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The Earlsiesta is a mid-season break in play following the Day 27 games where a Tarot reading occurs. Earlsiestas began in Season 12.

Following the end of play on Day 27, Fans are greeted with a screen reading "Please wait...", after which three arcana are drawn. The players from teams corresponding to the first and third drawn arcana will receive modifications, seemingly related to the second drawn arcana.


Arcana were handed out as the blessings for Season 11. Each team received one card. Following the Decension, the Atlantis Georgias, Baltimore Crabs, Core Mechanics, and Ohio Worms were awarded the Fool card.

Number Name Receiving Team(s)
I The Magician Yellowstone Magic
II The High Priestess Hawai'i Fridays
III The Empress Boston Flowers
IIII The Emperor Dallas Steaks
V The Hierophant Canada Moist Talkers
VI The Lover New York Millennials
VII The Chariot Unlimited Tacos
VIII Justice Seattle Garages
VIIII The Hermit Philly Pies
X The Wheel of Fortune Charleston Shoe Thieves
XI Strength Tokyo Lift
XII The Hanged Man Hellmouth Sunbeams
XIII Kansas City Breath Mints
XIIII Temperance Chicago Firefighters
XV The Devil Hades Tigers
XVI The Tower Breckenridge Jazz Hands
XVII The Star Miami Dale
XVIII The Moon Houston Spies
XVIIII The Sun Mexico City Wild Wings
XX Judgment San Francisco Lovers
N/A Fool Atlantis Georgias, Ohio Worms, Core Mechanics, Baltimore Crabs

List of Earlsiesta Readings

Season 12

A screenshot of the first Earlsiesta reading

The three arcana drawn in Season 12 are as follows:

I The Magician
XII The Hanged Man
XIII Temperance

Once the website returned to normal, the Events Page showed that two players had received new Modifications. Curry Aliciakeyes of the Yellowstone Magic, corresponding to I The Magician, now has the Over Under Modification. Kennedy Rodgers of the Chicago Firefighters, corresponding to XIIII Temperance, now has the Under Over Modification. The Hellmouth Sunbeams, corresponding to XII The Hanged Man, seem not to have received any Modifications from their drawing.

Following the reading, Fans who had the Baltimore Crabs as their favorite team began construction on their new Ballparks.

Season 13

The three arcana drawn in Season 13 are as follows:

II The High Priestess
XV The Devil
XX Judgment

The Hawai'i Fridays, corresponding to II The High Priestess, are "GOING UNDER," and now have the modification Sinking Ship. The San Francisco Lovers, corresponding to XX Judgment, are "GETTING OVER," and now have the seasonal modification Base Dealing. The Lovers' lineup has also "been optimized," with their batting rotation taking on a new order.

Following the reading, Fans of all teams besides the Baltimore Crabs began contributing towards the construction of their Ballparks, with many teams completing funding in mere minutes. The Crabs were offered options for Renovations to improve their ballpark.

Season 14

The three arcana drawn in Season 14 are as follows:

XI Strength
III The Empress

The reading for Season 14 was titled WYATT MASON, OVER. The Tokyo Lift, corresponding to XI Strength, received the modification Receiver for Wyatt Quitter. Similarly, the Boston Flowers, corresponding to III The Empress, received the modification Receiver for Moses Mason. Fans have noted that both Wyatt Quitter and Moses Mason are survivors of the Wyatt Masoning. The arcana Fool corresponds to the Baltimore Crabs, the winners of Season 13, however, the emoji representing Fool appeared to change several times before the reading, sometimes showing the emojis for the Atlantis Georgias and Core Mechanics, but often showing the joystick emoji of Real Game Band, a team who only played during the inaugural Coffee Cup tournament.

Following the readings, Boss appeared to speak on the ongoing Flooding crisis, and announce the first upcoming Off Siesta. Teams were also invited to begin renovations on their Ballparks, with several unique options available among all ballparks.

Season 15

The three arcana drawn in Season 15 are as follows:

V The Hierophant
III The Empress

The reading for Season 15 was titled FROM THE BRIDGE, DOWNSTREAM. In a surprise, the Season 14 champions, the Canada Moist Talkers, were drawn first, corresponding to V The Hierophant. Second was XIII, belonging to the Kansas City Breath Mints, who received the modification Middling for the remainder of Season 15. Finally, III The Empress was drawn for a second week in a row, corresponding to the Boston Flowers. The Flowers received the modification Afterparty, set on a weekly duration.

Season 16

The three arcana drawn in Season 16 are as follows:

XVI The Tower
I The Magician
V The Hierophant

The reading for Season 16 was titled FROM THE BRIDGE, UPSTREAM. First was XVI The Tower, belonging to the Breckenridge Jazz Hands; lineup player Collins Melon lost the Alternate modification with the text description "Collins Melon, UPSTREAM". I The Magician was drawn second, corresponding to the Yellowstone Magic; pitcher James Mora lost the Superyummy modification with the accompanying text reading "James Mora, UPSTREAM". Finally, drawn for the second week in a row was V The Hierophant, the card of the Season 15 champions, the Canada Moist Talkers.