Tokyo Lift (Gamma 1)

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This page is about an alternate universe Short Circuits Team. For the mainline Team, see the Tokyo Lift.

The Tokyo Lift are a Gamma 1 Internet League Blaseball team in the Solid Good Division of the Solid League. They have been a part of Gamma 1 since Gamma 1, Season 1. The Microphone shorted out following Gamma 1, Season 2 and their present status is unknown.


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Lineup Rotation
  • Skylar Dogbone
  • Badger Rivera
  • Paisley McGhee
  • Bianca House
  • Anita Spline
  • Leliel Curtana
  • Lavaughn Shrimpin
  • Darren Wilson
  • Curt Stroll
  • Quin Starling

Roster Changes


Night Shift

Postseason Births

  • Darren Wilson (Season 1)
  • Cort Stroll (Season 2)

Unknown Origin

  • Quin Starling (appeared on roster following Season 2)

Fate Unknown

All records of this roster only have four pitchers in the rotation. It is likely that there was a fifth pitcher that was selected to be Charged, and their name did not appear in the Feed at any point.

Season Results

Season 1

71-49 record; 3-4 postseason record

The Tokyo Lift had a strong showing in Gamma 1, Season 1. Despite some roster changes in the middle of the season, including a Feedback and a Night Shift, the Lift qualified for the postseason. The team defeated the Hawai'i Fridays 3-1 in the Division Series, but they were swept 0-3 by the Philly Pies in the Solid League Championship Series.

In the Season 1 Elections, the Lift won the More Muscles Amplification, which boosted the batting of the Lift's lineup.

Season 2

71-49 record; 0-3 postseason record

The Tokyo Lift managed to repeat their strong performance, including finishing with the same record and finishing second in their division. However, in this postseason, the team was swept 0-3 in the Division Series by the Miami Dale.