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Farrell Seagull is a player for the Tokyo Lift and has been with the team since Fall Ball. Seagull has previously played for the Miami Dale, Seattle Garages, Philly Pies, and Ohio Worms.

Official League Records

Seagull joined the ILB as a batter for the Miami Dale with the Return of Blaseball.

On Season β4, Day 36, Seagull was exchanged to the Seattle Garages due to Feedback. Seagull was replaced by Avila Guzman.

On Season β8, Day 102, Seagull was exchanged to the Philly Pies due to Feedback. Seagull was replaced by Summers Pony.

Seagull was traded to the Ohio Worms in exchange for Huber Frumple during the Season β12 elections via the Exchange will.

During the Season β19 earlsiesta Seagull was given the Uncertain modification as part of the seasonal reading.

During Season β22, Day 73, Seagull retreated to the Worms' Shadows in exchange for Susananana Portmanteau at the Wapakoneta Air, Space, and Worm Museum and Ballpark via the Ratified Voicemail.

During the November 11, 2022 Fall Ball, Seagull fell to the Tokyo Lift.

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Party Animals

While in Miami, Seagull was a member-founder of the Party Animals.

Art Career in Miami

Seagull rose to fame as an artist following her design of the beloved "Don't Talk to Me Before I've Had My Blaseball" mug and subsequent gifting of a one-of-a-kind "World’s #1 Blaseball Commissioner" mug to the Commissioner. She joined the Dale in Season β1 as the team's Official Artist in Residence and presented one of her award-winning performance art pieces for the entire duration of every Dale game in which she played. Seagull was also a frequent contributor to the Wlynwood Walls, a collection of ever-changing outdoor murals painted on the walls of the deadly labyrinth where Miami Animal Control puts all the alligators that get into people's pools.

Life in Seattle

Farrell Seagull came over to the Seattle Garages due to a feedback swap on Season β4, Day 36. She decided to stay after seeing the Seattle Gum Wall, vowing she wouldn't leave until she "destroyed this monument to the depravity of man". Seagull destroyed the wall at the end of Season 4, revealing the portal to Dark Seattle. Despite having just found a rift to another dimension, she was far more perturbed that the Gum Wall rebuilt itself 12 hours after having been destroyed. Seagull took to traveling to Dark Seattle frequently, gathering information and committing art crimes. It is rumored that Seagull is partly behind the uprising that lead to the events in Operation DEBT Collection.

Seagull had a close friendship with Ron Monstera, co-creating and co-hosting the quarterly performance art showcase SEAMONSTER. The two collaborated on gathering intel on Dark Seattle and Monstera's mysterious M chord.

A lifelong trumpet player, Seagull joined up with Oliver Mueller to make sure Ska never dies in the band. She still travels to Seattle frequently via The Beck and Call to collaborate on music with the band, which consists of Betsy Trombone (drums), Ollie Mueller (Chapman Stick), Pitching Machine (Trombone), and Summers Pony (Saxophone).

Move to Philly

When the Flickering and dangerously large Summers Pony approached the Garages' dugout midgame, Seagull volunteered to take their place on the Pies. Asked to comment on the decision, she stated: "if anyone on the Garages was going to Philly, it was me. It's an opportunity to explore my art and I'm not gonna turn that down." Despite the circumstances, Seagull quickly fit in with the team, happily reuniting with fellow former Garages player Lang Richardson, bonding with Betsy Trombone over a love of ska, and establishing the Philly chapter of the Party Animals with Beasley Day, Nicholas Mora, and Jaxon Buckley's hlorse Fl'tch'r. Unable to make proper introductions with the shelled Jessica Telephone, she opted to paint a commemorative piece on the peanut encasing her. After the game, Seagull toured around the downtown, visiting and photographing all the murals, graffiti and street art she could find, before ending her journey on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Settling Down in Ohio

After the Breach, Seagull had submitted a trade request to the Ohio Worms in hopes to learn more about the event and dig deeper into the rumors about a Wormhole highway system that led into alternative universes. She had gotten what she wished for.

Seagull and Pitching Machine had become ILB veterans for the Worms, guiding them through the early seasons and leading the team to Party Time. Seagull was also quick to establish the Ohio Chapter of Party Animals like she had in Miami, Seattle, and Philadelphia.

Art exploration in Ohio led her to knitting and crocheting which became bonding activities between her and Muse Scantron. Her art career had evolved to yarn bombing across Ohio, personalizing cold public places. However, after becoming friends with Cantus Hojo, Seagull transitioned to seed bombing.

Seagull still indulges in her new hobbies, partnering up with Scantron to give the team new clothing, uniforms and accessories.

Currently, Seagull and Hojo schedule around the seasons to travel and seed bomb Ohio. A popular location is the Cuyahoga River, a site of frequent river fires that Rivers Rosa fights. They hope to clean up the area and reduce chemical ground pollution by growing plants that won’t die in the soil.

Seagull is also a caretaker of the Augusta Chadwell Memorial Park and Promenade as she has experience with murals and public exhibitions. After the incineration of her old teammate and friend, Allison Abbott, Seagull has taken up zines to honor old players.

Her work, enthusiasm and care have established her as a leader within the team.

Notable Works

Performance Art

  • Jock of Seagulls
  • Blood and Fire
  • Almost Never Finding Home: Mediocrity in Blaseball
  • It’s My French Fry Now Mother F*****
  • Pain and Peanuts (A Squawquel to Blood and Fire)
  • Do Not Feed[BACK] the Seagull (Final Miami Performance!!)
  • Ley Lines (I, II, III) (with Ron Monstera)
  • Walls Where Our Hearts Could Have Been
  • Save Your Violence For Me (A Ball's Lament) (performed at SEAMONSTER)


  • Please Umps, Help Me to Survive This Deadly Love
  • Worldwide Flock #1-#305
  • When the Sun is Gone All Life is Nightlife
  • Do These Birds Have Souls?
  • Speedboating at the End of the World
  • Dale Para Siempre: La Pasión de Passon

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