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Pitball is the Miami Dale mascot. It embodies the Dale spirit of celebration and shades-wearing.



Pitball is a playamancer, a sorcerer with the power to summon a beach at any time or place which will replicate the exact weather and conditions of Miami Beach. Rumors about Pitball's dark origins have earned them the nickname "Mx. Underworldwide." It is widely speculated that its particular playamantic ability is related to the Party Rock, a geographical formation strongly associated with both the mystical and convivial environment of Miami.


Pitball is known for leading each home game's 7th Inning Dance Off Foam Party brought to you by SparkleYum™ Edible Glitter (safe* for kids!). The 7IDOFP begins with the ceremonial firing of Worldwide Field's extensive arsenal of t-shirt cannons. Only about 1/3 of the t-shirt cannons fire t-shirts; the rest fire SparkleYum™ Edible Glitter (available in all your favorite flavors and textures!).

Personal Life

Outside of games, Pitball contributes to the Dale's many charitable endeavors, including deviated septum repair and stomach-pumping research.

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Fine Print

*As safe as it is for anyone.

Fine Grit SparkleYum™ Edible Glitter is bubblegum flavored; Medium Grit§ SparkleYum™ Edible Glitter is strawberry lemonade flavored; Large GritΔ SparkleYum™ Edible Glitter is Cheetos™ crumbs flavored. On November 5, XX20, Worldwide Field introduced NEW!! VEGAN!!™SparkleYum™ Edible Glitter in SuperFine Grit Nori and SuperFine Grit Banana; however, these are available only at the concession stand and are not used during the 7th Inning Dance Off Foam Party brought to you by SparkleYum™.

‡ "Fine Grit SparkleYum™ Edible Glitter: A Shimmer in Every Bite!"

§ "Medium aGrit SparkleYum™ Edible Glitter: A Glimmer in Every Bite!"

Δ "Large Grit SparkleYum™ Edible Glitter: A Twinkle in Every Bite!"

¶ "SuperFine Grit SparkleYum™ Edible Glitter: A Sparkle in Every Bite!"

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