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Liam Snail was a pitcher for the Miami Dale, and was with the team from Season β1 until Fall Ball.

Official League Records

Snail joined the ILB as a player in the Shadows for the Miami Dale with the Return of Blaseball.

During the Season β13 elections, Snail joined the Dale's active roster in exchange for Wyatt Owens as a result of the Dale's Foreshadow will.

During the Season β20 elections, Snail gained the Green Light modification as a result of the Green Light blessing.

On Season β23, Day 102, Snail retreated to the Dale's Shadows in exchange for Caleb Novak at Miami International Arena via the Ratified Fax Machine.

On Season β24, Day 15, Snail joined the Dale's pitching rotation in exchange for Don Elliott at Miami International Arena via the Ratified Fax Machine. Snail retreated to the Dale's Shadows in exchange for Rigby Peacelily due to Night the very next inning. On Day 51, Snail rejoined the Dale's pitching rotation in exchange for Peacelily at Miami International Arena, again via the Ratified Fax Machine.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


Upon emerging from the shadows, Snail quickly embraced the party-focused culture of the Dale. While not the hardest partier, Snail is among the most enthusiastic in the Dale when it comes to parties, and frequently proposes celebrations for relatively minor reasons.

Snail is an amateur photographer, and can frequently be seen taking pictures at Dale parties. He also scrapbooks as a hobby, and has taken up the role of team historian, photographing Dale events and players both on and off the field. He has thus been dubbed the second Keeper of the Miami Dale Cringe Compilation, following in the footsteps of its creator, Jenna Maldonado. Snail insists that, despite the name of the scrapbook and its reputation, he does not take pictures and videos with the intent of embarrassing his teammates:

“How did I start scrapbooking? Well, I guess I just want to make sure I don't forget any of the great times I've had with my friends! I just take pictures of what I see, and let the photos tell their own stories. I don’t mean for the Cringe Comp to be meanspirited or embarrassing. It's just that when I have my camera out, everyone happens to be doing something that's kinda dumb and super funny. That’s not my fault!”

On the mound, Snail is a consistent pitcher; however, he is known for throwing quite a few balls. Some suspect that he intentionally walks batters who he believes are “having a bad day” to cheer them up.

Like all Dale players, Snail has a variety of chants dedicated to him, the most popular of which are “Snail don’t fail!” and “¡Snale!” (pronounced “¡snale!”).

Personal Life

Snail enjoys nature, and has a talent for discovering remote locations, even in the bustling metropolis of Miami. They frequently head hiking and camping endeavors with their teammates, and engage in preservation efforts with local wildlife and natural areas.

Snail is a known thrill-seeker, and has been documented skydiving, bungee jumping, and extreme kayaking, among other things. He frequently is accompanied by fellow teammate Summers Preston on these endeavors, although he has been accompanied by Logan Horseman into notorious haunted houses and escape rooms, and has thus become something of a regular in Daleween-themed episodes of Horseman's various podcasts and vlog series.

Snail is romantically involved with former Dale pitcher Riley Firewall, and has been since early in Season 14, when both were new to the Dale and blaseball at large. Despite Firewall’s feedback swap to the Breckenridge Jazz Hands early in Season β18, their relationship has remained strong. The couple lives together in an RV during the off-season, taking road trips across the country and frequently visiting both of their teams in Breckenridge and Miami. Though this has not inhibited their efforts in traveling to visit their partner, Snail has professed a deep dislike for the cold. Some theorize this to be a matter of his potentially cold-blooded nature; regardless, Snail has stated himself that he does not mind visiting Breckenridge, since Firewall is “kind of like a five-foot-four space heater.”


  • There is much speculation regarding how snail-like Snail actually is, which has only been propelled by his uncharacteristic reticence on the matter. Many who have been recipients of his enthusiastic handshakes have reported a slimy feeling: however, because of Miami’s high humidity, it is unclear whether or not this is actual snail slime or simply sweat.
  • One of Snail’s most recognizable traits is his shell-shaped pack, which he wears on his back at all times. The shell also seems to be an infinite storage container, within which they carry all varieties of necessities. One witness claims to have seen Snail obtain sunblock, chapstick, socks, an umbrella, two Nlintendo DLSes, an unopened six pack of Four Llokos, a speaker, five screwdrivers, an acoustic guitar, and a pack of granola bars from the pack in one sitting. However, it is likely that this is not the limit of the pack’s storage capability, as Snail only stopped retrieving things once he noticed he was being watched. Snail then proceeded to offer the eyewitness a pack of fruit gummies that he knew was “in here somewhere, just give me a minute, okay?” According to the witness’ report, it then took him an additional three minutes to find and extract the pack of fruit gummies.
    • Due to this inconclusive evidence, the pack’s actual storage capacity is unknown, and potentially infinite.

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