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The Miami Dale are a Blaseball team in the Wild Low division of the Wild League. They joined that division during the postseason of Season 5, and were formerly part of the Chaotic Evil division of the Evil League. They have been a part of the Internet League since Season 1.




In the Shadows

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Former Players


Feedback Swaps

Blessings and Trades

Season Results

Season Postseason Playoffs Finals
1 51-48 N/A N/A
2 45-54 N/A N/A
3 40-59 N/A N/A
4 47-52 N/A N/A
5 39-60 N/A N/A
6 37-62 N/A N/A
7 46-53 N/A N/A
8 43-56 N/A N/A
9 45-54 N/A N/A
10 44-55 N/A N/A
11 49-50 N/A N/A

Notable Events

Season 1

Season 1 remains the Dale's only season with a positive win record.

Season 2

The Dale suffered multiple player incinerations during Season 2, losing Jenna Maldonado and Aldon Anthony. As the team with the 5th worst record, they missed the cutoff for receiving the Fourth Strike blessing by exactly 1 win.

Season 3

Hitter Theodore Passon was incinerated early in the season. The team was hit hard by the Peanut Plague, with hitters Raúl Leal, Randy Dennis, and rookie Sixpack Santiago all suffering allergic reactions and taking a hit to their stats.

The Dale were subjected to the Rigour Mortis blessing during the Season 3 Offseason. Won by the Houston Spies, the blessing was intended to impair the Spies' divisional rivals' baserunning by 10%, but instead backfired and boosted it.

Season 4

This was the Dale's strongest season since Season 1, despite the loss of reliable hitter Farrell Seagull to the Seattle Garages a third of the way in.

In the Season 4 Election, the Dale won the Evil Wind Sprints blessing with 0% of the vote, improving the team's baserunning by 15%. The Alternate Reality decree swapped Jasmine Washington and Rivers Clembons with alternate universe versions of themselves, both of whom had lower stats. Finally, the Dale were hit with Questioning Their Every Decision, which impaired the team's minimum vibes by 7%.

Season 5

Unfortunately, the Dale's improved baserunning was overshadowed by their impaired vibes, the lower stats of both of their Alternates, and feedback-related roster shakeups. The Dale ended the season with 8 fewer wins than in Season 4.

On Season 5, Day 74, the Dale were hit with reverb that shuffled several players. This resulted in Sixpack Santiago becoming a pitcher and Don Elliott becoming a batter. This had a negative impact on performance, as Don Elliott had been a solidly reliable pitcher and subsequently struggled in the lineup. Raúl Leal and Murray Pony also switched places in the batting order.

In the Season 5 Election, the High Filter decree moved the Dale to the Wild Low division of the newly created Wild League.

Season 6

On Season 6, Day 18, the Dale were hit with Feedback that swapped pitcher Francisca Sasquatch with former Unlimited Tacos player Wyatt Owens. The Dale were hit with reverb twice during Season 6: on day 34, affecting their rotation, and on day 95, affecting their lineup. Both were considered a net positive, as they placed the team's worst pitcher and worst hitter at the end of the rotation and lineup, respectively. On Day 80, the Dale were hit with feedback that swapped Hahn Fox with Boston Flowers batter Beck Whitney. As the best hitter on the team (and, as demonstrated by being the target of the Vulture blessing, in the division), Fox's loss was felt deeply by the team.

In the Season 6 Election, the Dale received a unique status which deemed them The Life of the Party and provided them with a 10% bonus on improvements due to the passed Enhanced Party Time decree. The Dale also benefited from the Boston Flowers receiving the Sharing Signs blessing, which improved their hitting by 10% and impaired their pitching by -5%, along with all of Wild Low. This was balanced by the Hellmouth Sunbeams winning the Move the Mounds Closer decree, which improved all of the Wild Low, including the Dale's, pitching by 10% and impaired their hitting by -5%. Together, these division-wide blessings resulted in a 5% increase to the entire team's hitting and pitching.

Season 7

The stat improvements showed in the Dale's record, as they won 9 more games than in Season 6 and ended a three-season downward win trend. The team also benefited from Enhanced Party Time, with Jasmine Washington, Avila Guzman, Randy Dennis, Cannonball Sports, and Sixpack Santiago all receiving stat boosts from partying.

In the Season 7 Election, the Dale won the Closed Circuit blessing with 3% of the vote, which changed each Dale player's blood type to electric and gave the team the Electric modification. The Dale also won The Iffey Jr. blessing with 2% of the vote, and batter Raúl Leal was minimized but given the Fire Protector modification, making every Dale player Fireproof.

Season 8

While not a strong season for the Dale record-wise, the team did see some benefit from their Electric status and, near the end of the season, from the Iffey Jr. On Day 94, a rogue umpire attempted to incinerate Beck Whitney. Due to the Iffey Jr. and Raúl Leal's Fire Protector modification, Whitney was Fireproof, and the umpire was incinerated instead in the first known event of an umpire death. Whitney received an additional half star in all stats after reflecting the umpire's incineration attempt.

