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Summers Preston is a lineup player for the Mexico City Wild Wings, and has been with the team since the Season 20 elections. Preston has played for the Miami Dale.

Official League Record

Preston joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Mexico City Wild Wings with the Return of Blaseball.

Preston suffered an allergic reaction to swallowing a peanut during an early game in Season 3, an event that was temporally undone by the Grand Unslam.

During a Season 7, Day 105 playoffs game against the Seattle Garages, Preston was hit by a pitch thrown by Jaylen Hotdogfingers. Preston became Unstable, greatly increasing the chance of being incinerated, until day 108.

During the Coffee Cup, Preston played for FWXBC as a lineup player.

On Season 12, Day 42, Preston swallowed a peanut and suffered an allergic reaction.

During the Season 13 elections, Preston's combined stats changed from 4.7 -> 11.9 as a result of the Wild Wings' Infuse will.

On Season 15, Day 30, Preston swallowed a peanut and suffered an allergic reaction.

During the Season 15 elections, Preston's batting changed from 3.0 -> 4.5 and baserunning decreased from 1.0 -> 0.8 as a result of the Wild Wings' Transfuse will.

On Season 17, Day 52, Preston was exchanged to the Miami Dale due to Feedback. Preston was replaced by Nagomi Mcdaniel.

Preston was traded to the Mexico City Wild Wings in exchange for Trinity Smaht during the Season 20 elections via the Wild Wings' Equivalent Exchange will.

During the Season 22 elections, Preston gained the Subtractor modification as a result of the Subtractor Avoidance blessing.


The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Preston is the nice breeze that comes on a sweltering August day. She is known for her cooling presence, both literally and figuratively. She is in a seasonal romance with her teammate, Stephanie Winters. Her nicknames include "The Wind Beneath Our Wings' Wings" and "Darling Zephyr" (though the latter is for Winters only).

Play Style

Preston floats her uniform and bat aloft, gliding gracefully up to the plate. When the ball is hit to her she guides it to her teammates to make the play. They then also receive a sense memory of a long lost love or childhood friend when she brushes across their face.

She can really nail a dinger.

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