Tokyo Lift/Season 1

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In Season 1, the Tokyo Lift debuted their new Coronation Era team and promptly set the new era's Party Time speed run record.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Roster Changes


Day Player Fell from Fell onto
06 Kaj Murphy 🛠️ Natha Spruce
07 James Nolan 🎸 n/a
39 Summers Preston 🍗 n/a

Election Results


  • Teamicon lift.png
    NEW Max Out Batter

Season Overview

The new Tokyo Lift began their first season in the same style as the beta Tokyo Lift: badly. The team's weak pitching and weak defense combined to force a meteoric drop in performance. The Lift entered Party Time on Day 69, just barely beating out the Chicago Firefighters, who would go on to be the worst team in the league. Despite the team's less-than-spectacular performance, batter Roscoe Sundae posted 26 home runs in the season, which Facts Machine reported as a tie for fourth-most in the league.

On Day 6 of the season, Core Mechanics shadow player Kaj Murphy fell from the Black Hole. Unlike other Horizon-weather falls, Murphy did not fall to parts unknown: instead, they fell onto Lift batter Natha Spruce. Murphy was the first player in the league to do so, and they took Spruce's spot in the lineup. Spruce, originally missing in action, was later revealed to be in the Lift's shadows.

In the elections, batter Gumdrop Che Amran was awarded the NEW Max Out Batter blessing.