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Caleb Novak is a lineup player for the Miami Dale, and has been with the team since Season 1.

Official League Records

Novak joined the ILB as a batter at the beginning of Season 1. As of the end of Season 5, they are the only batter to have been struck out during three different Immaculate Innings.

On Season 9, Day 44, Novak swallowed a peanut and had an allergic reaction.

During the Season 9 election, Novak received the Fire Eater modification due to the passing of the Forecast: Eclipse decree.

During the Season 19 elections, Novak's stats were rerolled and they gained the Alternate and Negative modifications as a result of the Dale's Alternate Trust will.


The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Early Life and Education

Novak attended the University of Miami as a legacy student, following in the footsteps of their mother and grandmother. Novak received a B.A. in Communications and was Vice President of the Sigma Upsilon Pi chapter of Beta Rho Omicron fraternity. They were also a founding member of the Matching Accessory Enthusiasts Club.

College Blaseball Career

Novak did not play competitive blaseball at the high school level. They have attributed their start in college blaseball to the team's friendliness and love of cafecitos. "They just invited me to hang out one time and I was like 'uh yeah sure' and then a few weeks later my fungus half was pretty okay at blaseball. Then it was just a matter of getting the cyanobacteria on board," Novak said in a XX17 interview. "It was a lot of work but it got me to where I am today. Transitioning to pro life wasn't too bad since I had the foundational skills, like splortsmanship and scurrying, basically on lock in college. It helps to be half-unobservable. Shoutout to my best bro, Scruffy Jim Lexington, who was there for me on the hard days. SCRUFF UFF UFF!"

Personal Life

Novak has been observed as a humanoid figure made entirely of lichen (algae and bacteria), a half human/half palm tree person, and various other anthropomorphic incorporations of local plant life. When asked about their changing expression, Novak has responded casually, asking "oh, you like my haircut? Thanks!"

Some fans have speculated that Novak may be a dryad or other local nature spirit, based on Novak鈥檚 various Miami flora presentations. Little is known about their family other than their affiliation with the University of Miami and Novak's acknowledgement that they are "old money. Very old."

Novak's wife, Courtney Maddison Novak, is the current women's singles champion of the Internet Bleer Pong League. At the pair's wedding, they had an arm wrestling contest to determine who would take whose last name, with Courtney winning 3 rounds to 1.

Fan Art


Caleb Novak Walk Up Music (Season 20)