roamless.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Notable Events


  • Teamicon lift.png
    Night + - 3,734,011 Coins Spent
  • Teamicon lift.png
    Stables - 3,688,785 Coins Spent

Following this Latesiesta, the modifications Fax Machine and Stables were Ratified, causing them to be removed from all Ballparks (including the Gym) and made into Non-Physical Law.

Gift Shop

  • Teamicon lift.png
    Lift received 2 Gifts! - 5,174,176 coins contributed
    • Top Contributors:
    • Teamicon lift.png
      Late to the Party, Team Edition - Wishlist #1
    • Teamicon lift.png
      Steel Chair Drop - Wishlist #2
      • Ankle Halifax dropped Bat.
        • - Bat
      • Ankle Halifax gained Metaphorical Lucky Aluminum Steel Chair.
        • + Metaphorical Lucky Aluminum Steel Chair
        • +  Steeled
        • Overall 16.4 -> 16.4 + 1.0

The Lift were also top contributors for the Baltimore Crabs and Mexico City Wild Wings.

Roster Changes

Phantom Thieves Guild

Day Player Stolen Team Stealing
4 Quack Hookrace Chicago Firefighters
40 Spits Strongbody LA Unlimited Tacos
76 Nandy Slumps Mexico City Wild Wings
79 Steals Mondegreen Chicago Firefighters

Fax Machine and Voicemail

Day Player Replaced Player Incoming Renovation Used
39 Terrell Bradley Uncle Plasma XIV Fax Machine
39 Elwin McGhee Cicero Gubbins Voicemail
54 Uncle Plasma XIV Terrell Bradley Fax Machine
106 Silvaire Semiquaver Uncle Plasma XIV Fax Machine

Roamin' Players

  • Dunlap Figueroa super roamed to the Lift's Shadows via The Fifth Base on Day 117. Figueroa left the Lift's roster to join the Rising Stars for the Semi-Centennial exhibition match. During the match, Figueroa's Fifth Base was stolen, and they returned to the Lift's shadows after the match.

Election Results

Party Favors

  • Team Roamless Crate passed with 137,441 Votes, 51% of all Decree Votes


  • scoring play
      • +  Under Review


Post Election

Season Overview

The Lift had a strong season, made stronger with help from Fax and Voicemail. They finished at the top of the Wild High division for their first time in team history, and qualified as 3rd seed in the Overbracket. They ultimately lost in their first series against the Ohio Worms.

In lieu of decrees, this season's elections had Party Favors. The Lift elected to receive the Roamless modification, preventing any Roamin' players from joining the roster. The team also received the Under Review modification from the Reader.

The Lift won the Hitting Flotation Bubble, which blessed the entire Wild High division. However, they lost stalwart pitcher Silvaire Semiquaver to the LA Unlimited Tacos' Gachapon blessing.