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Season Ξ²22 was one of the Tokyo Lift's worse seasons to date. They placed 23rd in the league and entered Party Time on Day 77. Adding insult to injury, all-arounder Cudi Di Batterino was Shelled early in the season. It was a difficult season for the Lift, characterized by poor performance. Also, they made it to the Internet Series, where they were defeated by the Kansas City Breath Mints. Go Lift!

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Notable Events


Gift Shop

The Lift were also top contributors for the Mexico City Wild Wings and Chicago Firefighters.

Roster Changes


Day Shelling Player Team Shelled Player Team
25 Peanutiel Duffy Chicago Firefighters Cudi Di Batterino Tokyo Lift

Fax Machine and Voicemail

Day Player Replaced Player Incoming Renovation Used
86 Ankle Halifax Mags Banananana Fax Machine
104 Cudi Di Batterino Ankle Halifax Voicemail
114 Uncle Plasma XIV Cudi Di Batterino Fax Machine

Peanut Allergies

Day Player Event
3 Terrell Bradley Allergy cured by Peanut Mister


Day Player Cause Return Day Duration Scattered name
13 Terrell Bradley Tunnels 37 24 days Te-re-- Bra--e-
70 Theodore Honeywell Flooding 89 19 days Th-o-ore Hon-yw-ll


Day Siphoning Player Team Stat Siphoned Player Team
46 Rigby Friedrich Atlantis Georgias Pitching Elwin McGhee Tokyo Lift


Day Player
79 Domino Bootleg
81 Knight Triumphant
82 Domino Bootleg
84 Theodore Honeywell
84 Kline Greenlemon
85 Silvaire Semiquaver
85 Terrell Bradley
93 Grollis Zephyr
94 Mags Banananana
94 Theodore Honeywell
96 Domino Bootleg
97 Domino Bootleg
99 Cudi Di Batterino

Roamin' Players

Election Results


  • Teamicon lift.png
    Item Steal
    • The Lift chose to take Underhanded Arm Socks of Intelligence and gave it to Silvaire Semiquaver.
    • Wanda Schenn's Underhanded Arm Socks of Intelligence was taken by Silvaire Semiquaver!
      • - Underhanded Arm Socks of Intelligence
      • -  Underhanded
      • Overall 16.4 + 2.0 -> 16.4 + 0.7
    • Silvaire Semiquaver dropped Leg Glove.
      • - Leg Glove
      • Overall 16.0 + 0.4 -> 16.0
    • Silvaire Semiquaver took Wanda Schenn's Underhanded Arm Socks of Intelligence!
      • + Underhanded Arm Socks of Intelligence
      • +  Underhanded
      • Overall 16.0 -> 16.0 + 1.3
    • Silvaire Semiquaver's Underhanded Arm Socks of Intelligence were repaired.
      • 3 ●●●○ -> 4 ●●●●
    • Item Steal - 18% of all Lift Will Votes
      This Filing - 32% of Lift Item Steal Votes
      Final Odds - 6% chance of happening.
  • Teamicon lift.png
    Shadow Revoke
  • Teamicon lift.png
    Equivalent Exchange


Post Election

Season Overview

The Lift experienced one of their worst seasons to date, placing 23rd in the entire ILB. Their season was characterized by a series of parties. Additionally, after shelling four players on other teams throughout the Expansion Era, the Lift received a taste of their own medicine when Peanutiel Duffy shelled the newly-returned-to-Tokyo Cudi Di Batterino.

Despite their poor performance, the Lift were selected as Wild Cards for the Overbracket before they could enter the Underbracket. Undeterred, the Lift used a combination of bad pitching and luck to utilize the League's large number of sun-related rules and lose so badly that they kept winning matches. The Lift made it all the way to the championship series, where they were promptly and enthusiastically swept by the Kansas City Breath Mints.

The Lift once again received a Free Will this election. They used their first Will to give Silvaire Semiquaver an Underhanded item and improve their pitching. The second Will shadow revoked a recently-faxed Mags Banananana, who roamed to the Canada Moist Talkers. Their third and final Will went towards reversing an earlier trade and bringing Engine Eberhardt back to Tokyo in exchange for Knight Triumphant going back to the Dallas Steaks. While the Lift received no blessings, they were affected by two blessings from other teams: Kline Greenlemon became a Subtractor, Grollis Zephyr began Skipping, and Flattery Strewnberry was stolen by the Seattle Garages.