The Dale did not win any Blessings in the Season 8 Election.

Season 9

Despite a sub-.500 record throughout much of the season, the Dale remained in playoff contention through Day 97.

The Dale won the New Kid blessing during the Season 9 Election, and a rogue umpire tried to incinerate their least Idolized player, Don Elliott. However, they were protected by Raúl Leal and the Iffey Jr.

The Dale were subjected to the Fifth Base, but protected by the Wild Low Shame Bubble. The Dale also benefitted from the Hellmouth Sunbeams winning the Mutually Arising blessing, which improved the overall rating of each team in the Wild Low division by 2%.

Season 10

During the Season 10 Election, all of Wild Low had their hitting rating improved by 10% and their pitching rating impaired by -5% as a result of the Unlimited Tacos winning the Sharing Signs blessing. Wild Low also gained the Walk in the Park modification after the Hellmouth Sunbeams won Divisional Walk in the Park. The conclusion of Season 10 where THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS were defeated brought Francisca Sasquatch back to the team as a batter. Peanut Bong fell to the Tacos as a pitcher.

Season 11

In the Season 11 elections, the Dale were assigned the Arcana XVII The Star.

Team Overview


The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

For a more in-depth look at the team, see Miami Dale/History and Miami Dale/Team Culture.

The Miami Dale are based in the City of Miami in an unspecified state. They are known for their party culture and expressing that they play "for the love of the game" whenever someone brings up their performance or record.

The Dale play their home games at Worldwide Field. This stadium is noted for its party-like atmosphere, with prominent DJs and rappers providing live entertainment, and the abundance of mirrored surfaces in its toilets. Worldwide Field is built directly on top of the Miami Beach convention center as part of a plan to elevate the entire city of Miami Beach in preparation for its future as a Venice-like flooded city. The stadium was a big hit, moving the Dale's center of operations closer to its fanbase than its previous stadium in the former Toys "R" Us on US-1 across from Dadeland North Station. Worldwide Field is the site of the PyroDome, a prototype roof that can be safely and repeatedly set on fire (typically when song lyrics call for it).

The Dale share housing on a yacht named La Fiesta which they use to bring the party anywhere they go. In an effort to remain environmentally conscious, the yacht is fully operated through a combination of solar, hydrogen, and hype energy and is propelled forward through the use of the most sophisticated bass boosted speakers on the planet.


The Dale are a registered not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization jointly owned by their fans and the greater Miami community. Rather than being the property of an individual or corporate entity, they are instead owned jointly by their ███████████ shareholders. Shares may be purchased via any currency, through bartering, or by saying ¡Dale! No individual consciousness may own more than 4.20% of the total shares. All shareholders receive are voting rights for what pizza we order at 2 a.m., an invitation to the annual Board of Governors Party, and an opportunity to purchase exclusive shareholder-only merchandise such as limited edition koozies designed by former Artist in Residence Farrell Seagull.


The unofficial partner of the Miami Dale is Kent's Video Swamp. The Dale's support is estimated to have increased Kent's Video Swamp's customer base by 700% (from one customer to eight). While they have not yet garnered the coveted Official KVS Sponsorship, multiple sources within the team report that they expect it to be made official any day now.


Current Staff

  • Manager: The manager of the Dale is Mr. Wide, although he has only ever been seen in silhouette form. Mr. Wide is the creator of, and only person with full knowledge of, The Playlist, a powerful performance-enhancing music mix.
  • Hitting Coach: The Dale's hitting coach is superstar Little League coach and Brooklyn Trees lineup player Danny Marinara, formerly of Jersey City. Marinara is believed to be a top-level coach; however, his talents have so far not transferred to most of the Dale lineup, possibly because of his frequent absences. Marinara says he knows the place with the best crab cakes in Miami, but has refused to go on-record with his recommendation.
  • The Press, a dedicated corps of reporters, most of whom reside on the premises of Worldwide Field


The mascot of the Miami Dale is Pitball, the physical embodiment of the Dale spirit of celebration and shades-wearing. Pitball is a playamancer with the power to summon a beach with the exact weather and conditions as Miami Beach anywhere in the world. They are also known for leading each game's 7th Inning Dance Off Foam Party brought to you by SparkleYum™ Edible Glitter.

Team Pet

Tres Leches, a 20-foot-tall, three-headed pit bull who lives under the stands, is currently the mutual pet of all members of the Dale.

Affiliated Leagues

The Dale are sponsors and facilitators of the popular Miami Elder League Blaseball Association.

Fan Culture

For a more in-depth look at Dale fan culture, see Miami Dale/Fan_Culture.

Dale fans are known as la familia. Like the team's players, the fans are less concerned with the team's record than in having a great time together. All fans are shareholders of the team. Dale fans value each other and their team regardless of arbitrary definitions of "success," instead embracing each being's inherent worth. The team's chant, ¡Dale!, is used just as often to remind fellow fans of what's truly important after another season at the bottom of the Wild Low Clubhouse as it is to cheer on the players.

Fan Art