Katy Hermoso

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Katy Hermoso is a lineup player for the Tokyo Lift and has been with the Team since the Return(s) of Blaseball.

Official League Records

Hermoso joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Tokyo Lift with the Return(s) of Blaseball.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Personal History

Before Blaseball

Katy Hermoso is a Mexican-Japanese kiln tech/cashier. Hermoso was born in Ojo de Agua, Mexico, and their family moved to Tokyo when they were a toddler. They had a talent for fixing things, and intended to go to trade school. Instead, she took a ceramics class at the Tokyo Fitness Center as a teenager and developed a rabid fascination with pottery.

Hermoso eventually became a kiln technician, working and volunteering to teach pottery classes at the Legscraper. They were the youngest kiln tech working at the Legscraper and attacked their duties with glee and fervor. Hermoso also worked odd jobs as a handyman and store clerk, mostly to fund their art goth fashion style.


In addition to working as a kiln tech, Hermoso shared a pottery studio residency with Gumdrop Che Amran, Özlem Suttner, and Aya Chartreuse. Hermoso served as the pottery expert of the group, often guiding the others into more ambitious projects ranging from “sculptures of small animals” to “bowls without holes in them.”

The four of them connected through pottery, and eventually connected to the city of Tokyo, nicknaming themselves “Throwkyo” after pottery throwing. As the Fitness Center and the Legscraper gradually re-became the home of the Tokyo Lift, the members of Throwkyo felt drawn to the lift. Hermoso was delighted to meet longtime Legscraper handyman Vernon Cotterpin, and the two came to work closely together.

Collectively, the members of Throwkyo discussed how they were drawn to the team, the dangers of blaseball, and what happened to the prior members of the Lift. Eventually, they decided to join together, in hopes that they could bring joy and splortsmanship to the team.

Machinery or Magic?

Katy Hermoso’s eerily good touch with technology has led to speculation that they have some type of supernatural ability to make machines work better. Hermoso has denied these claims, but also admitted to not being completely sure how to test them. They’ve added, “Sure, computers run faster when I’m standing nearby, but that doesn’t take away from my ability to fix things.” The reporter who took this quote later noted that their microphone batteries died after they got more than ten meters away from Hermoso.


  • Hermoso exclusively buys appliances in dented boxes. When asked, she defensively responded, “I feel bad for them, okay? Shut the [REDACTED] up.”
  • Hermoso is fluent in Spanish and Japanese, and reasonably fluent in English.
    • When the new team began to fall, Hermoso frequently doubled as a Spanish-to-Japanese translator for former Wild Wings players Silvia Rugrat and Roscoe Sundae.
  • Hermoso identifies as a butch lesbian.