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SEAMONSTER is a quarterly performance art showcase created and hosted by Farrell Seagull and Ron Monstera of the Seattle Garages, usually taking place at the Hotdogfingers Memorial Climate Pledge Garage And Parking Facility Center For The Performing Arts Performance Space, in Seattle. It consists in a series of short-form performances, curated by Seagull, set to live music, performed by Monstera, with occasional contributions by Seattle-area experimental noisecore musicians and mystics.


Following her departure from Miami after the feedback event which made her swap teams with Avila Guzman, Seagull sought to establish a new body of work in Seattle, inspired by local landmarks. This caught the attention of Monstera, himself interested in Seattle's locations of strong ritual power, as part of his composing process. Very quickly, the two of them started floating around the idea of a collaboration, leading up to their first performance together, Ley Lines I, featuring improvised painting and ambient music done at the corner of Colombia and 5th. In the following weeks, several other performances followed, including Ley Lines II, Ley Lines III, and Walls Where Our Hearts Could Have Been.

When renovations were completed on the Hotdogfingers Memorial Climate Pledge Garage And Parking Facility Center For The Performing Arts Performance Space, Seagull and Monstera were named its first artists in residence, and they began work on an event celebrating the Seattle arts scene. This effort culminated in SEAMONSTER, originally set to be a yearly three-day event/intervention, but turned into quarterly one-day events for better ease of scheduling its visiting artists.


SEAMONSTER features highly experimental performance art, which has been known to leave attendees dazed, confused, existentially lost, or covered in fake blood. Monstera's live music, meanwhile, has been described by critics as "the cries of pain of a machine suddenly given organs of flesh"[1], "an hypnotic drone akin to having a secret engraved on your soul"[2], and "generally a cosmic bummer."[3]

Artworks featured


  • Save Your Violence For Me (A Ball's Lament) - Farrell Seagull (blaseball bats, paint)
  • Here's Every Knife I Own - Jeffery Blank (knives)
  • Bee Costume - Natasha Bottles (bee costume)
  • It Will Not Rain Indoors - Gary Flanger (20 umbrellas)

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